This Halloween photo session was both fun and stressful to do. It took me about a month to make (most) of the clothes, but there’s no holiday better than Halloween to justify dressing up my dolls.

Stay tuned for the full story of the Halloween Bash.

First up is Vivian and Anaïs. I’ve had them for years. I knew I wanted to do something fashionable with them and I’m glad I did.

Vivian has red hair so she’s dressing up as Midge and takes a cue from Midge’s friend Barbie and the Extra Fancy pink vinyl dress. She’s more of a glam vamp so instead of hot pink, she’s wearing gold.

Anaïs chooses the more DIY route and goes as one of the scariest things for dumb conservatives: progressive books. Click here to see the full list.

Vivian: gold dress, belt, headband, drop necklace, rhinestone bracelets by Dollsexposed; twist bangle by Fashion Royalty; other jewelry pieces and heels model’s own.

Anaïs: blue dress, hairband, pearl bracelet by Dollsexposed; heels model’s own.

Sven really brings Hiro out of his shell. The savvy businessman and owner of multiple restaurants (including Femboy Hooters) would normally stay at home and watch HBO Max and chill, but tonight, he’s accompanying his boyfriend Sven to the Halloween Bash. They’ve been together since 2012.

Sven is the circuit instructor at Gar’s Gym. He’s in his early 30s, just a few years older than Takeshi (Hiro’s son).

This is only the second time we feature Hiro and Sven together. The first time was this tribute to George Quaintance and Tom of Finland.

The lovers are entering the Best Couple contest as Draculigula a.k.a. “Misunderstood Historical Figures.” Hiro is Dracula and Sven is Caligula.

Hiro: cape, and medallion by Dollsexposed; shoes by Toy Center; shirt, belt, and pants model’s own.

Sven: purple toga, coronet, and sandals by Dollsexposed; white tunic by HY Toys.

Wade, our resident Marvel/Disney superfan, dresses up as Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. You can see more of Wade as Captain Arm-Merica (and his dog Thor) posing with Chrissy as Wonder Dude and Chrissy’s cat Galadriel as Ameowthyst.

Derek wears the same faun costume as the one he wore for the Marc Debauch tribute shoot with Chrissy and Wade’s white stallion Steve at Wade’s sanctuary ranch. And yes, he let his chest hair grow for the occasion.

Although they’re not a couple, I choose to pair them because they work together. Derek is the on-call veterinarian at Wade’s ranch. Derek is actually the one who introduced Wade to Aubrey. Aubrey has his own greenhouse at Wade’s ranch where he grows cannabis to supplement the ranch’s income.

Wade: gloves, shirt, coat, and boots by Hot Toys; pants by Dam Toys.

Derek: horns, pants, and pan flute by Dollsexposed; hooves by Phicen/TBLeague.

Celebrating their second Halloween together and first Halloween as a couple are Takeshi and Manuel.

Takeshi takes a clue from the couple’s favorite sci-fi show Star Trek: Discovery in the active “DISCO” suit (Captain Training Program edition).

Manuel, never one to shy about showing off his gorgeous physique, is Apollo the Greek god of sun and light.

Takeshi: DISCO tee and pants by Dollsexposed; phaser rifle and tricorder by Exo-6; running shoes by Mini Times.

Manuel: sun crown and crystal coronet, toga, gold briefs by Dollsexposed; necklace and stone bracelet by Fashion Royalty; sandals by Phicen/TBLeague; shin guards and other bracelets model’s own.

OK, making Thing is probably the most fun I had for the shoot. I have lots of hands that don’t fit the Phicen/TBLeague peg and they just sit around languishing in the organizer box. I decided to put this one to good use.

I covered the exposed hole part and extended it a little bit just above the wrist with air-dry clay. I then drew on the stitches with a calligraphy pen and sealed everything with Mr. Super Clear. That suit is expensive and stitching Thing to it won’t make it stand like that, so I used magnets covered in black stretch fabric. I made a small incision on the fabric and hooked it around Thing’s index finger.

It was a no-brainer to have Aubrey dress as Morticia. He has brown hair and I really don’t want to dye it black, but he totally pulls off this Morticia look.

Aubrey and his boyfriend (?) Marcus is also competing for the Best Couple trophy as the Addams’ family parents Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Aubrey: gown and necklace by Dollsexposed.

Marcus: Thing and fake mustache by Dollsexposed; Suit and shoes by Toy Center; tie model’s own.

Also competing in the Best Couple category are Matt and Chrissy.

Matt is Bob Belcher, from one of his favorite shows Bob’s Burgers. He insisted Chrissy dress up as Marshmallow because well, Linda’s just too demure. Plus, Matt never misses the chance to make Chrissy go in public wearing as little as possible.

Also, Bob and Marshmallow is just canon. Everyone knows Bob’s bi and has a thing for Marshmallow (and by “a thing” I mean both a crush and his sausage (yes I know he makes burgers and not hotdogs)).

Making that coat was definitely not my favorite experience. I already disliked sewing sleeves, and this coat has to be lined because in the Sheesh, Cab Bob episode (season 1, episode 6), Marshmallow opens the coat and shows it’s pink on the inside.

I had reservations about making the faux fur coat because Chrissy absolutely shuns anything fur, but at least it’s fake. And yes, the strands went everywhere, just like when I made Derek’s faun pants.

Making the wig was also a challenge. I used the tutorial from Mozekyto, but action figure heads are so different from Monster High and Barbie. But I think it came out okay in the end.

Matt: bald wig, mustache, grey sweatpants, apron, and spatula by Dollsexposed; shoes by Toy Center; t-shirt model’s own.

Chrissy: faux fur coat, monokini, gold bangle, white spats, and wig with hair clips by Dollsexposed; sunglasses by Mattel (modified by Dollsexposed); gold gem bracelet by Fashion Royalty; high heels by Hot Toys (modified).

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