WARNING: Non-human dildo and extreme insertions.

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Matt’s on a business trip in Seattle. He’s been gone since Sunday. He was supposed to fly home on Monday evening so he’d be back before Valentine’s Day but his flight has been delayed.

“Sorry, baby,” Matt texts Chrissy. “Not sure how long the delay is or if it’s actually been canceled. No one can tell us anything here.”

“It’s not your fault. And TBH, every day with you is V-Day. I just want you home safe.”

“Aw, I love you, babydoll. Miss kissing you.”

“I love you and miss you too, Daddy. Where are you sleeping tonight?”

“Ugh no announcement just yet. Looks like we’ll be spending the night at the airport.”

“Ugh, that sucks balls,” Chrissy replies.

“Yeah. I’d rather have you suck my balls RN.”

Chrissy giggles. “You tired?”

“Yea. You?” Matt replies.

“Not really. Will prolly watch something before going to bed.”

“Horny? <devil emoji>.”

“A bit,” Chrissy replies.


“He’s out in Thousand Oaks. At his animal sanctuary ranch. Besides, I kinda want to just enjoy the place to myself for now.”

“Gotcha. Whatchu wearin?”


“Ooo, my baby’s all nekkid with nobody to hold him and squeeze him and give him tiny kisses on his tiny cock.”

“Aw, Daddy. You make me miss you even more.”

“Mission accomplished <squinting face with tongue emoji>,” Matt replies.

“Should I text you a nude pic?”

“I want you to but I’m in public. I’m already covering my boner with my coat. Last night at the hotel I jerked off to that pic you sent me when I was in the meeting.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Naughty girl. How are the kitties?”

“They’re fine. Played all day. Now they’re sleeping in their cots.”

“Ugh, I so wish I could be there,” Matt replies. “Well, babe, I’m fading. Gonna try to sleep now. Airport is already so gross and almost nobody else is wearing a mask.”

“That sounds like a viral time bomb in a petri dish,” Chrissy replies. “You still have spare N95s?”

“Yup. I have like two more in the carry-on.”

“And we still have one test kit left. I’ll get some more in the morning.”

“OK, babydoll. Gonna get some shuteye. Love you much.”

“Love you, Daddy. Stay safe.”

It’s only midnight and Chrissy’s wide awake. This is the longest they haven’t seen each other and Chrissy’s still feeling the Matt withdrawal. Chrissy cried when he dropped Matt off at the airport. But now he’s more bored and horny than sad.

And so, naked and all alone, he opens his laptop, searches for his favorite porn, takes out his toys, lube up, and begins jerking off.

After all, it’s self-love day.

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