One of the advantages of being close friends with a gym owner is that they practically let you have a free run of the place, with respect, of course. And so, when Gar said he was opening a gym and asked if Matt would work out there and bring friends along, Matt quickly said yes.

Apart from Wade, who he met at the gym and has since become best friends with, his fiancΓ© Chrissy, and their inner circle Takeshi and Manuel, Matt’s also enrolled his work buddies from his construction company BILT.

Plus, Matt can’t help it if his Southwestern charm and that country accent bring all the boys to the gym. He doesn’t mind the attention, although now it gets overwhelming and a bit irritating to always have to say no. He’s in an open relationship with Chrissy, but lately, he just doesn’t want to fuck other guys.

“Maybe I should start wearing a ring,” Matt says. “Takeshi-chan, what do you think?”

“Matt, I told you not to call me that,” Takeshi says. “Only Manu gets that privilege.”

Matt chuckles. “Aww, I still can’t get over the two of you finally coming out. At my place!”

“Thanks, man. Felt bad about keeping it that long, but anyway, yeah, why aren’t you wearing an engagement ring?”

“We kinda don’t see the need?” Matt shrugs. “Open relationship and all.”

“And rings don’t really stop the boys from coming atchaoh shit. Is that who I think it is…” Takeshi’s voice trails off as he looks at the long-haired figure in shiny string underwear talking to Wade.

“Matt, Takeshi-chan, here’s Aubrey,” Wade says. “Aub, here’re my two main men Takeshi and Matt.”

“Wade,” Takeshi rubs his temples, “Please drop the ‘chan.’ And I know Aubrey.”

“Hey, Aubrey,” Matt says.

“You know each other?” Wade asks Takeshi.

“Our parents vacation together, but Takeshi’s always been weird,” Aubrey says as he flicks his long hair. “How’s the ice cream shop?”

“‘Weird?’ Excuse you?” Takeshi glares. “Just because I prefer to read than steal stuff with you and Derek Wade, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Wade groans but reluctantly follows.

“Hey,” Matt says.

“Hey,” Aubrey looks at Matt from top to bottom. His dick stirs at the sight of Matt’s muscles and that delicious-looking bulge inside his jockstrap. Then he realizes.

“You guys in a band or something?” Aubrey asks.

Matt cocks his head to the side, unsure of what Aubrey means.

“The jockstraps. You’re all wearing matching jockstraps.”

“Oh,” Matt laughs. “Wade said it was National Underwear Day and National Twins Day, so we thought it’d be fun to wear them.”

Aubrey forces a smile. This guy’s a stud but damn that accent’s corny.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the locker room, Takeshi pulls Wade aside.

“What the hell were you thinking bringing him here?” Takeshi says.

“Whuh? What do you mean? Aub’s my new canabbotanist.”


“For the ranch? He grows weed. You know, diversification? We need the money. He’s experimenting in growing strains and once it takes off, the ranch won’t have to worry about funds.”

“Wade, listen to me, Aubrey’s a nightmare,” Takeshi says. “Don’t you already have Derek on your payroll?”

“Yeah? So? Derek was the one who recommended Aub.”

“Oh, Wade.”

“What? What is it?” Wade.

“Derek’s… Derek’s okay. He can be moody and he definitely has a super high libido…”

Wade chuckles. “Kid’s a sex addict. Yeah, he told me.”

“But he’s also a dedicated veterinarian. I’ve known these two for what, maybe like twenty years? They’re both smart, but Aubrey’s fucking lazy. He’s a spoiled brat who will walk all over you. Tell me, who’s the sweetest person you know?”

“Chrissy,” Wade says without missing a beat. He always smiles when he thinks of Chrissy.

“That’s what I thought,” Takeshi says. “Now picture the complete opposite of Chrissy, only more toxic and spiteful.”


“Add a hundred.”

“Aren’t you being just a teensy bit dramatic?” Wade rolls his eyes.

“And times ten.”

“Okay, now you’re being ridiculous.”

“And somehow, Aubrey’s still so much worse than that.”

“I swear my wife has that same underwear you’re wearing,” Matt says and points at Aubrey’s pearlescent teal string undies.

“Your… wife?” Aubrey says. “Aren’t you engaged to some pink-haired dude? I saw the photo of three of you on Wade’s desk at his ranch and Wade told me about you.”

Matt chuckles, slightly embarrassed. “Sorry, yeah. Chrissy. I call him my wife all the time.”

“And she… or he… doesn’t mind it?” Aubrey says.

“No. why would h…”

“Oh, I don’t know, misgendering on purpose? Trying to be funny because he’s girly?”

Matt’s eyes widen. He’s dealt with rude people before, especially when he meets clients to tell them that no, they can’t put a sink there or build a pool here because it’s not up to code. But this kid… He takes a deep breath.

“Nope,” Matt says. “We don’t see why. In fact, he loves to be called my ‘wife’ or my ‘girl.’ And yeah, Chrissy is girly and I think that’s sexy. Also, there’s nothing demeaning about being called a ‘girl.’ Not unless you’re a misogynist.”

It’s Aubrey’s turn to glare at Matt. “Did you just call me a misogynist?”

“Nope. Why? Do you feel like you were called out?”

Aubrey scoffs. “Whatever. Hey, Wade, I need your towel.”

“Get your own towel,” Takeshi says.

“Can’t,” Aubrey unties his string bikini. “The towel bar’s already closed.”

“There are literally free towels by the entrance!” Takeshi says before turning to Wade. “See? This is what I told you. Wade, what are you doing?”

“Here,” Wade gives his towel to Aubrey as Takeshi groans in exasperation.

“For someone who loves to read books, you sure are such a slow learner, Takeshi,” Aubrey says.

“What the fuck does reading a book have to do with the speed of learning?” Takeshi glares at Aubrey.

“I could tell you but it’d take you a long time to understand, so I won’t.” Aubrey tosses his underwear on top of Matt’s gym bag and walks to the shower.

The three men watch as Aubrey disappears around the corner into the shower room. As soon as he’s out of sight, Matt chuckles incredulously.

“Who… What… Who was that?” Matt says, still trying to process the incident.

“That’s Aubrey Ashford,” Takeshi says. “Yes, of the Ashford Realtor and the Ashford Hotels. He’s like the Paris Hilton in the boarding school I went to. The difference is, the dumb blonde, spoiled Paris is just an act. With Aubrey, it’s all real. Wade, I can’t believe you didn’t ask me about him!”

“I didn’t know!” Wade says. “I can’t run everyone by you!”

“You asked me about Derek!” Takeshi says.

“Guys, hey guys,” Matt says, trying to calm his two friends.

“Because you asked which Derek when you said you overheard me talk on the phone!”

“Excuse you?” Takeshi says. “I didn’t ‘overhear’ you talk on the phone. You told everyone you were hiring a vet and you were interviewing some kid named Derek.”

For a moment, Wade looks up. “Oh. Right, right. But irregardless, he’s also paying to rent the greenhouse, so…”

“Rent? He’s not on payroll?”

“No. I mean, yeah… I mean…”

“Did he trick you into not paying him anything so he doesn’t have to pay the greenhouse rent?” Takeshi says.

Wade looks down and sighs. “Yes?” He leans against the lockers.

“Oh, god,” Takeshi says.

“Look, I’m sure it’ll turn out okay,” Matt tries to diffuse the situation.

“Matt, you don’t get it,” Takeshi says. “Aubrey is poison. He’s a literal mean girl. He literally ruined my life back in boarding school. And you can’t just… you can’t just leave when school’s done every day. He ruined my life and my friends’ lives. Just because some of us were in debate or joined the Mathletes or were theater kids.”

“Maybe he’s changed?” Wade says. “He’s just a kid, Takeshi.”

“Wade, he’s my freaking age,” Takeshi says.

“You’re mid-twenties?” Wade looks at Takeshi. “Damn, son. You really should have more fun. I thought you were thirty-eight. Thirty-five at least.”

“I run a successful business and by the looks of your ranch, if you had less fun and more stress, you’d be successful too.”

Wade glares at Takeshi. “And that’s why Aubrey’s there to diversify!”

“Okay, ooookaaaay, time out,” Matt says as he walks between the two men. “Let’s dial it down.”

“Let’s all breathe,” Matt separates his buddies. “In one two three four five, hold one two three four five, out one two three four five. Come on, guys.”

Wade and Takeshi follow Matt a few more times.

“Sorry,” Takeshi says. “That was… That was a dick thing to say.”

“It was, but it wasn’t unwarranted,” Wade says. “Sorry, buddy.”

“Aubrey ruined so many lives, Wade. And I know we don’t see eye to eye in a lot of things but I love you and I know how much you love that ranch. I just don’t want to see something my friend cares about get destroyed by some horrible garbage person.”

Wade exhales. Deep down he’s worried Takeshi’s right. But he also likes Aubrey. At least for now.

“Listen, why don’t you let Manuel and me come over to the ranch and take a look at the numbers? Maybe get some ideas going to get more funds. Streamline the business so you don’t have to waste money on things you don’t need. No charge.”

“You’d… you’d do that?” Wade says.

“That’s mighty nice of you, Takeshi-chan,” Matt says. “Right, Wade?”

“Matt, for the love of god…” Takeshi says.

“Takeshi-chan, I don’t know what to say,” Wade grins.

“You two are a riot, aren’tcha? Wait till I tell Manuel that you appropriate his pet name for me. Damn you white people.”

“Ten bucks Manu will want us to call you that,” Wade says. “And I know that’s money I won’t lose.”

“When the man’s right, he’s right,” Matt says.

Takeshi smiles as he thinks of Manuel. “Did you guys read the interview he did with Chrissy on Dollsexposed? Everybody got a shout-out, including you, Wade.”

Wade laughs. “Can’t believe he and Chrissy said that. And the writer left that in!”

“You’re not involved in any way with Aubrey, right?” Takeshi asks Wade.

“I mean, we bang here and there, but…”

“You’re absolute putty in his hands, bro,” Matt says.

“Nah. It’s all casual.”

“Just… just be careful, please,” Takeshi says. “And we mean it when we say we’d set you up with someone nice.”

“We’re still doing the Labor Day beach barbeque?” Matt says.

Takeshi nods. “You bring the grill and the meat, and fake meat for our guys, I’ll bring the ice cream.”

“All right! Ice cream from Suck It!” Matt says. “You coming too, Wade? Bring Thor along.”

“Shit! Sorry,” Wade says. “Thor and I are going hiking. I’ve been so busy with the ranch that he’s been neglected.”

“Aw, Wade,” Takeshi says. “You can’t just bring him to the beach? Don’t dogs love beaches?”

“And bitches,” Wade says. “That’s why Thor loves your girl, Matt.”

“I thought Chrissy’s strictly a cat person,” Takeshi says.

“Oh, he loves dogs too, believe me,” Wade says. “He’s practically Thor’s bitch.”

Matt elbows Wade and gives him a look that says not here. The two men grin at each other, thankful that Takeshi doesn’t seem to get the inside joke.

“Ugh, I want to shower, but not with that vermin in there,” Takeshi says.

“Come on, buddy,” Wade says as he grabs Takeshi’s arm. “I’ll protect ya.”

“Not sure if that’s supposed to make me feel better or worse.”

“Why not both?” Wade puts his hand on Takeshi’s shoulder. “Also, can I borrow your towel?”

Takeshi cackles. “Not a chance.”

Matt looks on as his two friends walk into the shower.

“Glad that’s over,” he says as he sits back down to take off his shoes. Wade never has slippers on in the gym shower. Matt knows Gar keeps the gym super clean, but it still feels icky. He doesn’t know how, or why, Wade does it.

His phone buzzes with several messages from Chrissy.

“We were robbed!” the text reads. It’s in all caps.

Matt’s horrified. Robbed? When? Where? What was taken? Not his private sex videos of Chrissy!

Then he scrolls down and laughs. He rolls his eyes. Chrissy texts him the empty container of his birthday cake. Looks like Chrissy’s eaten all of it and wants to blame it on some robbers. He smiles. Nobody has made him laugh more than his babe.

“LOL,” Matt texts back. “You almost gave me a heart attack, babygirl! I’ll make more, I promise. I love you!”

He looks at the pearlescent bikini bottom Aubrey left on his gym bag.

“I swear Chrissy has the same pair,” Matt says to himself as he picks up the underwear. Something jolts inside him. Like he wants to sniff it. Can he sniff it?

He looks around. The locker room is empty. He wonders if it smells like Chrissy’s. He shakes his head. That’s impossible. He then wonders how Aubrey smells.

That’s a pretty name, Matt thinks. Aubrey.



Matt looks up, surprised to find Aubrey standing next to him. His wet hair wrapped in a towel turban. He gulps at the sight of this young, naked man. Aubrey has bad vibes, that’s for sure, and Takeshi has some choice words about him, but still. Matt tries to concentrate so his exposed dick won’t get hard. He stands up.

“Don’t fling your shit everywhere,” he says and throws the underwear to Aubrey’s face.

“Ow, hey!” Aubrey says. “Asshole.”

“Right back atcha,” Matt says. He can feel Aubrey’s eyes on him as he puts his stuff into his gym bag and puts everything in his locker room.

“Look, I don’t know what your deal is. Maybe you’re a nice kid, maybe you aren’t. But this gym doesn’t have time for mean people. I’m glad Wade invited you in because we need more paying members…”

“Wade’s paying my membership.”

“Of course he is. My point is, lay off the attitude. Nobody likes a total jackass here, no matter how sexy they are.” Matt takes his towel and heads to the shower.

“Wait, did you just call me sexy?” Aubrey says. But Matt’s already turned the corner leaving Aubrey standing in the locker room, speechless.

Yes, there have been times when people challenged him. Like his nanny when he was four (she got fired on the spot), or that stupid concierge at St. Regis Rome (he got fired on the spot too). And that nerd Takeshi (he got sued, but that’s another story). But usually real men, not counting Takeshi, are not impervious to his charms. Seducing Wade was easy, but this guy… This Matt… He just completely silenced him.

Aubrey remembers when he first saw Matt’s photo on Wade’s office desk. It was the three of them: Matt, Wade, and Chrissy, smiling into the camera, and something stirred inside him. He knew right then and there he wanted Matt.

His eyes trail to the shower room entrance.

“I have to have this guy,” Aubrey says to himself. “I need to text Derek.”

BTS Thoughts:

I’ve always wanted to introduce the antithesis to Chrissy and after years of searching for the right head sculpt, I finally found him. He’s the Mohegan Hunter from Phicen/TBLeague. I was able to strip him off his face paint. He kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire? I don’t know.

This was supposed to be for National Underwear Day and National Twins Day but I was super late because I wasn’t able to break down the previous set in time. What set? You’ll just have to see!

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