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If you wish to know where I get my dolls and accessories, please visit Dollsexposed’s Stockist Index.

Why I Hated the Barbie Movie

Greta Gerwig had a genius idea but relied too much on set dressing and speeches that she neglected to build a solid narrative around it.

Up Close & Personal with Muscle Beach Twins (International Read Comics in Public Day)Softcore chats with Matt Ryder of Muscle Beach Twins for an exclusive insight into his sexy comic series.

The Trans Dolls (Amanda Lepore, Sarina Valentina, Jazz Jennings, Laverne Cox)Nudity 

Out of the hundreds of thousands of cisgendered dolls in all colors, shapes, and sizes, we found only four trans dolls and action figures that have graced the world with their presence.

New Phicen Body for Star Ace’s Apollo Creed?

Carl Weather’s roided gut and his dark, muscular body oiled up and glistening is one of the reasons why Predator remains one of my top ten sci-fi IP movies.

Hot Toys Wonder Woman 1984 Special Edition (Blogger Photos)

The news surrounding the end of Snyderverse and with it the imminent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made me worry

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