The Taboo Section

The Taboo Section

WARNING: Posts in this category contain fetishes and sexual taboos that may not be suitable for everyone. Such topics include interspecies sex/bestiality, extreme insertions, blackmail, D/s, extreme humiliations, public play, and piss play.

These erotic stories and doll photos and videos are works of fiction. Always practice safer sex and be aware of your rights and legalities when practicing any kinks and fetishes.

Click here to read the ongoing adventures of Matt, Wade, Takeshi, Manuel, and Chrissy, Dollsexposed Universe’s main characters.

Naked Sushi SlutHardcore 

It’s not uncomfortable, Chrissy thinks. The blindfold makes his other senses perk up. He can feel the soft, cool breeze of the air-con tingle his hard nipples.

The Faun, the Unicorn, and the Nymph (Tribute to Marc Debauch)Taboo 

What makes Marc Debauch’s work truly erotic isn’t the sexiness of the men in his pieces. It’s the total fearlessness.

The Horses’ WhoreTaboo 

Matt looks at Chrissy. They’re at Wade’s sanctuary ranch, just a few hours outside Los Angeles. The couple is nervous, Matt more so than Chrissy.

Folsom Fair Fun!Taboo 

Master Matt, his childhood best friend Master Gar (also the owner of Gar’s Gym), and Master Wade are at Folsom Street Fair with their sub slut Chrissy when suddenly…

Cruisin’ & Pimpin’Taboo 

Wade pushes Chrissy out in front of him. As much as he loves looking behind him from time to time and catching Chrissy’s titties bouncing under the slutty cropped top, he also wants to watch Chrissy’s ass jiggling.

Two Biker Boys Tag-Team a Dumb Faggot Slut (Flashback Story)Hardcore 

This story took place two months after Matt, Wade, and Chrissy all met at the gym.

Captain Arm-Merica & Thor the Dog vs. Wonder WhoreTaboo 

“And that’s a wrap?” Wade says.

“That’s a wrap,” Chrissy nods. “Help me get down.”

The Little PissmaidTaboo 

Matt and Wade joke and laugh as they walk back to the area where they left Chrissy to bring back some food and drinks from Wade’s Jeep. Thor’s bounding along behind them, enjoying the sandy walk. They just finished the mermaid shoot and are ready for a picnic lunch before heading back to the city.

The Plumber & The Sissy (National Limerick Day)Hardcore 

There once was a broke, pink-haired sissy…

It’s Barbie, Bitch! (National Barbie Day + Bonus Penthouse Tribute)Hardcore 

When the other boys were talking about Superman this and Spiderman that, all my heroes were women: Supergirl, The Bionic Woman, all Disney princesses (especially Aurora), both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, and of course, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

Anubis and His Bitch (Chrissy’s Fantasy)Taboo 

Khemenetneferanpu was lounging naked in his Jasper room, draped in and admiring his jewels, when Anubis, King of the Underworld, stopped by.

Wade Stops By at Matt’sTaboo 

It’s the Saturday after the dog incident. Chrissy’s volunteering at a cat shelter/adoption place a few blocks away and won’t be back till later.

Bad Puppy, Good BitchTaboo 

Wade’s been planning this for months now. He teased Chrissy but Chrissy didn’t know how or when Wade was going to tell Matt. Chrissy begged and pleaded with Wade not to let Matt know about him and Thor but Wade just laughed it off.

Chrissy’s Self-Love DayHardcore 

Matt’s on a business trip in Seattle. He’s been gone since Sunday. He was supposed to fly home on Monday evening so he’d be back before Valentine’s Day but his flight has been delayed.

After the Shoot / Wade’s SchemeTaboo 

Matt, Wade, Gar, and Chrissy just wrapped their Tom of Finland photoshoot and Matt’s waiting for Chrissy to get clean up and get dressed.

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