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Stockist Index

Over the years, I’ve received many questions about where I found the dolls and accessories for the Dollsexposed universe.

Please take the time to review this page. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @dollphotostudio or by using the contact form.

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Full figures, breakdowns/kitbash, clothes, accessories, dioramas

Shipping: sometimes free, sometimes based on distance and package dimensions

I’ve been on eBay since 2011 as both a buyer and a seller. I don’t really have specific stores that I buy from, but eBay is the perfect place to get kitbash gears.

I live in Los Angeles, so products from overseas (China, Taiwan, Malaysia) usually arrive within a month with no customs fees.

Use “1/6” or “1:6” as your keywords when looking for bodies, heads, or accessories. Beware of sellers who use “Phicen” in their description but are actually selling Jiaou Dolls.

Toy Anxiety


Full figures, breakdowns/kitbash, clothes, accessories, dioramas

Shipping: based on distance and package dimensions.

Based in Arizona. This store offers breakdowns from Hot Toys, TBLeague, DAM Toys, and other makers at a really low price. I’ve found some great bargains there.

Keep in mind that stuff tends to sell out fast, especially when they’re running promotions which happens very rarely.

Fast and responsive shipping

Timewalker Toys


Full figures, statues, prop replicas

Shipping: based on distance and package dimensions.

This Kansas-based store sells both preorders and in-stock items. They don’t have kitbash/breakdowns, only boxed figures, statues, and prop replicas from Hot Toys, DAM Toys, Exo-6, and others.

I got multiple Wonder Woman Hot Toys figures from Timewalker Toys. Their staff is very responsive and their preorder prices beat Sideshow Collectibles‘.



Full figures, separate heads, clothes, and accessories

Shipping: free (from China)

Giantoy is the place to get Phicen figures. The store’s based in China, and if you purchase from the website, you won’t have to pay an additional tax.

Shipping is free and surprisingly fast. I normally get my package two weeks after the purchase. Also, they have informative articles about Phicen figures.

Updated 9/14: I got my package in seven days from

Rattlesnake Toys


Full figures, separate heads, clothes, and accessories

Shipping: depends on distance and package dimensions

Another Arizona store. The prices are just slightly more expensive than Toyanxiety‘s, but it’s a good website for backup if Toyanxiety doesn’t have the items you want.

Rattlesnake also has an eBay store where you’re allowed to make an offer and get an item cheaper than on the official site.

Monkey Depot


Full figures, separate heads, clothes, and accessories

Shipping: depends on distance and package dimensions

Yet another Arizona store. One thing I love about purchasing stuff from Arizona is that most of the times, it arrives in two days. Although this depends on how soon the processes the order and how incompetent USPS is.

I ordered on Sunday evening and received a notification that USPS had picked up the package on Monday afternoon with scheduled delivery by Wednesday evening.

However, USPS fucked it up. The item arrived on time at Santa Clarita Distribution Center but for whatever reason (incompetence, more likely), it was sent to a different hub before sending it back to the original hub that’s supposed to be the final destination before marking it as “out for delivery.” My package arrived a day later than expected.

But Monkey Depot’s price point is competitive. I feel like half of the items have higher prices than other Arizona-based websites and the other half are cheaper by 50 cents to 2 dollars.

Sideshow Collectibles


Full figures from Hot Toys and other brands, as well as statues, prop replicas, and nerd/popular toys paraphernalia)

Shipping: depends on distance and package dimensions

Based in Thousand Oaks, CA, Sideshow is the official US site of Hot Toys. They only sell complete figures (sixth scale and other scales), statues, prop replicas, paintings/artwork and the likes.

I got my Wonder Woman Exclusive Comic Concept Hot Toys and Wonder Woman 1984 Deluxe from Sideshow only because Timewalker Toys didn’t stock them.

Responsive staff with an option to chat with a team member.

Big Bad Toy Store


Action figures from different brands and in different scales (not just sixth), statues, and various nerd/popular culture paraphernalia

Shipping: $4 flat within the US

This Wisconsin-based store has been around for years. Although it does have sixth-scale inventory from brands like Hot Toys, its main business is the smaller action figures.

However, I did get my TBLeague Anubis from Big Bad at a real steal when the figure was sold out everywhere else and eBay had him at a crazy price. So, sometimes you can get lucky and score a deal at Big Bad.



Sixth-scale sneakers that are replicas of actual branded shoes. The “3D mini sneakers” section has intact shoes – sneakers without keychain holes.

Shipping: free

Maybe I ordered from Kicksmini at a bad time, but it took them a full week (five business days) to ship my order. Good thing they’re in West Covina, CA, so we’re basically neighbors and the package arrived a day later, but still.

I ordered a week after Black Friday and I kept postponing the order since their promo countdown pop-up still said “six more days” two days before I ordered. I got the shoes in my cart and because I’m a cheap procrastinator, I kept delaying purchasing them.

On the day I actually ordered, the promotion was already over. So, yeah. It was disappointing. And seven full days to get them processed and shipped out? Good thing shipping was free (and no tax). Otherwise I’d just drive down there to pick them up and get some pho while there.

Mini sneaker boxes were included with my purchase.

The sneakers are hollow, so if you’re using a Phicen/TBLeague body like I do, you’ll need to push in the feet. The shoes are made of hard-ish plastic with some flexibility, so warm them up (with a hair dryer or put them in a waterproof bag and dunk it in hot water) and you’ll be able to put the foot in with ease.

Machinegun Figures (EU)


Full figures, breakdowns/kitbash, clothes, accessories, dioramas

Shipping: €42.82 (+€2.57 for insurance) to the US for the donkey figure below.

As someone who loathes guns, I hate the name of this store. However, it’s one of two online stores that still sold (as of April 2022) the sixth-scale donkey figure from SG Toys.

Based in Belgium, this store charges a lot for US shipping (more than half of the price of the item).

I’ve had experiences purchasing items (not toys) from Europe and they always came within a week and with so much less shipping fee (sometimes free).

Not this one. To be fair, the processing time was really quick (a day after purchase). However, it took more than two weeks to reach the US customs office, which means it must’ve been shipped by boat.

So, nothing beats China when it comes to shipping to the US. My purchases from Giantoy arrived in eight days (plus one day of processing time), with free shipping. And as a comparison, I purchased something from Malaysia (on eBay) a few days after I purchased the donkey, and my goods from Malaysia arrived a week before the donkey did.

Still, if you see something that’s not available anywhere else, this might be a good store for you to try out.

Black Ops Toys

Tested but now on DO NOT BUY LIST

The owner’s a Trumper who’s into guns in real life and is a GOP hardliner. He’s active on Rumble and subscribes to various questionable YouTube channels including The Trumpest, Lauren Boebert, Candace Owens, Epoch Times, Russel Brand, Young America’s Foundation, and Cops Supporting Guns.

On My Radar But Haven’t Tried:


Lana Time

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