Tributes & Homage

Tributes & Homage

DISCLAIMER: Posts in this category may not be suitable for everyone. Please view them at your discretion.

These erotic stories and doll photos and videos are works of fiction. Always practice safer sex and be aware of your rights and legalities when practicing any kinks and fetishes.

Click here to read the ongoing adventures of Matt, Wade, Takeshi, Manuel, and Chrissy, Dollsexposed Universe’s main characters.

Dollsexposed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2024

I’m honored and ecstatic to announce one of my doll photos was accepted to the juried artists’ portion of the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Dollsexposed at LA Leather Getaway 2023!

Dollsexposed is proud to take part in the art exhibition at the 2023 LA Leather Getaway, brought by the fetish organization CLAW.

Custom Rebel Doll by DollsexposedHardcore 

After much consideration, I got a Tom of Finland Rebel doll for the LA Leather Getaway 2023 silent auction.

Halloween Bash Fashion Spread!Nudity 

This Halloween photo session was both fun and stressful to do. It took me about a month to make (most) of the clothes, but there’s no holiday better than Halloween to justify dressing up my dolls.

The Faun, the Unicorn, and the Nymph (Tribute to Marc Debauch)Taboo 

What makes Marc Debauch’s work truly erotic isn’t the sexiness of the men in his pieces. It’s the total fearlessness.

Maximalist Living (Tribute to Iris Apfel)

At 102 years old, Iris Apfel has done it all. She even has not one but two Barbie dolls.

Pulse: Seven Years AfterPride 

Seven years ago, a gunman entered Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others.

Celebrating Wonder Woman Day (Tribute to George PΓ©rez)Pride 

It’s fitting that one of the most enduring characters in fiction, who turns out to be queer, has her day in June, which also happens to be Pride Month.

The Little Mermaid Is a Gay Love Letter & Other Merfacts

Wade puts on Prince Eric costume while Matt and Chrissy do a tribute to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”

Wonder Dude, Ameowthyst, Captain Arm-Merica, and Thor (the Dog) for National Superhero Day

When my boy classmates in primary school were talking about Superman this and Batman that, I was busy watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and daydreaming I was her.

National Banana Day/National Cat Lady Day (+ Impromptu Tribute to Josephine Baker)Nudity 

Bananas? I love them. They’re easy to eat, they’re sweet, they’re satisfying, and they’re shaped like dicks. I mean, what’s not to like?

International Day of Pink (dedicated to Gabriel, Anthony, and Tyler)

WARNING: Discussions of the Holocaust, violence, death, murder, and suicide.

“Why” 31st Anniversary (Tribute to Annie Lennox)

In this post: My first meeting with Annie Lennox was when I was a child in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was

It’s Barbie, Bitch! (National Barbie Day + Bonus Penthouse Tribute)Hardcore 

When the other boys were talking about Superman this and Spiderman that, all my heroes were women: Supergirl, The Bionic Woman, all Disney princesses (especially Aurora), both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, and of course, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

Tribute to Sylvia Plath

In this post: Ah, Sylvia. Thousands of eulogies for you have been written so eloquently that it feels redundant to

Venus on Half Shell (Tribute to Boris Vallejo)Nudity 

Happy birthday, Mr. Vallejo. I know nude men aren’t really your thing, but they’re mine, and I hope you’ll like this little tribute.

Tom of Finland's "Trampled" by Toy Photo Studio

Trampled: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationHardcore 

It’s the finale of our Tom of Finland’s Death Anniversary Week celebration and we’re going out with a bang.

Two men having sex in front of a painting by George Quaintance inside Tom of Finland's House in Los Angeles, CA

Quaintance: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationHardcore 

Tom almost never drew was Asian men. I think I only know one drawing of Tom that shows an Asian.

Matt and Chrissy fucking in public on top of a BMW motorcycle, inspired by Tom of Finland's biker art.

Bold Bikers: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationSoftcore 

Tom drew a lot of bikers. In fact, he drew so many of them that there’s a Taschen book dedicated to Tom’s bikers.

Three Phicen/TBLeague male dolls reenacting Tom of Finland's "3 Dare Devils" piece.

The Three Dare Devils: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationSoftcore 

This is the perfect piece to showcase the sixth-scale (Barbie size or around 12 inches) figures I use for this project and the majority of my work on Instagram.

Chrissy Phicen male figure in front of the Leather David (or Folsom David) statue by Mike Caffee at Tom of Finland House, Los Angeles.

The Leather David: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary Celebration

Also known as The Folsom David and The Castro David, this statue was the creation of Mike Caffee and became the icon of Fe-Be’s, the first leather bar on Folsom Street on San Francisco.

A clothed Takeshi and a naked Manuel reading books, inspired by Tom of Finland's artwork.

Reading Is for Lovers: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationNudity 

This photograph, inspired by Tom’s piece from 1987, showcases a fully-clothed Takeshi while Manuel, his boyfriend, is completely nude.

Gar is joined by The Rebel Doll in Pleasure Park at Tom of Finland House in Los Angeles by Toy Photo Studio. They both show off their huge dicks.

Gar in Pleasure Park: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationSoftcore 

In this post: We’re kicking off Tom of Finland’s Death Anniversary Week celebration with “Gar in Pleasure Park.” This series

Tom of Finland Death Anniversary Celebration: Intro & Artist Statement

I discovered Tom’s art when I was a teen. It was the dawn of the Internet, and I was sitting in the dark in my childhood home in Jakarta, Indonesia, surfing the web for gay porn.

Cherry Martini (Tribute to Dita Von Teese)Nudity 

In this post: Happy birthday to the trailblazing, revolutionary burlesque artist: the incomparable Ms. Dita Von Teese. Here’s Chrissy paying homage

Cheesecake Confidential (Tribute to Olivia De Beradinis)Hardcore 

WARNING: Artwork depicting nude women ahead. When it comes to the female form, way before Jordi Labanda, Jason Brooks, Nicola

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