Twinning Tuesdays for Fashion February

Twinning Tuesdays for Fashion February

February (and March) is the de jure fashion month with fashion weeks happening in major cities around the globe. To celebrate, every Tuesday in February, we’ll post to our Instagram (@dollphotostudio) Dollsexposed twinning with Chrissy.

Do I consider Chrissy a mini-me?

Nope. I think of him as my avatar.

For one, Chrissy doesn’t look at all like me. His head sculpt is an original Hot Toys Chris Redfield from the Resident Evil game franchise. There was a time when I sported pink neon hair, and so I gave him that.

Chrissy also has a muscular body and he’s on the shorter side (M30 is probably 5’8″ in real life). Meanwhile, I’m a lanky 5’9″.

I do inject a lot of my personality traits, likes and dislikes, hobbies, fetishes, and fantasies into Chrissy (as well as into other characters, but mostly Chrissy). In the Dollsexposed universe, Chrissy has and does (or is made to do) things that I can’t have or do in real life.

I’m not just talking about the taboo stuff, but also simpler things like having pink hair. Since my original hair is black, I had to bleach it to get that vibrant pink color. It ruined my hair and hurt my scalp, and I had to stop.

But isn’t that the essence of having a doll version of us, whether it’s a true mini-us or our avatar?

We live vicariously through them. We make them enact our fantasies. They get to wear (fake) couture, have awesome (or completely fucked-up) relationships, have sex with whomever or whatever they want without worrying about getting VD.

Sometimes they “live” better than we do, or have more interesting “lives.”

At least that’s the case with my Chrissy.

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The WondersTwinning 

I’m an unabashed fan of Wonder Woman and this is one trait I pass on to Chrissy (the others being a cat person, vegetarian for ethical reasons, and feminine).

The Fat Femme Asian & The Sissy DollTwinning 

Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield may be a macho daddy, but Dollsexposed’s Chrissy is not even a himbo. He’s a sissy slut.

Star McCartneyTwinning 

I’m not proud to say that I’m a couture survivor. When I was younger, I spent so much money purchasing clothes, bags, and accessories that my friends called me a walking billboard.

Girls in Gold BootsTwinning 

Stilettos are the ultimate proof of the adage “beauty knows no pain.” Granted, I’ve only been wearing cheap heels, so that’s probably why my feet hurt whenever I wear them.

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