I’m not proud to say that I’m a couture survivor. When I was younger, I spent so much money purchasing clothes, bags, and accessories that my friends called me a walking billboard.

As I grew older, my taste shifted. One night in 2003, I was on PETA’s website reading about how Linda and Paul McCartney stopped eating meat.

“One day Linda and I were having Sunday lunch with the family at our farm in Scotland and gazing out of the window at the baby lambs in the fields nearby. We were saying how cute and beautiful they were, then looked at our plates. We were eating leg of lamb. […] That was the turning point for us and that’s when it all started.”

Read the complete story here.

I looked at my cat who was sleeping next to me and thought I’d never eat my cat or any cats. Why should I eat other animals?

The switch was overnight and I became a vegetarian after two decades of hating vegetables.

Years later, I’d become a fan of another McCartney: Stella.

One of my prized Stella McCartney items is the Stella Star camera bag. My favorite color is red and like Chrissy, my favorite shape is the five-pointed star, so I just had to get it (after a deep discount because well, I’m not rich).

For a long time, I’d wanted Chrissy to have a similar bag, but like me, Chrissy doesn’t have cash to burn. Matt, His fiancé, is more well off, as he co-owns a thriving construction company.

And so, for Christmas 2022, I have Matt give Chrissy a miniature version of my Stella Star bag. It even has the Wonder Woman Hello Kitty keychain.

This mini Stella Star bag can also be seen in the Two Biker Boys Tag Team a Nasty Slut post.

Dollsexposed: Stella Star camera bag by Stella McCartney; Hello Kitty Wonder Woman keychain by Sanrio; vegan leather jacket found on Amazon; Triple Star leggings by Mono B; heels by ShoeDazzle.

Chrissy: miniature Stella Star camera bag, Hello Kitty Wonder Woman keychain, gold star necklace, and star leggings by Dollsexposed; visor glasses by Mattel (modified by Dollsexposed); black booties by Hot Toys (modified by Dollsexposed); vegan leather jacket by ZYToys; stud earring by ASOS.

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