The only OG member of Dollsexposed, Chrissy resides in the (fictitious) city of Pasadena, CA with fiancé Matt and their cats.

Chrissy is unapologetic about his fashion sense and his sexuality and constantly combines the two. She (yes, Chrissy uses both masculine and feminine pronouns) is comfortable wearing pants and sneakers as well as short skirts and stilettos.

As a gold-star gay submissive sissy bottom, Chrissy always wants to please her Masters (Matt, Wade, Gar, Thor, and whoever else they want her to serve), with clear boundaries (no minors, snuff, blood, scarring, and scat).

Chrissy follows a vegetarian diet and is a staunch animal rights (especially cats), trans rights, abortion rights, and gun control proponent.

His heroes are Wonder Woman, Sylvia Plath, and Coretta Scott King.

Full NameChristopher Edward Fields
Main PartnerMatt (fiancé, open relationship)
ProfessionsVisual designer
Animal Companion(s)Galadriel (black & white girl cat); Luna (white girl cat); George Meowchel aka Georgie Porgie aka Miss Meow (gray boy cat)
Bird Month & Zodiacs*July; Leo/Pig/Bastet
ColorsPink, gold
HeadHot Toys Chris Redfield/Resident Evil (genuine, modified by Dollsexposed)
BodyM30 TBLeague/Phicen, enhanced by Dollsexposed
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Penis AttachmentsCustom-made by Dollsexposed (tiny)
*Zodiacs are provided to give a general idea of this character’s birthday and not their personality.

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