This tall, hairy ginger is recognizable by his signature man-bun.

Like his best friend Aubrey and their schoolmate Takeshi, Derek was born into a wealthy family. Derek and his older brother Christian’s first foray into the fashion world was as models. But Christian branched out into photography and Derek left to join the Marines and later became a farm animal veterinarian.

When not modeling, Derek works at Wade’s sanctuary ranch as a veterinarian and also the ranch’s social media manager.

Full NameDerek William Byrne
SiblingChristian Flynn Byrne
PartnersSeveral (all genders)
Relationship with ChrissyOccasional casual sex partner (top only)
ProfessionMarine veteran, farm animal veterinarian, model, social media influencer
Bird Month & Zodiacs*December; Capricorn/Isis
ColorsPastel colors, earth tones
HeadDamToys DAM-EBSS001 Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji Craig
BodyM33 TBLeague/Phicen, enhanced by Dollsexposed
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Penis AttachmentsM34/M35 TBLeague/Phicen (extra large)
*Zodiacs are provided to give a general idea of this character’s birthday and not their personality.

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