Aubrey was born with a diamond-encrusted platinum spoon in his mouth.

Innately intelligent with a mean streak, Aubrey may not be interested in politics like his mother or in real estate like his father. However, he surely inherits his mother’s combativeness and his father’s competitiveness.

It’s these two traits that make Aubrey the perfect foil for Chrissy. Although Chrissy’s secure in how he looks and his relationship with Matt, Aubrey’s appearance is enough to make Chrissy doubt himself and Matt’s love for him.

Aubrey and his best friend Derek grew up together and went to boarding school together with Takeshi. The three, twenty-something young men ran in the same billionaire circles, but they all turned out very differently.

Full NameAubrey Phillip Ashford
Relationship with ChrissyRomantic rival
ProfessionModel, social media influencer, cannabis agriculturist
Bird Month & Zodiacs*April; Taurus/Horus
ColorsBlack, silver
HeadTBLeague PL2022-200B American Indian Mohegan Hunter Brown Hair (genuine, modified by Dollsexposed)
BodyM33 TBLeague/Phicen, enhanced by Dollsexposed
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Penis AttachmentsM30/M32/M33 TBLeague/Phicen (large)
*Zodiacs are provided to give a general idea of this character’s birthday and not their personality.

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