I’m an unabashed fan of Wonder Woman and this is one trait I pass on to Chrissy (the others being a cat person, vegetarian for ethical reasons, and feminine).

Before I became enamored with Catwoman (because I love cats) and Poison Ivy (because I’m a self-proclaimed ecoterrorist), I’d fallen in love with Diana of Themyscira. I grew up with Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman TV series and am not disappointed by Gal Gadot’s portrayal in the movies she appears in.

And so, I think it’s apt to close the Fashion February edition of Twinning Tuesdays with a callback from my nerd/fanboy side. After all, I’ve shown my sexy side (Girls in Gold Boots), my biker chic side (Star McCartney), and my sissy Asian side with a hint of body dysmorphia (The Fat Femme Asian & the Sissy Doll).

Having wedges as battle shoes is a questionable decision, but man, these are super comfortable.

Since these boots are based on the Batman vs. Superman incarnation, I added a layer of crimson paint onto them so they’re more vibrant.

I bought the boots in 2017. The bracers were acquired in 2021 since they were part of the merchandise that supported the release of Wonder Woman 1984.

Chrissy has had two Wonder Dude costume iterations. The first one used elements from Hot Toys’ Batman vs. Superman Wonder Woman figure. The second one used Hot Toys’ Wonder Woman 1984 figure where the colors pop more.

To be clear, this is just Chrissy and I casually playing around in our Wonder Woman boots and gauntlets. That’s why he’s not in his full Wonder Dude costume.

Dollsexposed: Wonder Woman logo top by Hot Topic; Wonder Woman 3-piece wedge boots by Her Universe; Wonder Woman bracers by Salesone Studios; wonder star leggings by Mono B.

Chrissy: Wonder Woman tank top, star bikini brief, and crystal star necklace by Dollsexposed; gauntlets and wedge boots by Hot Toys (modified by Dollsexposed); lightning stud earring by ASOS.

Color Codes:
Extreme (Comic): f62200
Taboo/Extreme: 000000
Hardcore: ff1727
Softcore: ff950b
Nudity: 0092fa

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