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Remember when men on hookup apps were like, “No femmes, no fats, no Asians?”

I don’t have Grindr anymore and back when I was still on it, I didn’t think too much about why men didn’t want to fuck me because I’m Asian and girly. I’d rather stay at home and watch a show or take a nap than have mediocre sex.

[I’m currently in Indonesia and I reinstalled Scruff to locate the queer community here. It’s… disheartening to see that most if not all Indonesians specifically say they’re only looking for Caucasians and Latinos. I mean, self-loathing much?]

I’m also what people call skinny fat: skinny overall but I lead a sedentary lifestyle and I eat way too much sugar that now I have a pooch and love handles. Do I wish the fat blubber would go to my butt instead? Yes. But life’s unfair and here we are.

And in the gay world, if your six-packs are covered by a layer of fat, you’re, well… fat. I promise I don’t have debilitating body dysmorphia or an eating disorder.

I’ve hit the trifecta.

Oh, and let’s not talk about my age. I may have those good Asian genes and take care of my facial skin so that age hasn’t caught up with me too much, but I was born in 1983. And your fortieth birthday gift from the gay dating scene is an invisibility cloak.

Still, no complaints. I’m in a fulfilling relationship and things are copacetic.

But there was a time when I hit the trifecta and thought, “You know what? I’m going to reclaim my identity. I’m going to tell everyone who cares I’m proud to be a feminine, Asian fag without the perfect body!”

I remember gluing the rhinestones to this cutoff tee one by one. This was probably back in 2017. They survived so many trips to the washer/dryer. It’s pink because well, “Real men don’t wear pink,” and all that and I turned it into a “muscle tee” to show off my blobbiness.

Now, clearly, Chrissy, whose head sculpt is a modified Hot Toys original of Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield, isn’t Asian. He’s also not fat.

But I’ve decided he’s girly.

Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield may be a macho daddy, but Dollsexposed’s Chrissy is not even a himbo. He’s a sissy slut.

And so, inspired by RuPaul’s “Sissy that Walk” catchphrase/song by way of Ru’s writer friend Rich Juzwiak, Chrissy wears a pink cutoff tee (a saved remnant from the bigger tee) that says “Sissy that Doll.”

The Converse hightops I wear in the photos are super old and worn out and the soles have lost their grip. But even though I haven’t put them on since 2018, I’m glad I didn’t throw them out (yet) because lo and behold, I found the matching dirty Converse high-tops that Chrissy can wear.

Dollsexposed: cutoff top by Doll Photo Studio; sterling silver octopus tentacle ring by Bisaer; pewter Bastet ring by Alchemy of England; short shorts by Andrew Christian; rainbow socks by Nordstrom Rack; canvas high tops by Converse.

Chrissy: star necklace, spike bracelet, cutoff top, short shorts, rainbow socks by Dollsexposed; glasses and crystal bracelet by Fashion Royalty; high tops by Soldier Story; stud earring by ASOS.

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Dollsexposed showcases queer erotica, kink, fetish, and activism through twelve-inch doll photography. Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on eleven years later.

Dollsexposed's works have been displayed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Los Angeles Leather Getaway.

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