Poor (hairy) Rebel was left behind. His dome and accessories were all shipped to the LA Leather Getaway 2023 event for the silent auction. Naked except for the visor sunglasses and the cowboy hat, he attempts to hitchhike. Luckily, he runs into Matt and Chrissy. He notices the red tote bag and decides to take his chances.

BTS Thoughts:

I was a bit hesitant to do an NSFW photoshoot combining my dolls with Rebel, but Gar has posed with a Rebel before and it turned out quite well. Plus, I can’t not use this custom, one-of-a-kind Rebel because I probably won’t see him ever again since he’ll be sold at the LA Leather Getaway 2023 silent auction.

Working with Rebel was challenging because I wasn’t used to his limited articulation. He’s also much less stable than my regular Phicen dolls.

For a while, I did toy (pun intended) with the idea of doing the whole photoshoot outdoors but you know how much I hate doing it. My heart almost exploded when I crouched down next to a (busy-ish) street in Pasadena, taking photos of a naked doll.

So, I brought back the graffiti wall from the “Two Biker Boys Tag-Team a Nasty Slut” photoshoot. Kinda makes sense because it’s also one of the pieces at the LA Leather Getaway 2023 art show.

I also decided to not write an accompanying story to stay in line with the Tom of Finland style of silent smut. But I had to write the intro because I thought Rebel looked like a homeless person. I mean, we are in Los Angeles, so that tracks.

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