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So, Seattle,” Manuel says. “That’s exciting.”

The boys are enjoying a nice, sunny day at the park. It’s such a beautiful day that Matt and Chrissy decided to do an impromptu picnic and invited their two friends Takeshi and Manuel. Manuel managed to coax Takeshi to close Lick It!, his ice cream shop, for a thirty-minute picnic break.

“I’ve been there before but like maybe ten years ago?” Chrissy says. “But Matt’s in Seattle a lot.

“It’s okay,” Matt says. “Pretty, but LA already has my heart.”

“You’re not going?” Takeshi says.

Matt shakes his head no. “I need to work that weekend. We’re building a three-story office and the owner wants me to be there for the brick-laying ceremony.”

“Can’t you take a flight out after the ceremony?”

“There’s another site in Orange County I need to supervise,” Matt says. “I know, I know, I wish I could be with my babydoll…”

“I’m not mad,” Chrissy says. “If anything, he’s more mad that Derek’s going.”

“Derek?” Takeshi says. “Derek Byrne?”

“Yeah,” Matt says. “Makes sense because he’s in the photo too.”

“Didn’t you guys do this at Wade’s ranch?” Takeshi says. “Can’t Wade come?”

“He has an open house that weekend,” Manuel says. “I know because I’m chaperoning the kids from school for the outing.”

“Doesn’t Derek also work at the ranch as a vet?” Takeshi says. “Shouldn’t he be at the open house too? You know, in case something happens, knock on wood?”

Matt shrugs.

“Good luck with chaperoning, Manu-chan,” Matt says. “Babydoll, I’m glad we’re not planning on having kids.”

Chrissy kisses Matt’s neck. “Our cats are our kids.”

“Hear, hear,” Manuel says. “Trust me, after working with kids for so many years, I really don’t need to come home to one.”

“Wait, so… Derek’s going?” Takeshi says.

“Yeah,” Matt says. “I’m not mad. I mean, maybe a bit jealous. Or maybe envious is the better word? I’m mad at myself for having to work and I wish Wade could be there instead just because Chrissy and I don’t really know Derek that well.”

“And because Derek’s best friends with Au…”

“Don’t say her name,” Manuel cuts off his boyfriend before Takeshi can finish his sentence. “Bad luck.”

Chrissy giggles. “Take-chan, we’re way past that. It’s not like Derek and I are bunking together anyway. He’s cute but not Matt cute.”

Matt chuckles and reaches out to stroke his fiance’s cheek. “I did get my Chrissy something to wear for the opening night. Not getting to see it at the event is probably the most disappointing.”

“I’ll just wear it again for you,” Chrissy says.

“I expect nothing less, babydoll.”

“I’m just a bit wary of Derek because he’s close with, Aub… I mean, Sauron,” Takeshi says. “But I think he’s genuinely a good guy when he’s not around Sauron.”

(Story note: at a Halloween party, without any of the boys knowing, Aubrey made Derek promise to frame Chrissy, but at this point, we’re unsure if it’s still a thing since maybe Aubrey’s trying it out with Marcus?)

“Thank you for always looking out for me, Take-chan,” Chrissy says. “Besides, it’s just gonna be a few hours with Derek at the gala and then I’ll probably explore the city on my own.”

“I really wish I could take you around Seattle, babydoll,” Matt says.

“Next time, Daddy,” Chrissy says.

“Let’s all five of us take a trip there then,” Manuel says. “We’ve friends in Seattle we haven’t seen in years.”

“Oooh, I love that idea, babe,” Takeshi says as his phone alarm beeps. “OK, lunchtime’s over. Gotta head back to the shop. Cee, if for whatever reason you can’t reach Matt, just call Manuel or me if you need anything when you’re in Seattle, yeah?”

“Thank you, Take-chan,” Chrissy says.

“Good to see you, lovebirds,” Matt says. “Next time we’ll do the picnic at Lick It! so you won’t feel rushed, okay?”

“Yes, please,” Takeshi says.

“Ugh, it’s such a nice day,” Manuel says. “Wish I could just stay here.”

“You could,” Matt says. “Chrissy and I are gonna be here for like the next twenty minutes or so. You’re welcome to stay and talk smack about your boyfriend.”

“Hey!” Takeshi feigns anger as the others laugh.

Manuel looks at Takeshi, but then sighs. “Nah. Work’s been super sucky these past few weeks and I want to spend time with Take-chan.”

“Aw, I’m sorry. I know how that feels,” Matt says.

“Matt, why don’t you just hang out with us at Lick It! this weekend when Cee’s away?” Manuel says. “Wade’s joining me after the outing. We can all get dinner after?”

“I might do that! I haven’t seen Wade in a while. Miss that guy.”

“Hope you two won’t stink up my ice cream place,” Takeshi says. “Can’t have it smelling like manure.”

Manuel playfully shoves his boyfriend as the others laugh.

After Takeshi and Manuel leave, Matt crawls down and puts his head on Chrissy’s lap. “Derek’s gonna take one look at you in that dress I bought you and he’ll be all over you…”

“Oh, Daddy,” Chrissy giggles and strokes Matt’s cheek. “Are you jealous?”

“He texted me and promised to treat you like a princess,” Matt caresses Chrissy’s thigh.

“Yeah? And did you text him back?”

Matt nods and grins. “I told him that’d be nice but I wouldn’t mind if he treated you like a sissy cock-whore that you are.”

Chrissy swallows hard. Derek’s cute but he’s not really Chrissy’s type. Even during the very kinky shoot, Derek was way too nice and gentle. As much as Chrissy likes vanilla fuck, Chrissy really prefers rough, in-charge, and dominating Masters like Matt and Wade.

“If it happens, it happens,” Matt says. “No presh.”

“I know, Daddy.”

“All I’m saying is I encourage you to be a slut, especially if there’s a guy or group of guys who want to fuck you when I’m not there.”

“And will you be fucking another slut when I’m away? Or maybe several sluts?”

Matt smiles. “Eh, depends on whether I’m too tired or not.”

“Aw, Daddy! I wish you could come with me.”

“I know, babydoll. Let’s just… Let’s promise to just send pics and videos to each other if we happen to, you know, fuck someone this weekend.”

“Chrissy grins. “Deal!”

“I love you so much, princess,” Matt says.

“I love you so much too, Daddy,” Chrissy leans over and kisses his fiancΓ©’s lips.

As he closes his eyes, Chrissy wonders if going alone to Seattle would be a good idea. He hardly stays separated from Matt for too long. But he’s also excited about the possibility of another trip, even one so soon after their trip to Jakarta.

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BTS Thoughts:

I’m never excited when I have to take photos in public, but April 22 is Earth Day while April 23 is National Picnic Day and National Lovers Day. So, I had to do this shoot.

Besides, this is a good way to weave in a story.

Since I don’t have a park setup (I really have to start making one because getting down on your hands, knees, and stomach at the park is super gross), I decided to go to one. Luckily, it was empty and I managed to capture this series.

And yes, I was planning on making each couple wear a matching color.

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