WARNING: Crude language.

It was October 2005. Chrissy was happy he was finally promoted to site manager at the local Femboy Hooters, but he wasn’t too pleased when he had to close the restaurant that night and open again tomorrow morning back-to-back.

“Guess it comes with the territory,” he told himself as his last coworker left. He was cleaning the table when he heard the door open.

Chrissy cursed under his breath. He’d forgotten to put on the “Closed” sign out front.

“Sorry,” Chrissy said without looking up. “We closed about ten minutes ago. And our kitchen staff has already gone home.”

“I’m not here for food, babygirl,” the customer said.

Chrissy turned around and saw one very familiar face. He almost cried.

“Leon? Oh my gosh. Where the fuck have you been?” Chrissy threw himself at Leon. “I missed you.”

“I’m sorry for being… MIA…” Leon held Chrissy close.

“You were gone for two months! Two months! I tried calling your number. I went to the coffee shop where we used to go to. Nobody knew where you were. Nobody knew who you were.”

“I’m sorry… I love the new hair,” Leon stroked Chrissy’s cheek.

Chrissy smiled. “When you left, I was so sad. I had to change something so I thought I’d get a new haircut.”

Leon kissed Chrissy deeply.

“I thought you were dead,” Chrissy said. “I went to the cops…”

“You did?”

“I realized I didn’t know anything about you. Where you lived. Your last name… So they turned me away.”

Leon sighed. He kissed Chrissy’s forehead. “I need to tell you something.”

“Ah, fuck. You’re a drug dealer, aren’t you?”

Leon chuckled.

“I knew it!” Chrissy said. “I knew it. Of course. I mean I know I have poor taste in men but I can’t believe I’m in love with a dealer.”

“You silly, girl!” Leon laughed. “I’m not a drug dealer! Wait, you’re… in love with me?”

“What then? Some kind of… I don’t know… Intelligence ops?”

Leon held Chrissy tighter. “The less you know the better.”

“Oh, god. You’re on the down low. You have a husband. Or worse: a wife. And kids. And I’m just your side chick.”

Leon cackled. “You really do have some wild imagination. None of those. And you’re not my side chick.”

“Then what are you?”

Leon took Chrissy’s hands in his and kissed them. “In love with you.”

“Oh, Leon…”

They had sex. It was tender. Different from the usual roughness that Leon liked to do to Chrissy. He still slammed into Chrissy. In and out, in and out. But he didn’t call Chrissy names like he used to way back when. His lips hardly left Chrissy’s lips or bare skin.

They lay on the restaurant floor. Chrissy rested his head on Leon’s chest.

“Kennedy,” Leon said, giving Chrissy tiny kisses on his head.


“My last name is Kennedy.”

Chrissy tilted his head up and kissed Leon. “I love you, Leon Kennedy.”

He traced his name on Leon’s chest. C-H-R-I-S-S…

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Chrissy said.

Leon got up.

“I’ll be gone. And I… I don’t think I’ll come back.”

“What are you saying?” Chrissy grabbed Leon’s hand.

Leon smiled. But it only made Chrissy cry.

“What are you saying? Leon?”

Chrissy watched as Leon walked out the door. He wanted to get up. He wanted to run outside, to follow Leon. But he couldn’t feel his legs. He ran outside, wanting to follow Leon. But the only thing he saw was an unmarked car, speeding away.

Three weeks after that, Chrissy would quit his job at Femboy Hooters. Two months later, he’d try to start dating again. And again. And again. And again. This would continue for a while. Some men would stay for a few nights. Some weeks. Some a few years.

It’d take twelve years before Chrissy finally met the man who’d freed him from the memories and trauma of losing Leon. They’d meet at a construction site, somewhere in Downtown Los Angeles. It’d be on a scorching, summer day, and Chrissy would offer him a tall, bottle of the coldest water this man would ever drink.

BTS Thoughts:

I was rummaging through my head collection and found Leon. I thought I needed to at least give him an arc, considering Leon and Chrissy’s history together.

Both Femboy Hooters posts happened when Chrissy was in his twenties. And yes, that’s also Leon in the Folsom Fair Fun story (which is set in the present).

You’ll see Leon sometime in the future again.

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