This story took place early on in Matt and Chrissy’s relationship, a few weeks after Matt and Wade fucked Chrissy in the parking garage, marking the trio’s first threesome.

“Do I really look okay?” Chrissy asked Matt.

Matt’s gaze lingered on his new boyfriend. He was perfect. “You’re perfect,” Matt grinned.

“I’m sorry… I’m just… I know how much Gar means to you.”

Chrissy had been fussing over meeting Matt’s best friend, Gar. The two men had been close since they met in the first grade in Pierre, South Dakota. Matt and Gar had introduced each other’s boyfriends over the decades and consoled one another post-breakups, even during the years when he was serving in the US Army. They’d write letters and send postcards to each other before email and chatrooms became a thing. And through all these years, Matt was grateful to have Gar in his life.

Matt held Chrissy close. “You’ll be fine, babydoll. Although it’s cute that you’re nervous.” He gave Chrissy a long kiss.

Chrissy sighed. At least Wade was there too. Chrissy still couldn’t believe Matt asked Wade to tag-team him in that parking garage, but if anything, it strengthened their threelationship.

“Ready?” Matt said.

“As I’ll ever be,” Chrissy closed his eyes.

“Remember: Gar’s not a stickler. He’s not as strict as Wade but I’ve seen him punish a slut by double-fisting his hole, so just… mind your manners.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I love you, babydoll.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Matt placed his arm on Chrissy’s back and playfully cupped and caressed his butt. It startled Chrissy but he giggled. Matt can put him at ease like nobody else.

“Master Wade,” Matt said. “Master Gar, I’d like you to meet Chrissy. Chrissy, this is Master Gar.”

Gar shook Chrissy’s hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise, Master Gar,” Chrissy said.

“Master Wade, can I talk to you for a minute?” Matt said and took Wade aside.

“Master Matt told me a lot about you,” Gar told Chrissy. “He also sent me your pics. But I gotta say, seeing you in the flesh is a real treat.”

Chrissy giggled. “Thank you, Master Gar. The feeling’s mutual.”

“You’re tense.”

“Super anxious to meet you and to make a good first impression, Master Gar.”

Gar laughed. “You’re honest. Love it.” He grabbed Chrissy’s waist and pulled the shorter man closer to him.

Gar and Wade had their own cadre of sluts. And Chrissy knew that although Matt’s independent enough to form his own opinion, it’d be nice to have approval from his best friend. When they first started dating, Chrissy hadn’t expected Matt to be a Dom. It was pretty vanilla at first. But Matt soon found out about Chrissy’s sub-slut tendencies, and things became even wilder after Matt started tag-teaming him with Wade.

“Master Matt told you he’d share you with me the way he’s been sharing you with Master Wade.”

Chrissy nodded. “Yes, Master Gar.”

“And you consent to being our whore?”

Chrissy nodded again. “Yes, Master Gar.” Early in their relationship, Matt showed Chrissy a photo of Gar and Chrissy remembered thinking how sexy Gar was. He even jokingly told Matt to send Gar his naked photos. Apparently, Matt did exactly that.

“Good girl,” Gar said. “Matt’s former boyfriends were pretty vanilla, not that there’s anything wrong with it. But it’s really refreshing when he told me about you.” Gar pressed his lips against Chrissy’s and forced his tongue inside.

Chrissy instinctively opened his mouth and let Gar’s tongue roam deep inside. Gar’s strong hands are on his back, caressing and teasing and grabbing his curves. He can feel the tall, muscular man’s hard, fat dick against his own tiny hard dicklet.

“I’m gonna fuck you real good,” Gar growled. “I’m gonna make your lil’ clit squirt all over your face as I breed your sissy cunt. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, dirty sissy slut?”

Chrissy swallowed hard.

“Answer me, dumb whore!”

Chrissy could feel his heart skipped a beat and his face reddened. “Yes, Master Gar. I’m sorry, Master Gar.” But the knot in his stomach loosened a bit when he saw Gar smiled.

“Good bitch,” Gar reached down and grabbed Chrissy small engorged dicklet. “You’re still Master Matt’s property. Master Wade and I can only play with you with Master Matt’s and your consent.”

“Technically,” Chrissy said, “even Master Matt can only play with me with his and my consent.”

As soon as he said those words, Chrissy wished he could’ve unsaid them. How would Gar take them? Chrissy’s sure Gar’s not petty. Matt’d never be friends with someone petty. But then again, Chrissy could be really petty sometimes and Matt was still in love with him.

Chrissy braved himself and looked up into Gar’s face. The taller man was staring at him, wide-eyed and incredulous, but he then laughed.

“Master Matt warned me about your brat side,” Gar smiled before changing his tone to a more serious one. “We’ll beat it out of you yet.”

Chrissy gulped, but Gar only chuckled.

“Dumb sissy bitch,” Gar said. “We’re not gonna hit you. Unless you want us to. Consent, remember? Safe word, all of that.”

“Yes, Master Gar. Thank you, Master Gar.”

“Good girl.”

“What do you think?” Matt asked Wade.

“Looks like Gar likes him,” Wade said. “Girl’s a charmer.”

Matt beamed. “You don’t think she’s gonna… run away with him or something?”

Wade looked at Matt and chuckled. “Bro, I’m better than Gar and you put together and your girl still chooses you.”

Matt fake-guffawed. “That’s funny! You’re funny!”

The two men laughed as they watched Gar shoved his tongue deep down Chrissy’s throat and fondled Chrissy’s clit.

“It’s not easy being in an open relationship,” Wade said. “In a way, it’s like legalizing drug. You defined the boundaries, what’s accepted, what’s not, but in the end, it’s up to either party to be responsible.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s also like a test of trust.”

“Oh, absolutely. If Chrissy left you with Gar, then you’d feel like you lost two great loves but it’d be like yanking a surgery stitch so that you can heal on your own.”

Matt grimaced. “Geez, Wade. You sure have a way with words.”

Wade laughed. “I’m a modern-day Poe, baby! Hey, I’m gonna cut in so I can feel up your girl tonight, maybe put my own tongue inside her, yeah?”


The two men walked over to Gar and Chrissy.

Matt tapped Gar’s shoulder. “Master Wade said it’s his turn.”

“Aw, dude, I was just getting to know your slut!” Gar said.

Chrissy giggled.

“There’ll be more time for that later,” Wade said. “Besides, I’m giving you time so you can give Master Matt your honest opinion about the whore!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Gar said before turning to Chrissy. “I hope to see more of you, if you’d like. Along with Master Matt, of course.”

Chrissy smiled. “Yes, Master Gar. I’d love that, Master Gar.”

“Good girl. She’s all yours, Master Wade!”

Wade wasted no time whisking Chrissy away. He turned Chrissy around and held Chrissy from behind, pressing his own hard dick against Chrissy’s butt while at the same time exposing Chrissy’s dripping dicklet for everyone to see.

“You enjoyed yourself, bitch?” Wad whispered in Chrissy’s ear. “Dancing cheek-to-cheek with your boyfriend’s best friend, letting him shove his tongue down your slutty throat.”

Chrissy bit his lower lips and nodded. “Yes, Master Wade.”

“You want Master Gar’s dick inside your pussy, dontcha, whore?”

Chrissy swallowed hard. “Yes, Master Wade…”

“Master’s Gar huge cock, ramming in and out of your sissy cunt, while you have Master Matt’s dick and mine stuffing that bratty mouth of yours. We’re gonna take turns using you as our cumdump, nutting inside your holes. You’d like that wouldntcha, you fuckin’ sissy skank?”

At this point, Chrissy’s already grinding his cunt against Wade’s hard dick.

“Good girl,” Wade said. “When you come home tonight, promise me you’re gonna fuck Master Matt’s brains out. Sit on that huge fat dick of yours and screw yourself till he cums and then you’re gonna suck that cock clean, yeah?”

Chrissy gulped. “Y… Yes, Master Wade. Thank you, Master Wade.”

Wade grinned.

“Well?” Matt asked Gar.

“I think you scored, dude,” Gar said. “I only interacted with your girl for a few minutes. But, I like Chrissy. I think she’s hot, she’s smart, great smile, great ass. Great kisser. Can be a bit mouthy, though.”

The two men laughed.

“That’s one of the things I like so much about her, man.”

“I can see that. Still can’t believe you and Wade tagteamed her before you introduced her to me, though.”

“I know, man, I’m sorry.” Matt said. “But he and Chrissy’d already been fucking before I met Chrissy, so they have their own history.”

“I’m just messin’ with ya, man,” Gar laughed. “But Wade and I both agreed that if the night went well, and I think it did, that you should be the one fucking your whore. We think she’d prefer that to Wade and I raping her sissy cunt and mouth.”


“Girl’s clearly head over heels for you.”

“I totally lucked out, yeah?”

“You deserved it, man.

“Thanks, man,” Matt said.

“Now let’s do this cupcake thing before you both leave.”

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BTS Thoughts:

What started as a “simple concept” involving pearls and cupcakes for National Cupcake Day and National Wear Your Pearls Day (December 15) went into a full-blown photoshoot involving four dolls. I wasn’t even going to write a story, but I thought I needed to write something about the time Chrissy finally met Gar, Matt’s bestie from childhood.

I remember when I first met my current boyfriend’s friends (and later his family). I was super nervous. I didn’t have the greatest track record when it came to making friends with my partner’s circle. One of my former boyfriends is now friends and business partners with some of my closest friends while I have virtually no relationship with his friends even after he introduced me to them and we hung out a few times.

But my tip is this: I know you don’t want to embarrass your significant other, so always be mindful. Read the room. Wear what’s appropriate (in this case, Chrissy’s only wearing high-heeled boots and jewelry because Matt’s friends are Masters). If you have a… non-mainstream personality and quirks like I do (abrasive, cynical, opinionated in some ways, potty-mouthed), give them just a little taste of your real self to ease them in before really, fully opening yourself up.

I know I don’t tell my boyfriend’s family that I do doll smut. Some things are just best left as secrets. Not because they’re embarrassing, but because they’re just not for wider consumption.

Anyway, I roped in Gar into this shoot because I wanted to reenact (well, as a prequel to) the Trampled/Tom of Finland Tribute photoshoot.

I’ve written about how being exposed to Penthouse Magazine shaped my fetishes, especially when it comes to CMNM (Clothed Male Naked Male) or in Penthouse’s case CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female). This is why you see a lot of Chrissy (and other bottom/vers bottom dolls) being exposed while their tops are fully clothed.

Master Matt: Bolo by Doll Photo Studio; tux by Toy Center; belt and boots by Dam Toys.

Master Wade: Suit and shoes by Toy Center; tie by Dam Toys; belt model’s own.

Master Gar: Suit by Toy Center; tie, belt, and shoes model’s own.

Chrissy: Pearl jewelry pieces and gold spats by Doll Photo Studio; heels by Hot Toys and modified by Doll Photo Studio.

Cupcakes provided by Doll Photo Studio.

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