Matt grins as he watches Chrissy tap away at his laptop, the sheer pink robe barely covering Chrissy’s body.

The tiny robe is undone, exposing Chrissy’s titties and oversized, brown nipples. Matt’s huge dick hardens as he gazes down his fiancΓ©’s body. The cute face with the perpetual scowl, the collarbone (how Matt loves to kiss and tickle Chrissy’s collarbone), the tits that fit perfectly in Matt’s palms, the taut abs, the navel, and that tiny, hairless dick.

His grin grows wider.

“Whatcha doin’, babydoll?” Matt says.

“Getting to know the people and props up for election on March 5th,” Chrissy says, his eyes are still glued to the monitor.

“Are our ballots here?”

“On the coffee table.”

“Will you help me fill them out?”

“Daddy!” Chrissy looks up.

“Joking, I’m joking,” Matt chuckles. “But not really. You’ll tell me who’s who, yeah?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl. I’ve something for you.” Matt gets on the bed. “I know we’ll be traveling soon, thought I’d give you stuff you can wear to where we’re going.”

“Aw, Daddy! I have a present for you too!” Chrissy bends over to reach under the bed. He giggles when Matt spanks and gropes his naked butt.

“Need to fuck this progressive cunt tonight,” Matt growls. He reaches down and grabs Chrissy’s tiny dick. “Mmm, your clit’s hard already.”

Chrissy begins to moan but playfully pushes Matt away. “Presents first. Also, I’m a liberal, even if I voted for Elizabeth Warren.”

“Fine. Fuckin’ cockteasin’ liberal bitch!” Matt feigns annoyance but smiles when he sees Chrissy tear into his present.

“Daddy! I love them. These are so cute! Thank you!”

“I know it’s not as skanky and slutty as what I’d normally like you to wear in public…” Matt pinches Chrissy’s right nipple. “But I saw the top and thought it was so you, princess. Got the shorts separately.”

“Aww, my daddy’s into fashion now.”

“I’d do anything for my sissy whore, including… fashion,” Matt makes a fake gagging sound.

Chrissy bursts out laughing. Matt’s sartorial taste is pretty conservative when he’s dressing himself, but Matt knows what Chrissy likes to wear, and luckily, it’s almost always what Matt wants to see Chrissy in.

“Your turn, Daddy.”

Matt removes the ribbon and opens the wrapping paper.

“Aw, babydoll!”

“I thought you’d look so sexy in them. I mean, not that you’re not sexy already.”

Matt kisses Chrissy. “And what’s this?”

“I know red’s your favorite color, but I could only find it in blue.”

“You think I can pull this off, princess? It’s not too… fashionable?”

“Daddy, you can pull off anything.”

“OK, OK, I trust you. I love it. I’m actually glad it’s not red.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, blue’s more subtle. Thank you, babydoll.”

“You’re welc…”

Before Chrissy can finish his sentence, Matt grabs his head and shoves his tongue down Chrissy’s throat.

“So, fuck now?”

“Aw, Daddy, you can be such a caveman sometimes,” Chrissy giggles.

“Bitch put mouth on big dick?” Matt says in a low, growly voice that makes Chrissy laugh.

But Matt’s too horny to play along.

“Enough games, you dumb whore!” Matt says and pushes Chrissy down. With a strong grip, he pinches Chrissy’s jaws open and stuffs his huge, hard cock in, gagging and shutting up his wife. “Yeah, choke on that big dick… Just like that.”

Matt grins when he feels saliva building up inside Chrissy’s mouth, making the face-rape sloppier. He moans with each thrust as he firmly holds Chrissy’s head.

“You like it when I skullfuck you, huh? Fuckin’ faggot. Fuckin’ fashion liberal sissy faggot chokin’ on my cowboy dick. Not as big as those horse dicks you sucked off but you still love my cock, dontcha, you nasty lib whore? Yeah, worship that big dick.”

As much as he loves Chrissy, Matt’s feeling aggressive, and tonight, Chrissy’s mouth and cunt will just have to take his abuse.

When he feels Chrissy’s getting used to his girth and length, Matt pushes his dick all the way in, scratching his wife’s nose with his pubic hair, pressing her chin against his full, bull balls. He holds Chrissy like that for a while, until the bitch needs to breathe and starts to frantically push against his muscular thighs.

Matt lets go of Chrissy’s head and laughs as his wife gasps for air. He then grabs a fistful of Chrissy’s pink hair and shoves his big cock in Chrissy’s mouth and throat again, repeating the abuse.

By the time Matt’s finished, Chrissy’s face is wet with a mix of tears, spit, and snot. Matt grabs his phone and takes a quick photo.

“Something for the skank scrapbook,” he laughs. “Now get Red Rocket. You’re gonna suck on it while I work on your cunt.”

Matt takes off the bag. He whistles as his faggot slut hurries and scrambles to fetch the dildo, admiring Chrissy’s jiggling ass.

“On your back, whore!” Matt says when Chrissy returns to the bed. “Start suckin’ that dog dick.”

Matt pushes Chrissy’s legs up, exposing his wife’s cunt. He takes a deep breath and savors the scent as he takes in the view. The winking hole is wet and glistening with sweat. Matt spits on it, leaving a long trail of saliva. He can hear Chrissy’s muffled moans as his wife sucks on the huge dildo shaped like a dog cock.

Chrissy starts squirming as soon as Matt’s long tongue touches his cunt. Encouraged by Chrissy’s reaction, Matt latches his mouth on Chrissy’s pussy, lapping and flicking his tongue, giving the hole and its perimeter tiny kisses. When Chrissy’s hole starts to loosen, Matt inserts his strong tongue inside the slut’s cunt, sliding it in and out, in and out. He holds Chrissy’s thighs as the sissy bitch thrashes in pleasure.

After a long while of tonguing action, Matt crawls up to Chrissy, grinning as he sees the huge red dildo halfway down his wife’s throat. He pulls the dildo out and gives Chrissy a sloppy wet kiss, forcing Chrissy to taste and smell his spit and Chrissy’s own cunt juice and sweat.

Unable to hold for longer, Matt grabs the lube by the bed and squirts it generously on his huge dick and Chrissy’s now gaping pussy.

“Put that dog dick back in your mouth, bitch!” Matt says.

As Chrissy resumes sucking on the dildo, Matt lines up his cock along his wife’s cunthole. Without warning, he shoves the full length of his huge dick all the way in. He chuckles as he holds the base of the dildo so it muffles Chrissy’s cries.

“Fuuuuuck, yeah… Fuck, your cunt’s so warm and juicy, babydoll.”

Matt spits on Chrissy’s tiny, hard dicklet. “Flick that sissy clit, faggot!”

Matt stays there for a while, letting Chrissy adjust to the invading hard flesh. Underneath him, Chrissy’s face glistens with sweat, spit, and snot. Tears drip down his face. Matt grabs his phone.

“Suck that dog dick, bitch!” Matt says and starts filming. “Yeah, just like that. Fuckin’ nasty zoo slut. You like dog dicks, dontcha, sissy slut? Dontcha? Hey! Answer me, dumb whore!”

Matt forcefully removes the dildo from Chrissy’s mouth.

“Yes, Master,” Chrissy says, almost breathlessly. The huge red dildo wet with his spit.

“Into the camera, you dumb fuckin’ skank!”

Chrissy looks into the camera with tears streaming down. “I love dog dicks! I fuckin’ love to suck dog dicks. I love to be fucked by dogs and get knotted by dogs and swallow dog cum!”

Matt laughs. “Good girl. Gonna send this to Master Wade and Master Gar. You don’t mind, do you, bitch?”

Chrissy shakes his head no as he continues to suck on the dildo.

“S’what I thought,” Matt says. “You like it when men and dogs rape you, yeah? You love being their cumdump? My prissy princess is a cumdump whore. Fuck, I’m so lucky to have you! You know how lucky I am? Yeah. Keep suckin’ that dog dick, bitch!”

Matt continues filming his wife, zooming in on Chrissy sucking on the dog cock, then panning down to show Chrissy jerking off his dicklet, and then lower still to his cunt being pummeled by Matt’s huge dick. Matt makes sure to film every bit of detail of the rape so he can share the video later with his two best friends.

Soon, the inevitable happens.

Matt’s been horny all day and the combination of the intense fucking, the sloppiness of Chrissy’s cunt, and the way his whore of a wife looks as he sucks on the dog dick dildo brings him over the edge.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I’m cummin’, babydoll! Fuuuuuuck,” Matt says, almost screaming. With one final thrust, he pumps his seed deep inside Chrissy’s pussy. “Fuuuck, take my load, bitch! Take my fuckin’ load you dog-cock-suckin’ zoo faggot whore!”

As he cums, he sees Chrissy squirming underneath him and feels the faggot’s cunt tightening around his huge pumping dick. The whore’s hand is a blur as he jerks off his dicklet. The dog dick dildo is still lodged in his mouth.

Matt aims his camera to capture his wife flicking his clit.

“That’s it, bitch. Jerk that sad, tiny dick. Feel your Master’s seed filling your sloppy dog-lovin’ liberal whore cunt as you suck that dog cock. You wish you had a real dog dick in your mouth right now, dontcha, slut? Betcha want a real dog dick pumpin’ his dog fuck down your faggot throat, dontcha? We should get you a horse cock dildo too. Open up that cunt nice and wide so you can get fucked by horses and donkeys. Yeah. You’d like that, wouldntcha, you fuckin zoo faggot slut? Bet Billy sells a horse dick dildo.”

Chrissy’s body starts to convulse and Matt directs his phone at the tiny dicklet, right before the bitch’s small dick begins to spew squirt after squirt after squirt of hot, white cum. Chrissy shoots so hard he hits his own face.

“Fuuuuck!” Matt says. “Yeah! Lookit that! You make Daddy so proud, my fuckin’ cumdump whore.”

Matt violently slides his still-hard dick out of Chrissy’s sloppy cunt and laughs as he hears his wife queefs. Without stopping to film, he presents his glistening cock in front of Chrissy’s face. Chrissy immediately removes the dog dick dildo from his mouth and begins to suck Matt’s huge cock.

Matt scoops up Chrissy’s cum from his wife’s tits and abs and smears it on his dick.

“Fuckin’ cum lover. You fuckin’ love the taste of your own cuntjuice, huh? Fuck, what a nasty, sissy whore. Yeah, clean that dick, faggot!”

Satisfied with the clean-up job, Matt grins and stops filming. He pulls his sweatpants, opens the room lighting controller app on his phone, and dims the lights before taking Chrissy in his arms.

He can hear their breathing becoming calmer and calmer and he lets the quietness of the room envelop them.

“I love you, princess. Sorry if I was too rough on ya.” Matt gives tiny kisses on Chrissy’s forehead.

“You weren’t, Daddy,” Chrissy says. His voice is sweet, almost purring.

“You sure?”

Matt can feel Chrissy’s arms around him as the smaller man holds him tighter.

“I’m sure I’m sure, Daddy. I really love it when you’re rough like that. And talk like that.”

“Fuckin’ nasty sissy slut,” Matt rubs his hand in Chrissy’s jizz on his wife’s titties and abs, playing with the sticky white liquid. He wipes his hand, wet with Chrissy’s cum, on Chrissy’s face. Chrissy giggles and lazily licks and sucks Matt’s fingers and palm clean.

“You know what’s funny?” Chrissy says as he finishes cleaning Matt’s fingers with his tongue.

“What, princess?”

“You’re a liberal too, but it’s hot when you’re aggressive with me with your cowboy accent and using it as a slur.”

Matt laughs. “Deep down, I’m always gonna be a redneck.”

“You’re my redneck cowboy daddy.”

“I love you, babydoll,” he smiles and kisses Chrissy’s forehead. “You’re my perfect girl. I’m such a lucky guy to have you.”

Chrissy giggles. “I love you so much, Daddy. And I’m a lucky girl to have a perfect man like you.”

Chrissy nestles in Matt’s muscular arms, his head resting on Matt’s huge pecs. Matt can hear his wife’s breathing steadying down. The poor slut must be exhausted.

Matt kisses Chrissy’s head. His mind wanders off as he fantasizes about the various men, dogs, horses, and donkeys, taking turns raping Chrissy, using his wife’s mouth, cunt, and hands. A while back at Folsom, Gar did ask to see a private show of Chrissy servicing Wade’s rottweiler Thor, and Matt and Wade are eager to fulfill it.

Matt’s dick stirs again, but he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep with a huge smile on his face.

Full set:

BTS Thoughts:

During my bout with severe major depression that lasted from the end of December 2023 till about mid January, this setup with Matt and Chrissy was the one that just sat languishing for weeks. It’d be an understatement to say I’m glad I was finally able to break out of my debilitating depression and complete this one.

The initial drafts of the story were super raunchy and I feel that after outing Chrissy’s, well, more niched sexual appetite, in that Folsom Fair Fun story, I should continue the theme. But I’ll be sure to put it in the warning section.

However, days before I posted this, I decided that Chrissy’d be looking at the March 5 election candidates instead of working on the website design for Wade’s sanctuary ranch.

The paintings above Matt and Chrissy’s bed are by George Quaintance. “Sunrise” on the left and “Sunset” on the right. The twin paintings are both from 1953. They’re a nod to Matt’s cowboy heritage and my history with Quaintance.

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