It’s the evening before Christmas. Matt comes home to find Chrissy wrapping Christmas presents. He smiles and thinks about yelling, “Busted!” to surprise Chrissy but decides not to since he also just walked in the door with his Christmas present.

Yeah, they’re both procrastinators.

They’re also too lazy to put up a Christmas tree and decorations. Plus the cats would pull the tree down anyway. So, they place the presents on the floor, in front of the framed photos of their 2022 adventures.

Want to see what the boys give to each other? All will be revealed in a few hours!

Also, it’s 72 degrees in Southern California. That’s why Matt’s in a t-shirt and Chrissy’s in his usual skimpy outfit.

Ah, Christmas. Appropriated from Paganism, it now serves as the time of year that highlights peak consumerism and waste. In 2019, Americans spent around USD 15.2 billion on unwanted holiday gifts and 4% ended up in the trash

We hope that’s not the case with Matt and Chrissy.

From Chrissy to Matt:

🎁A handmade red apron so Matt can bake them more cakes and cookies.

🎁A used smartwatch to replace Matt’s broken gold analog watch.

From Matt to Chrissy:

🎁A used Star bag from Stella McCartney with a Hello Kitty x Wonder Woman keychain.

Matt always wanted to give a luxury product to Chrissy but most luxury products aren’t vegan. One of the few trusted vegan luxury houses is Stella McCartney. He knows how much Chrissy loves stars, so Matt found the perfect purse for his fiance. He’d saved so long for this purchase he hopes Chrissy will love it.

Enjoy your festivities, everyone! Gift responsibly.

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