On this Labor Day, we’re paying homage to blue-collar workers everywhere.

Matt is a construction supervisor for BILT. The company plans, designs, and builds eco-friendly houses and buildings. He’s worked there for 25 years now, since he was eighteen (that’s right, he’s in his 40s).

He first started as a construction worker and then slowly worked his way up the ladder. Now he even owns a large share of the company.

Oh, and this photoshoot is a retelling of how Matt and Chrissy met in 2017, although some details have been changed.

It was a hot day in downtown Los Angeles, and of course, Chrissy, being the slut that he is, wore the tiniest, skankiest pair of shorts. He was texting on the sidewalk when a car honked, startling him and making him drop his phone.

In this series of pics, Matt is all over Chrissy faster than the Shinkansen, but what really happened was Matt picked up Chrissy’s phone and handed it back to him. That was it.

“He smiled, said thanks, and walked away,” Matt said. “I could see that tight, cute butt jiggling inside those shorts.”

Matt thought it was the last time he’d see Chrissy, but much to his delight, Chrissy walked past the construction site the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Then finally, on the eighth day, one day before the construction job was finished, Matt mustered the courage to strike up a conversation with Chrissy.

“I said, ‘Hot day, huh?’ and he just smiled and continued walking and I felt like a complete idiot,” Matt said. “My coworkers were laughing and hollering at me.”

“But a few minutes later, he came back with the coldest, tallest bottle of water and handed it to me. And right then and there I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.”

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