“Ugh, for fuck’s sake, Wade,” Takeshi rolls his eyes as he spots Aubrey at Gar’s gym.

“Come on, Takeshi-chan, be nice,” Matt smiles at his friend. “It’s not Wade’s fault.”

Takeshi sighs. He’s given up on telling the boys that the only person who can call him “Takeshi-chan” is his boyfriend, Manuel.

“I’m not blaming him, Matt. I know Aubrey and he’s using Wade. Wade’s like a puppy. Always so… trusting and wanting to do good. Aubrey’s the type of person who walks all over people, even the ones who treat him like shit. He’s gonna bulldoze Wade, if he hasn’t done that already. Where’s Wade anyway?”

The two men watch as Aubrey tries to lift a kettlebell.

“That kid’s gonna hurt himself,” Matt says as he texts Wade.

“I know. I don’t want him hurt,” Takeshi says. “Wait, Wade’s not a kid. I mean, he’s stunted but…”

“No, not Wade, you dumdum. Aubrey.”

“Oh, who cares?”

“I was only thinking of the lawsuit,” Matt winces as Aubrey almost falls over.

“Tell me about it,” Takeshi said. “The Ashfords sued my dad. Didn’t win, of course. Their lawyers were so much more expensive but even they knew the case was a dud. “

“Aubrey’s parents sued your dad? Aren’t they friends?”

“That’s what we thought too. My dad was livid. We stopped vacationing with them soon after. I was glad we did. Couldn’t take all the bullying.”

Matt’s phone beeps.

“Wade’s not coming. He decided to go jog with Thor instead.” Matt holds up his phone and shows Takeshi the pic Wade sent of him and Thor.

“Aw, that’s cute,” Takeshi says. “Where’s Chrissy? Circuit class is about to start.”

“He’s in the locker room. I don’t get one thing, though,” Matt says. “That kid has really bad form. Like, how does he get those muscles?”

“Silicone? Geez, Matt, how long have you lived in LA? I mean, I know those lips didn’t use to look like that.”

Matt looks at Aubrey’s lips. They’re… kissable? An image of Aubrey’s lips wrapping around his dick flashes in his mind. Matt shakes his head.

“Matt?” Takeshi says.

He doesn’t normally go for men with long hair, but there’s something about him. He swallows hard when Aubrey does a squat. Matt’s dick stirs as he imagines Aubrey’s ass lowering down to his mouth. Matt shakes his head again.

“Matt? Hello? Oh, dude, no, not you too.”

“Not me too, what?”

“You wanna fuck Aubrey Ashford.”

“No, I don’t!” Matt says. “I mean… Maybe? But seriously, he’s gonna hurt himself.”

“Look, I know he’s hot, if you like that fake Justin Jedlica Botched look, but it’s not worth it. You might end up losing Chr… Hey, Matt, where’re you going?”

Before Takeshi can stop Matt, he’s already walking toward Aubrey.

“Ugh, fuck, this isn’t gonna end well,” Takeshi says.

“Hey,” Matt smiles at Aubrey. “You need help?”

Aubrey scoffs. “Took you long enough.”

Matt laughs nervously. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I saw you checking me out. Didn’t Takeshi warn you about me?”

Matt clears his throat. “Uh… Y… yeah, he, uh… he did. But I saw you struggling with the kettlebell and I thought…”

“Are you a trainer?”

“No, but…”

“I only work with trainers.”

“I’m not asking to be paid, I just…”

“Just what? Trying to cop a feel?”

Matt’s eyes widen. This kid! Who does he think he is? Matt grits his teeth behind his lips. He can hear Chrissy’s voice in his head, telling Matt to find his happy place whenever he feels overwhelmed. So he finds his happy place. He imagines Chrissy’s arms cradling his head, one of the cats in his lap, watching a classic movie in their living room.

“Listen,” Matt tries to explain as calmly as possible, “when I first started working out, I went from zero to sixty, lifting the heaviest weight in the room to impress the boys. I wish I’d had someone tell me to start small and that my form sucked.

“I spent years trying to correct it and I was lucky I didn’t injure myself too badly. That kettlebell is too heavy for you and you shouldn’t care if someone’s watching you lift a ‘beginner’s’ weight.”

Matt grabs the kettlebell from Aubrey’s hand. To his surprise, Aubrey doesn’t refuse. He switches it with another one, lighter this time.

“Here,” Matt says. “Try this.”

Aubrey takes the kettlebell. But then looks back at him.

At first, Matt doesn’t understand, but then he realizes Aubrey doesn’t know what exercise he needs to do.

“Do you want a full body or just glutes and legs today?”

“I’m not… I’m not sure.”

“Okay, well, let’s try the easiest kettlebell exercise. Grab the handle, wide stance, squat a bit, and swing the kettlebell between your legs, squeeze your glutes as it comes up.”

Matt stands beside Aubrey and demonstrates.

“Like this?” Aubrey says as he swings the kettlebell.

“Yeah, but keep your back straight and don’t lift your chin too high. Imagine you’re holding an apple under your chin and you don’t want to drop it.”

Aubrey swings, squats, and stands straight.

“Better,” Matt says, “but really feel it in your glutes and tighten your core to protect your lumbar.”

“What’s a ‘lumbar?'”

“This,” Matt instinctively touches Aubrey’s lower back but quickly withdraws his hand. “Oh, shit, sorry. I should’ve asked if you were comfortable with tactile assistance.”

Matt’s bracing for another round of Aubrey’s acidic retort, but Aubrey lets out a laugh. “And you said you didn’t want to cop a feel.”

Matt smiles, relieved. “I never said that.”

Matt’s smile grows wider as he catches Aubrey’s surprised face. Has he just disarmed the kid?

“Glad you didn’t,” Aubrey smiles back without missing a beat. “Could you help me with my core too? Make sure it’s uh… tight?”

Matt swallows hard again. Despite his and Chrissy’s open relationship, Matt’s been monogamous lately even when so many boys at the gym hit on him constantly. Actually, ever since he’s been with Chrissy, he no longer wants to fuck other men.

But Aubrey… He definitely wants to fuck Aubrey. He gingerly places his hand on Aubrey’s abs, wishing he could touch the long-haired young man’s skin instead of his shirt.

“Takeshi-chan!” Chrissy says as he walks into the gym. He’s super excited for tonight’s circuit class with Sven. Work has been uninspiring lately. He needs a release and Takeshi’s promised he would be Chrissy’s sparring partner tonight.

“There you are, pumpkin, whoa,” Takeshi says, savoring the view of Chrissy. The cropped top hangs loose and exposes Chrissy’s titties and hard nips and everyone can see the outline of Chrissy’s tiny dick displayed lewdly from within the short shorts.

“You like?” Chrissy giggles.

Takeshi clears his throat. “Y… yeah. Umm… If I were you, I’d break that off right now before class starts.”

“Break what off?”

Takeshi points at Matt and Aubrey with his chin.

“Ooh, who’s that sexy vampire?”

“Damn right he’s a vampire. Fuckin’ bloodsucker. He’s full of poison. Like a viper.”

Chrissy giggles. “Takeshi-chan, vipers aren’t poisonous. They’re venomous.”

“That’s beside the point. Look, I’ll tell you all about Aubrey, but you need to stop whatever’s going on there. Like, right now.”

“Why? I wouldn’t mind if Matt fucked that guy.”

“Babe, please just trust me.”

“Ugh, fine. I need to say hi to Matt anyway,” Chrissy says and walks over to Matt and Aubrey.

Takeshi clicks his tongue as he admires Chrissy’s butt jiggling away in those slutty short shorts. He remembers that interview Chrissy did with Manuel where both his boyfriend and Chrissy admit they want to have sex with each other. Maybe he can get them to do a threesome with him?

“Nah,” Takeshi shakes his head. Whatever Chrissy and he had years ago was over. Still, though, sometimes when Manuel’s not there to take his dick, Takeshi jerks off thinking about breeding Chrissy’s cunt the way he used to do when they were still dating.

So, maybe?

Much to his surprise, Matt finds Aubrey witty and funny and even… charming? And he can’t take his eyes off Aubrey, especially the way his pierced nipple peeks through the muscle tank. Matt wants to lick, suck, and bite Aubrey’s nipples and kiss Aubrey’s full lips. He wants Aubrey’s mouth to wrap around his dick before he fucks and breeds Aubrey’s hole.

“Hey, Mister,” Chrissy says, jolting Matt out of his daydream.

“Babe!” Matt says, wincing as he realizes he sounds too enthusiastic, as though he were caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. “Babydoll, this is Aubrey. Aubrey, Chrissy.”

“Your ‘wife,'” Aubrey says and shakes Chrissy’s hand. He looks at Chrissy from top to bottom. He’s seen Chrissy in the photos on Wade’s desk at the office, but he’s still not ready for the whole visual aesthetics. What’s the theme here? An 80s skank?

“Wife?” Chrissy says.

“Oh, yeah, we met in the locker room the other day and I referred to you as my ‘wife’ and Aubrey and I had a little… discussion about it.”

Chrissy feels uncomfortable with the way Aubrey looks at him. He can tell Aubrey’s judging him and he suddenly feels self-conscious. But he just laughs it off, as usual.

“We were just talking about you,” Matt puts his arm around Chrissy’s waist. He knows Chrissy wouldn’t mind if he fucked Aubrey but he still feels as though he were cheating on his fiancé just by fantasizing about it. “Aubrey asked me where I got my shirt. I told him you made it.”

“I got a Silhouette machine from Craigslist. Best investment ever.”

“Silhouette?” Aubrey says. “From Craigslist?”

“It’s a thing that cuts out a design. I use it on vinyl heat transfers for stuff like t-shirts, bags, pillows. That amazing hummingbird graphic on your shirt was most likely cut with one of those.”

“This is from Bergdorf Goodman. I doubt they used a… ‘Silhouette’ to make this shirt.”

Chrissy’s slightly taken aback by Aubrey’s snide remark, but he just smiles. “Maybe not. But I doubt they paid their workers to cut out the print by hand.”

“And ‘Feeling old by twenty-one?'” Aubrey says as he looks at Chrissy’s cropped top. Seriously, what does Matt see in this old slut?

“It’s from Tori Amos,” Chrissy says. “Her sixtieth birthday’s today. It’s unbelievable. Like, it feels like only yesterday I first saw her ‘Jackie’s Strength’ video and fell in love with her.”

Aubrey forces a smile. Does this shrill fag always overshare?

“I never listen to her.”

“Oh, she’s amazing,” Matt says. “Tori music’s one of the first things Chrissy introduced me to.”

“Tori, Alanis, Aimee, Fiona, Joni, Tracy…” Chrissy says.

“Who?” Aubrey says.

“Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman,” Matt says. “You never heard of them? Not even Alanis?”

Aubrey shakes his head. He doesn’t know any of these people. But Matt seems to like them. So, maybe…

“Maybe you can let me listen to them sometime?” Aubrey looks at Matt.

“Oh, I’d love to!” Chrissy says.

Aubrey almost snaps. He didn’t ask Chrissy. He asked Matt. What the fuck’s wrong with this skank? But Aubrey knows lashing out at Chrissy will most likely cross out whatever chance he has of having sex with Matt, so he just turns to look at Chrissy and musters a smile.

Chrissy recognizes that smile. He’s seen it many times. That’s the smile someone makes when they’re telling him off. “Well, anyway, I’m late for class, see you at home?” Chrissy looks at Matt.

Aubrey has to compose himself when Matt kisses Chrissy again. Takeshi’s probably watching them and he can’t let anyone, least of all Takeshi, know his little growing obsession with Matt.

“See you at home, babe,” Matt says. “Love you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Aubrey! Let Matt know if you need anything. He practically owns the place.”

“Oh, I will,” Aubrey grins. “You don’t have to tell me twice. Bye.”

Chrissy winces when he turns around and both Matt and Aubrey can no longer see his face. There’s something so malicious and predatorial about Aubrey’s grin. A feeling of dread creeps up his spine and he shudders.

“Well?” Takeshi says as Chrissy walks up to him. He reaches around and places his hand around Chrissy’s naked waist. Chrissy doesn’t flinch or seem to mind.

“Hey, you okay, pumpkin?” Takeshi lowers his hand and starts gently rubbing Chrissy’s butt, making small circles on the plump ass. He wishes he could reach inside those slutty short shorts and finger Chrissy’s cunt. He can feel his dick stirring inside his own shorts.

“I… I don’t know… He looked at me funny? A bit of a snob, aloof, but… I don’t know. First impressions can be misleading.”

Takeshi sighs. “You’re right. You haven’t seen the real Aubrey Ashford. He’s more toxic than Botox. And before you fact-check me again, I did look up the most toxic substance on earth.”

Chrissy giggles. Takeshi’s too serious to know how hilarious he actually is. Chrissy can feel the sudden stress after meeting Aubrey melting away.

“I always like the way you giggle.”

“Aw, Takeshi-chan. Thanks. But I get that some people find it annoying.”

“People… like Aubrey?”

“I mean, the way he looked at me. Like I’m gross or something.”

“Pumpkin, you’re the sexiest thing in this gym. And I’m only saying it because Manu’s not here. If he were, you’d be the second sexiest!”

Chrissy chuckles. “Manuel’s definitely sexier!”

Takeshi and Chrissy observe Matt and Aubrey for a few moments before Chrissy grabs Takeshi’s arm and pulls him up.

“Well, you can tell me all about him after class,” Chrissy pushes him inside the circuit room, laughing when he hears Takeshi groan.

BTS Thoughts

Chrissy’s shoes are from Mini Times. The original feet that came with the shoes were too loose, so I switched them to Phicen feet and they work great.

August 22 of this year is Tori Amos’s sixtieth birthday. I was going to have Chrissy wear a different cropped top but decided to make another one that’s Tori-focused. “Feeling old by twenty-one” is a line from “Jackie’s Strength,” the first Tori video I saw decades ago, and the one that started my obsession with her.

This is the second Tori top I made for Chrissy. The first one was To Venus and Back which Chrissy wears in the Grieving and Prepping Pride posts.

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