“You look like you’re going to a hoedown,” Chrissy says as he looks at Matt. To honor his ranch upbringing roots, Matt decides to wear a more formal Western attire.

Matt chuckles. “The only ho I’m going down on when we get home is you, babydoll,” he says without missing a beat.

Chrissy’s face turns red and he tries to hide it by applying cherry lip gloss. He can’t believe he walked right into that one. But Matt just grins. Chrissy always has to have the last word, so Matt cherishes moments like this when he manages to outwit his fiancΓ©. 

“You look real pretty,” Matt says as he wraps his arms around Chrissy. Tonight, he wears a custom wrap gown in gold. Asymmetrical cut, strapless, with a mermaid-esque bottom. They rarely go to weddings, and don’t really own formal wear. But Chrissy has always wanted to wear a gown and Matt loves seeing Chrissy all made-up and gorgeous in dresses.

Suddenly, Matt flips open the top of Chrissy’s dress.

“Matt!” Chrissy says. “It took me forever to get ready!”

Matt doesn’t care. He kisses and licks Chrissy’s neck and pinches his exposed nipples. Chrissy tries to get the top of his gown back on but Matt’s too strong. With one hand, he grabs both Chrissy’s wrists and flicks and pinches Chrissy’s nipples with the other. He grins as he hears Chrissy starts to moan.

“This little nipple is mine,” Matt says as he pinches Chrissy’s left nipple. He moves his hand to caress and pinch Chrissy’s other nipple. “And this one, this one’s also mine.”

“We need to go,” Chrissy says between giggles and moans. “We’re late.”

“When we get married, will you take my last name?” Matt finally lets go of Chrissy’s wrists.

“Only if you take mine.”

“Whuh? How does that work?”

Chrissy fixes the top of his dress. “Well, I’ll be Christopher Edward Fields-Forrester and you’ll be Matthew Gabriel Forrester-Fields.”

“I like that,” Matt kisses Chrissy. “That sounds mighty nice, Mr. Fields-Forrester.”

“I like it when you set your Southern drawl loose, Mr. Forrester-Fields.”

Matt growls and begins sucking Chrissy’s neck.

“Matt, no hickeys, please…”

“Aw, but you love it when I give you them.”

“I do, but please not tonight. It’ll take forever to hide them.”

“Ugh, fine. You’re not wearing anything underneath that dress, right?”


“Take it off, please.”

“But, Daddy,” Chrissy says.

“I want you to be completely naked underneath that dress.”

Chrissy pouts but relents and lifts up the skirt of his dress.

“That’s my girl,” Matt grabs and slaps Chrissy’s naked butt. He watches Chrissy take off his underwear β€” a black thong β€” and throw it to Matt.

Matt catches Chrissy’s thong, and chuckles. “I like it but yeah, naked is better.”

Chrissy giggles and fixes his skirt. “What’s wrong with you? You’re super frisky tonight.”

“Can’t help it, babydoll,” Matt puts Chrissy’s thong to his face, inhales deep, and exhales. He’s a wide smile on his face. “Seeing you in that gown just… just makes me wanna pound you.”

“Maybe I should wear a dress more often.”

“Maybe you should. You about ready?”

“I mean, I was almost ready before you started molesting me.”

Matt chuckles and throws his hands up. “Fine, fine… You do your thing. I promise I’ll behave tonight.”

Chrissy grabs Matt’s hand as he’s about to leave their bedroom.

“I love you, Matthew Gabriel Forrester.”

“And I love you, Christopher Edward Fields. Forever.”

Chrissy loves kissing Matt. Of all the boyfriends, of all the people he thought he’d been in love with, Matt is the most kissable. And he has a feeling tonight Matt will be covered in cherry lip gloss.

I had so much fun creating Chrissy’s gown. I knew I needed something quick and dirty and yet still looks super sexy and glamorous. And the gold, wrap gown fit the bill. I also added a wired chiffon shawl for that dynamic effect, a rhinestoned headpiece, and multiple pieces of jewelry, including a gold choker from Barbie (that’s actually just one solid piece of plastic), a Fashion Royalty bracelet, and a modified Fashion Royalty necklace.

Matt’s ensemble is an online purchase (different sets), and I made a gold bolo tie for him.

Happy World Marriage Day/National Freedom to Marry Day!

This photo set is for Jimi and Seth’s wedding hosted by @dalidharma on Instagram. Congrats, you crazy kids. May your new life together be filled with love, patience, and understanding.

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