WARNING: Crude language and suggestions of bestiality.

Matt, Wade, Gar, and Chrissy just wrapped their Tom of Finland photoshoot and Matt’s waiting for Chrissy to get clean up and get dressed.

“So, Matt, whatcha think of the whole SM scene?” Wade says.

“I love it,” Matt says. “I can get used to this.”

“Chrissy’s a sub, right?”

“Yeah. He’s actually more experienced in fetish than I am. I was super vanilla before I met him.” Matt towels the sweat off his naked skin. “I mean, seeing him lick the sole of your boot really made me hard, man.”

Wade smiles. “Ya know, you and your girl could take it even further by doing puppy play,” he says.

One time, Wade caught Chrissy reading up on it when he got out of the shower after they fucked. Chrissy asked Wade about it and Wade said if he were to be someone’s puppy, he should be Matt’s. Chrissy agreed and Wade has been trying to work it into a conversation with Matt ever since. But the only interaction he and Matt had was at the gym. And Wade was always too busy making passes at guys and fucking them in the locker room while Matt focused on pumping iron and listening to podcasts.

Now’s the perfect time to rope Matt in his scheme and truly show him the extent of Chrissy’s sluttiness.

“Puppy play?”

“Technically puppies don’t need to be a sub, but most pups are subs. Or at least brats.”

“How does it work?” Matt says.

“You ever had a dog?”

“When I was a kid, yeah.”

“Well, Chrissy’s obviously the sub sissy faggot so he’ll be the bitch, and we both know he loves being a faggot whore,” Wade says.

Matt catches the smirk and he feels a twinge of jealousy. He knows Wade had been fucking Chrissy before Matt even met Chrissy. Plus, Matt and Chrissy’s open relationship means Wade can continue to fuck Chrissy. Matt can’t help but feel a bit threatened when he realizes Wade and Chrissy’s sexual history is deeper than his and Chrissy’s.

“Your pup would entrust his life in your hands.” Wade continues. “He’d love you and cherish you and be excited and happy to see you. At the same time, he’d be raw and primal and uninhibited because, well, he’s a dog. Or in Chrissy’s case, a bitch.”

“That’s hot.”

“Really hot. Have you talked to your girl about this?”

“We’ve done some BDSM stuff,” Matt says. “Just not puppy play. Do you think we should? Even when he’s more experienced in the scene, he can get pretty uptight about things and sometimes I need to convince him to push the boundaries. Most of the times, he ended up really loving it.”

Wade smiles. Chrissy? Uptight? That sissy whore pretty much does whatever Wade tells him to do. Wade understands that Chrissy’s hesitant to let Matt know the fullest extent of his depravity because Chrissy fears it might turn Matt off. Wade wants to change that. He decides to ease Matt in on Chrissy’s level of faggot debauchery.

“Consent is essential, especially in BDSM,” Wade says. “I can tell Chrissy gets off on public humiliation and taboo subjects.”

“He sure does,” Matt says. “I mean, he sometimes acts like he doesn’t, but he does.”

“We all know he does. And that’s great. He has the true making of a true whore. I mean, he dresses like a skank anyway, even in winter. You okay with him dressing up like a slut?”

“I do like him wearing as little as possible, and seeing him getting the attention makes me super hard. And he knows it. He knows he’ll get his pussy pounded when we get home.”

“I really envy you, buddy,” Wade says. “Chrissy’s been fucked by a lot of guys, and I mean a lot, and in our time together, he always puts you first. And man, the way he looks at you? I wish I could get someone like that.”

“Aw, thanks, man. Yeah, I’m really lucky to have him.”

“Well, like I said, Chrissy loves to be treated like a whore. And he enjoys getting dicked by dogs, so I’m sure puppy play will come naturally to him.”

“He… he what now?” Matt says.

“Uh, I mean he loves getting dicked by HORNdogs,” Wade quickly says. He can’t read Matt’s facial expression and can’t tell if Matt’s repulsed or turned on by this little bit of information about Chrissy.

“So, tell you what,” Wade continues, “I’ll email you some literature about puppy play that you can go over with your sissy bitch. Does she have a harness and a collar?”


“Cool. Puppy gloves or pads?”

“Uh, we have knee pads but not puppy gloves.”

“I’ll lend you the puppy gloves. Tail butt plug? Puppy mask and hood?”

“Just regular butt plugs,” Matt says. “No puppy hood.”

“No worries, no worries,” Wade says. “My previous pup left me his butt plug. And we can deal with the puppy mask later. Me, I’m not really a fan. I know it’s a thing and it elevates the fantasy, but Chrissy’s a hot slut with a cute mug and I’d rather see his face when he’s getting dicked. Besides, that means easy access to his mouth, right?”

“You had a pup?”

“Used to. I had three one time. Jason, Ahmed, and D’shawn. Jason and Ahmed got married and moved to Brazil. D’shawn moved back to New York. And my last one had to move back to Chicago a few months ago. So, right now, it’s only me and Thor.”


“My rottie,” Wade says. “Chrissy knows him.”

“He does? Chrissy hates big dogs.”

“Oh, trust me, buddy. Chrissy loves big dogs, especially Thor. And Thor loves Chrissy too. Thor’s really sweet and he’s big, you know, down there. But not as big as you or me. I’ve seen you in the shower, man. Chrissy can definitely accommodate Thor.”

Wade smiles when he says all of this but he still can’t read Matt’s facial expression so he surreptitiously glances down at Matt’s crotch. He notices a big bulge tenting in Matt’s crotch and Wade starts to get hard too as he thinks of Chrissy’s lips wrapping around Matt’s cock as his own plunges into Chrissy’s cunt.

“Accommodate Thor?”

“Oops, look at the time. I gotta get back to the ranch. I’ll email you, buddy. It was great seeing you and your bitch today. She’s really something.”

“Oh, okay. See you around,” Matt says.

Matt can’t shake off the weird tingle he feels every time Wade calls Chrissy a bitch or a slut. They’ve just finished a shoot where he, Wade, and Gar basically raped Chrissy and Chrissy loved it so much he jizzed all over the floor. Wade definitely gets off on calling Chrissy names and Matt knows Chrissy loves it.

And all the talk about Thor. How did Chrissy even know Thor?

What’s Wade trying to say? That Chrissy and Thor… No, that’s… impossible. Chrissy loves cocks and being humiliated, but surely he hasn’t been fucked by dogs? Or sucked dog cocks? Matt doesn’t know how feels about sharing his fiancé with dogs. And yet, his cock hardens at the thought. Should he ask Chrissy?

Just then, Chrissy walks in. “Hi, daddy! Ready to go?” He leaps into Matt’s muscular arms.

“Hi, hey, princess. You settled? Got your stuff?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Good girl. OK, let’s go.” Matt decides not to ask about Thor as he casually slips his hand inside Chrissy’s shorts and inserts two fingers inside Chrissy’s cunt, pressing his prostate. Chrissy moans and giggles as his tiny cock gets hard. With each step, Matt’s invading digits turns him more and he can’t wait to go home and get fucked properly by his fiancé.

Wade watches from behind as the couple walks out the door. If he plays his card right, he’s certain he’ll add so much spice into Matt and Chrissy’s sex life.

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