sits down with Manuel and Chrissy for an exclusive National Girlfriends Day interview.

Our two Dollsexposed residents share how they met, the things they love (and hate), and the secret to their long-lasting adult friendship.

This interview has been condensed for length clarity.

Dollsexposed: So, how did you two meet?

Manuel: It was at that cat shelter, right?

Chrissy: Yeah, eleven years ago.

Manuel: Holy shit, it’s been eleven years?

Chrissy: Yes, bitch, it has. We’re both old now. Well, older.

What made it click?

Manuel: We were both new volunteers. We’d seen each other at the shelter a few times. Like, you couldn’t miss Chrissy, not with that pink hair and those shorts that were almost always illegally short. We never really shared the same shift but one time, as I was leaving, I asked you about something.

Chrissy: Yeah, you wanted me to show you where you could get the cleaning supplies and I ended up giving you cleaning tips.

Manuel: And then you told me to fetch something from the closet and you kept saying, “Are you getting it now?”

Chrissy: And you replied, “Art thou getting it now, Mr. Krabs?”

Manuel: And we just burst out laughing.

Chrissy: It wasn’t even word-for-word how they said it on SpongeBob but the way you said it instantly clicked and we knew we were both into that show.

Manuel: And it just grew from there. Every time we saw each other, we’d talk about the movies and the books and do dueling SpongeBob quotes. But it was always either Chrissy was on his way out as I was coming in, or the opposite.

Chrissy: We asked the volunteer manager if we could have the same schedule. That didn’t happen. My shift mate’s schedule was even less flexible than ours and she was a better, more dedicated, more meticulous volunteer. Manuel and I were just there to do our tasks as fast as we could and then play with the kitties.

Manuel: But I asked for your number and we started hanging out, and here we are.

Chrissy: Eleven years later.

Manuel: Eleven. Stop saying that. Makes me feel old.

Was there an attraction?

Chrissy: Sexually? On my part, I have to say yes.

Manuel: At first, no. I mean, Chrissy’s too… out there for my taste. I want my men to be more subdued.

Chrissy: You mean “boring and masculine.”

Manuel: Well, yes and no. But I have to admit, at first, I didn’t understand what men saw in you.

Chrissy: ¡Ay, dios mío! Manuelita! The interview just started and you’re already throwing two shades to my face.

Manuel: No, hold up, I wasn’t done. I didn’t know what men saw in you, you know, past the pink hair and the slutty outfits, but you turned out to be one really intelligent bitch.

Chrissy: Shut up. I don’t have a STEM degree like you.

Manuel: Maybe not, but you’re super creative and once someone gets to know you and accepts your chaotic train of thought, they’ll find there’s clarity, intelligence, and dare I say, even a Zen way of looking at life in the way you think and do.

Chrissy: Oh. Nice save.

Manuel: I meant what I said.

Chrissy, what about Manuel that attracts you?

Chrissy: Tall guys are my number one weakness. But there’s something swishy about him and as soon as we talked, I knew he was a huge bottom like me.

Manuel: I’m a vers bottom.

Chrissy: Girl, you keep telling yourself that but we both know you haven’t topped in at least ten years.

Manuel: Hmm… Yeah, you’re right.

Chrissy: My point is, all my life, I feel like I’m only able to connect with other gays with that bottom energy, you know? Like, we’re on the same wavelength. And when I was younger, it drove me crazy because all my close friends were either girls or bottom gays. Most tops were too stupid or self-absorbed that they turned me off but also, as a bottom, I missed out on having sex with dumb hunks.

Manuel: Eh, you didn’t miss much.

Chrissy: Yeah, you might be right. But now, as I’m older, I’ve learned there really shouldn’t be anything to stop two, or three, or more bottoms to have sex with one another. Not when you have dildos.

Manuel: And double-ended dildos.

Chrissy: Ooh, yes.

Would you have sex with one another?

Chrissy: Definitely.

Manuel: Yeah, absolutely.

Have you had sex with one another?

Manuel: Not yet.

Chrissy: Sex can either be meaningless or meaningful. Random hook-ups can turn into lifelong relationships.

Manuel: That’s how you met Wade, right?

Chrissy: Yes. At a rest stop somewhere on the I-5.

Manuel: Hot.

Chrissy: Sex with strangers, it’s easy to put yourself in the frame of mind that it could go either way, especially if you don’t set up any expectations. If you don’t think about it after you have sex, then it’s meaningless. If you think about it or the other person thinks about it and then follows up, like texting you or whatever, and you both want to continue the relationship, then it becomes meaningful.

But in my mind when it’s someone I know and respect and love, like Manuel, then it has to be meaningful. Anything less than that would damage my view of that person and ultimately destroy my relationship with them. And I don’t want to lose Manuel. Not like that.

Manuel: Oh, Cee…

Chrissy: So, I don’t actively pursue it. But if the mood is right and everything feels right, then why not?

Manuel: I agree. See what I mean when I told you how intelligent Chrissy is even if it takes him forever to get to a point?

Chrissy: I know, I know, I’m verbose.

You’re both in a relationship, yes?

Manuel: Yeah. Takeshi and I just came out of the relationship closet. We’ve been together for a year now.

Chrissy: I matchmade them, bee-tee-dubs.

Manuel: Thank you, my fairy godmother.

Chrissy: Matt and I have been together for five years.

Manuel: And Wade? You, Matt, and Wade have this throuple vibe.

Chrissy: Wade knows I love him, but Matt is my guy. I think for a throuple or a healthy poly relationship to succeed, you have to share the same amount of love and sexual attraction for each other, which is almost impossible. No matter how much I love Wade, there’s a significant difference in the quality and quantity of my love for him versus my love for Matt.

Manuel: Sorry, Wade. We’ll get you a proper guy.

Chrissy: I don’t get it, though. He’s super eligible. He keeps complaining about being single, yet he always refuses to go on dates.

Manuel: Bitch, he’s clearly super in love with you. It’s crazy how anyone can see that but you.

Chrissy: Nah.

Manuel: (Exasperated groan)

What’s the secret to adult friendship? Do you have to agree on everything?

Chrissy: It’s true that as we age, we tend to not make friends as easily or as meaningful or as long-lasting as when we were younger.

Manuel: Group activity helps. I didn’t expect to make friends when I volunteered at the cat shelter.

Chrissy: Matt and Wade became friends at the gym too.

Manuel: Oh, right. That’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

Chrissy: So weird. And so kismet.

Manuel: Also friend of a friend. Like, it’s now a big circle of friends.

Chrissy: Well, not that big.

Manuel: Five of us? You, me, Takeshi-chan, Matt, Wade.

Chrissy: And that’s probably enough for now.

Manuel: Agreed.

You call each other “girl.” Is that a term of endearment?

Chrissy: Oh, yes, absolutely.

Manuel: It’s like saying “darling” for me. Or “sweetie.”

Chrissy: Or “sweetie darling.”

Manuel: Poor Saffy.

Chrissy: Matt also refers to me as his “wife” or “girlfriend” or “girl” or “princess” when he’s with his friends and I like it. He called me his prince once and we both laughed at how weird that sounded.

Manuel: Oh, honey, you are a princess.

Chrissy: Right?

Manuel: Takeshi-chan never calls me a girl, I mean, I’m not a girly girl like Chrissy.

Chrissy: It’d be super weird if he did that.

Manuel: Yeah, it would. Has he ever called you that when you two were together?

Chrissy: Takeshi? Never. And we were never together together. It was mostly sex.

You and Takeshi?

Chrissy: Yeah, it was just a fling. Casual.

And Manuel, you don’t mind?

Manuel: Nah. I mean, it’s not high school. It’s not Mean Girls where it’s the rule of feminism or something, that we can’t date our friend’s ex. And when I met Takeshi, they no longer had a thing. If there ever was a thing.

Chrissy: But back to your question, no, we don’t always agree on anything.

Manuel: But tolerance is key.

But surely you share some common interests?

Chrissy: Oh, of course. So many. Cats, SpongeBob…

Manuel: Lovecraft, Tolkien, Star Trek…

Chrissy: We both hate straight actors who play gay characters.

Manuel: Yeah, fuck you Pedro Pascal, Cate Blanchett, Stanley Tucci, James Corden, Tom Holland, and that Timothy kid. See, this is why we love shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Somebody Somewhere. Gay actors playing gay characters really bring out a different level of authenticity.

Chrissy: Seriously. If those people can be gay for pay, Gal Gadot can and should play Cleopatra.

Manuel: Chrissy’s a big fan of Gal.

Chrissy: I just think she’s amazing and she’s got a lot of flack because she happens to be Israeli. Her line reading is sometimes clunky because of her accent but so are Ziyi Zhang and Michelle Yeoh’s. She may not be able to get to be on Jessica Chastain level, but I mean, a lot of people also said Kristen Stewart couldn’t act but time and again she’s proven that she absolutely can act. Gal is an amazing actor because she’s very expressive. And that’s a hill I’m willing to die on.

Manuel: We also both hate Johnny Depp.

Chrissy: Oh, that guy. Yeah. Team Amber all the way.

Manuel: But there are also some things we don’t agree on.

Chrissy: Like you don’t think Gal Gadot is a good actor.

Manuel: You’re vegetarian and I’m vegan.

Chrissy: You often go to marches and rallies and I don’t.

Manuel: I can’t do graphic design and you’re a graphic designer.

Chrissy: I can’t do Math or accounting and you’re an accounting teacher.

Manuel: I’m a bossy bottom. Ahem, vers bottom.

Chrissy: And I’m a submissive bottom through and through.

Manuel: And that’s completely fine. For friendship or any relationship to last, you need to figure out where you both are with an issue. If it’s super thorny for them but inconsequential for you and it won’t harm you or them or anyone at all, then you don’t need to dwell on it.

Chrissy: My dealbreakers are if you vote Republican or own AR-15 or assault weapons or support anti-abortion.

Manuel: Or hate cats.

Chrissy: Yes! That too. Absolutely. Members of the Audubon Society are the worst.

Got it. So tolerance is key.

Chrissy: And empathy.

Manuel: Adult friendship can be more fragile than the friendship that began when we were younger. As adults, we already have habits and characteristics that we’ve lived through longer than our kid-self did. So we’re more set in the way we think or view things.

But we also have, or rather should have, a more mature way of processing information and emotion, unless you’re on the spectrum, then it’s another different issue.

Chrissy: You can’t put people down, no matter how passionate you are about something. This is something I constantly have to remind myself of since I can be a real bitch and just go for the jugular when I’m debating.

Manuel: Been there. Trust me, Chrissy’s an introvert but you don’t want to see his vicious side come out when he defends something that’s super personal for him.

Chrissy: And I hate that side of me. It’s not fair to say that their opinion is wrong and mine is right. I’m not talking about hard science that’s backed by data and research. I’m talking about opinions. A person’s opinion is mostly shaped by their experience, and it’s their truth and we can’t and shouldn’t take that away from them. Unless, like Manuel said, it’s harming them or you or other people.

And as adults, we have more freedom to pick and choose. If I met someone and we were just polar opposites in not a complementary way, nothing would stop me from not being friends with them. Even if we were forced to spend hours together, like in an office with insufferable coworkers. You should be professional, but nothing says you have to be personal or personable.

Manuel: But if you found someone in your adulthood and you thought, oh I like this person, you know, platonically, and you wanted to pursue a deeper platonic relationship, then it could turn out to be a true blessing that could last eleven years.

Chrissy: And counting. Like us.

Manuel: Yep. I love you, girl.

Chrissy: I love you too, Bearded Lady.

On Manuel:
Hat, bag, belt: Barbie x Moschino
Bracelet: Fashion Royalty
Necklace, top, shorts: Dollsexposed
Sandals: TBLeague
Sunglasses: Model’s own

On Chrissy:
Earrings, necklace, spike bracelet, top, shorts: Dollsexposed
Studded bracelets: Fashion Royalty
Rarity purse: Integrity Toys x My Little Pony
Pink bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses: Zuru Mini Fashion
Socks, shoes: Hot Toys

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