Believe it or not, April 3 is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day. I mean, out of all the ridiculous holidays and “national days off.” But I suppose it makes sense because April is also Confederate History Month (also a ridiculous holiday).

Abortion disproportionately hurts those who are poor, and this mostly means the population of color.

With the conservative majority Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade last year, several US states have moved to criminalize abortion. So far, only ten states have expanded access to abortion, while fifteen protect access to abortion (some with provisions). The rest either prohibit or criminalize abortion.

Click here or the map below to see the abortion rights map by state.

In the meantime, here’s what we can do:


Either directly to organizations in affected states, or to national organizations.

National Network of Abortion Funds (National)

Center for Reproduction Rights (National)

Planned Parenthood (National)

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (National)

The Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama)

SisterSong in Georgia

Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Mississippi)

Gateway Women’s Access Fund (Missouri)

Preterm (Ohio)


If your local abortion clinics or Planned Parenthood are still open and under constant attack, you can opt to volunteer to escort patients who seek reproductive health advice. Be the buffer between them and aggressive picketers. Remember, not all heroes wear capes.

Break the Silence

Larry Kramer asked gays to come out during the AIDS crisis so people would start noticing that the disease affected those they knew.

As a cisgendered gay man, it may not be my place to ask those who are greatly affected by abortion to speak out, but sharing your own story truly does help destigmatize abortion.

You can reach out to organizations like Shout Your Abortion and the 1 in 3 Campaign if you wish to share your abortion story.

Use Your Power

Write to your congressperson. Share (fact-checked) information (from credible sources) on social media.

I’m using my platform to amplify the voices of anti-abortion victims. Our four activists (Takeshi, Manuel, Chrissy, and Wade) are countering today’s Pro-Life T-Shirt Day with our own pro-choice tees.

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