Although he’s around two decades younger than the other Main Five members (Matt, Wade, Manuel, and Chrissy), Takeshi fits right in thanks to his worldliness and business acumen. Despite being born into a rich family, Takeshi had to start from zero. He worked as a dishwasher and cleaner in one of the restaurants owned by Hiro, his father. There, Takeshi learned the ins and outs of the food business.

Takeshi grew up and went to school with Aubrey and Derek. But he preferred the company of books and tech when the other two boys were busy partying and having sex. It wasn’t until he met Chrissy that he began to truly appreciate great sex. The two met when Chrissy was working at Femboy Hooters, a restaurant owned by Hiro. At that time, Chrissy and Hiro were still sleeping together. Takeshi and Chrissy dated briefly before the younger man had to leave Los Angeles to pursue an MBA at Columbia.

When Takeshi returned, Chrissy was already in a relationship with Matt. He then fell in love with Chrissy’s best friend Manuel and the two have been together since Halloween 2022.

Takeshi owns and manages a thriving ice cream shop called Suck It.

Full NameTanaka Takeshi
SpouseManuel (exclusive/monogamous)
Relationship with ChrissyFormer boyfriend (top only)
ProfessionIce cream maker and shop owner (“Suck It“)
Bird Month & Zodiacs*August; Virgo/Geb
HeadSoldier Story SS103 ASU Hong Kong SAR’s 20th Anniversary
BodyM32 TBLeague/Phicen
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Penis AttachmentsM34/M35 TBLeague/Phicen (extra large)
*Zodiacs are provided to give a general idea of this character’s birthday and not their personality.

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