WARNING: Crude language

It’s such a gorgeous day at the beach and the boys are there to spend some time before summer ends.

Since California beaches don’t allow open fire for BBQ, Matt was tasked with making vegan treats for everyone (Manuel’s vegan and Chrissy’s vegetarian); Manuel brings the cold drinks; Takeshi brings the frozen desserts from his Lick It! ice cream/sorbet place; and Chrissy brings baked goods.

“I know you’re staring at Chrissy,” Matt smiles at Takeshi.

The younger man swallows hard. “Is it obvious?”

Matt chuckles. He looks at Chrissy a few feet away from them, chasing the waves with Manuel, taking selfies and beach pics.

“How can I not?” Takeshi says. “How can anyone not stare at Chrissy? He’s…”

“Super sexy?” Matt says.

“Yeah, and also…”

“Super slutty?”

Takeshi swallows hard again. Matt laughs.

“You don’t mind him wearing something that… skimpy?”

Matt shakes his head. “Nope. And I love it when people stare at him with that longing look in their face. Like they either want to do him or be him.”

“Or hit him because of how he dresses and looks. Aren’t you ever worried?”

“I’m from Pierre, South Dakota. It’s red with just a few teeny pockets of blue. There aren’t that many queer people there, and most of them don’t like to draw attention to themselves. My dad kicked me out when I came out and now I’m kinda glad because it means I never had to bring Chrissy to Pierre.”

“So many people still look at him funny here in LA. Imagine South Dakota. But he’s living his truth. He’s living his life. And that fearlessness makes him that much sexier, you know?”

Takeshi nods his head.

“It’s not like Manu’s modest too with his bod,” Matt playfully punches Takeshi’s arm.

“Yeah, but he’s not wearing a thong.”

“Do you want him to wear a thong out in public?”

“I don’t know. It’s kinda like… I want him sexy but also not too sexy in public because I want him just for myself. The bikini is a happy medium. I still get jealous when I see other men look at him.”

“And he’s okay with you not wanting him to wear something too sexy when you guys go out?” Matt says. Manuel and Chrissy are taking selfies by the water.

“We never talked about it, but I love whatever he’s been wearing so far. But he loves to show me stuff he’s planning on wearing to outings. I’m not really a fashions kinda guy, but I love every chance I get to see him naked.”

Both men laugh.

“Killer legs on your guy there,” Matt says.

“Yep,” Takeshi says, pride in his voice.

“I wouldn’t be mad if Chrissy wanted to have a three-way with you and Manu.”

Takeshi gulps. He’d jerked off to that fantasy way too many times. Also, did Manuel just slip his finger under Chrissy’s thong? Surely Matt saw that too.

“I mean, they admitted they wanted to fuck each other,” Matt says.

Takeshi can feel his dick stirs. He’s getting hard.

“So, don’t be shy to ask. I know you guys are monogamous and more traditional when it comes to sex, but if you ever want to pop that three-way cherry, or four-way cherry, with me, you know whom to call.”

Takeshi’s mind wanders. Matt’s not his type but he sure wouldn’t mind seeing Chrissy getting fucked in front of him as he’s fucking Manu. Maybe get Manu and Chrissy to kiss?

He’s still trying to come up with a response when Manuel and Chrissy approach him and Matt.

“What’re you boys talking about?” Manuel says, smiling coyly.

“About how sexy you two are,” Matt says without missing a bit.

Chrissy and Manuel laugh.

“Damn, girl, your man’s smooth,” Manuel tells Chrissy.

“You guys hungry?” Takeshi says.

“Yes!” Chrissy says and grabs a plate and a mini tofu-dog.

Takeshi helps himself to a tofurky sandwich and Manuel gets a lemon popsicle from the cooler.

Matt gets a slice of a chocolate Swiss roll and discreetly caresses Chrissy’s butt before casually putting a finger in his girl’s cunt.

Chrissy gasps.

“What’s wrong, princess?” Matt says.

Chrissy doesn’t want to look at Matt’s face but he can tell his fiancΓ© has a huge grin on his face.

Takeshi and Manuel look up from their food.

“Oh, uh, nothing… I just… remembered… the cats… at home…”

“Yeah, those poor, poor pussycats,” Matt says, trying to contain laughter.

“You guys have an autofeeder and a fountain, right?” Takeshi says.

“Y… yeah, we… we have them.” Under his breath, Chrissy swears he’s gonna get Matt for this.

Manuel lies down on the warm blanket next to Takeshi. He puts his head on Takeshi’s chest.

“I love you,” Takeshi tells Manuel.

“I love you too, baby,” Manuel says and kisses his boyfriend.

“Aw, they’re so cute,” Chrissy says and kisses Matt.

A cool breeze caresses the four men, bringing the salty scent of the ocean. It’s been a hot summer in Los Angeles and they’re thankful for this tiny escape.

Chrissy finishes his mini-dog dog, stands up, and stretches.

From the corner of his eyes, Takeshi watches as Matt cups Chrissy’s exposed butt cheek. His eyes widen as he sees Matt casually tickles Chrissy’s cunt with his ring finger. His fantasy overtakes him again. He holds Manuel closer, but it looks like his boyfriend’s already dozed off.

Chrissy looks at Takeshi and Manuel. “I think they’re asleep.”

“Really?” Matt says.

Takeshi quickly closes his eyes and pretends he’s asleep. But he knows Matt and Chrissy probably can’t see his eyes through the sunglasses.

Chrissy turns around and straddles Matt. “You were such a jerk.”

Matt grins. “Yeah? How so, princess?”

“You fingerbanged me twice! In public! In front of our friends!”

Matt chuckles. “Don’t act like you don’t love it, you sissy slut! What’d you expect? You’re wearing that super skanky thong that barely covers your ass. Even Manuel fingerbanged you.”

Takeshi almost gasps. So he wasn’t imagining, and Matt did see it!

“One of these days I wanna see you two make out like a couple of bitches,” Matt says.

Takeshi’s dick’s now hard. Yes, yes, please.

Chrissy coos.

“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you, whore?” Matt says.

Chrissy giggles but puts his finger on Matt’s lips. He then grabs a tofu-dog.

“I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” Matt makes room for Chrissy to sit in front of him.

As soon as Chrissy sits down, Matt opens his legs, forcing Chrissy to also open his wider. Matt reaches under Chrissy’s thong and begins to fondle his girl’s tiny dick. Precum drips onto Chrissy’s thigh.

“Mmm… my sissy slut’s clit’s already hard and wet,” Matt says and nuzzles Chrissy’s neck.


“I know, I know… Not here… But I’m gonna fuck you so hard when we get home tonight.”


“Promise. Now I wanna see you eat the footlong.”

Chrissy giggles but stops when Manuel stirs and stretches. It startles Takeshi.

Matt slides the thong back to cover Chrissy’s still-hard cock.

“I must’ve dozed off,” Manuel says.

“Me too,” Takeshi says.

“You know, we should take a group selfie for Wade,” Manuel reaches for his phone.

“Oo, yeah, but let’s do something that’ll make him super jealous!” Chrissy says.

Matt grins. He knows his girl’s up to something. “What ya got, babydoll?”

Chrissy finishes his tofu-dog. “I know you’re all down for this, but Takeshi-chan may need a little bit of convincing.”

And he’s right. It takes a bit for them to persuade Takeshi to get naked and do a butt-selfie for Wade. After all, the beach’s uncharacteristically quiet. Takeshi does have to repeat Homer and Mindy’s mantra to “think unsexy thoughts” to get his boner to simmer down a bit.

BTS Thoughts:

I really, really enjoyed making the swimsuits and accessories for the boys & Chrissy. Chrissy’s fuchsia thong was actually a last-minute adjustment since the sunglasses I’d ordered (exact same ones as the ones he’s wearing, just rose-colored and not hot pink) didn’t arrive on time. USPS fucked up the shipment and looks like instead of arriving on Monday (August 28), they’re arriving today (September 1).

So, I guess I’ll just use the pink thong and rose sunglasses some other time.

For a while, I’d been contemplating getting a mini cooler for picnic scenes. I finally broke down and bought a Ken “It Takes Two Camping” pack from Target. It comes with a Ken doll and now I don’t know what to do with him. I suppose I could donate him.

Matt: board shorts, tote bag, sandals, mobile phone by Doll Photo Studio; watch by Mini Times (modified); sunglasses by Easy & Simple; hat model’s own.

Chrissy: necklace, bead bracelet, pareo, thong, tote bag, sandals by Doll Photo Studio; sunglasses by
Barbie/Mattel (modified); pink bracelet model’s own.

Manuel: necklace, bikini, tote bag, Bluetooth speaker by Doll Photo Studio; sunglasses by Dam Toys; teal bracelet model’s own; sandals by Hot Toys; gold bracelet by Fashion Royalty.

Takeshi: drawstring bag, board shorts, sandals, mobile phone by Doll Photo Studio; cooler by Ken/Mattel
(modified); sunglasses by Dam Toys.

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