Nerdcore Friday: Nude Guys in Comics & Cartoon Shows

Nerdcore Friday:
Nude Guys in Comics & Cartoon Shows

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I love books, but I love comics even more. Contrary to what’s been said and repeated that comic books dull the creative mind, I find them freeing.

Sometimes it’s nice to let our imaginations create how a character looks like, whether or not the source material has their actual physical descriptions. Other times it’s nice to be able just to accept what’s given to us and appreciate the way that character’s drawn and the choices made by the writer, the artist, the colorist, and the editor.

Comics and cartoon shows have long been dominated by straight men, thus the objectification of women. It’s become somewhat better, but some of the classic ones still have hidden gems… And by gems I mean dicks.

I go over various comic books and cartoon shows and filter out all the violence and nude women (unless they’re in the same panel as the nude men). It’s a thankless job, but I love it and I hope you’ll enjoy my finds.

New entry drops every Friday at midnight Pacific Time!

Soldier’s Dicks & Butts in Eniac

I’m so tired of male writers making strong women lesbians in their stories just to fulfill their girl-on-girl fantasies.

(Hard) Dick & Butt in Where the Body Was

Noir comics written and drawn by straight men will always objectify women. Where the Body Was is no exception.

Dicks & Butts in Moebius’s World of Edena/Gardens of EdenaExtreme 

The man vs bear in the woods debate that happened in the past week is aptly written and illustrated in this comic by Moebius.

Hook’s Butt & Dick (?) in NVRLND

I can’t help but feel like Leila Leiz really wanted to draw dicks in NVRLND but for whatever reason ended up with just one panel that shows an undetailed hump.

Butts & (Shadowy) Dicks (Humans & Djinns) in Three Wishes

Did you know genies were inspired by Persian folklore? They were then appropriated by Islamic mythology.

Mini Nerdcore: Ginger Dick & Butt in In Shadows

We’re continuing last week’s fantasy/magic Nerdcore with this equally gorgeously illustrated, dark fairy tale comic book In Shadows.

Dicks, Butts, Nude War, in In Search of the Unicorn

Topping off National Unicorn Day is this beautifully drawn comic called In Search of the Unicorn.

Dr. Manhattan’s Blue Dick and Butt

We’re bookending Nerdcore Friday’s first anniversary with another legendary DC character: Dr. Manhattan, the blue stud from the Watchmen series.

Dicks & Silhouettes of Dicks in WonderballExtreme 

Despite its name, this comic from Delcourt does not contain any clear image of testicles, but we have the shaft and the head so all’s good.

Dick, Butt, & Bulge in Virgin’s Woods

In honor of Women’s History Month (which is almost over), today’s Nerdcore Friday is by a woman named BΓ©atrice Tillier.

Mini Nerdcore: Dick in Falka

It’s a treat to see the main guy’s full-frontal nudity in a comic that’s all about objectifying women and lesbianism.

Pan Orgy, Gay Sex, Straight Sex, & Violence in SEX (part 3)

This is the final Sex entry for our Nerdcore Friday.

Dicks, Gay Sex, Straight Sex, Pegging in SEX (part 2)

Following last week’s Black History Month edition of Nerdcore, we’re featuring part two of the naughtiness in Joe Casey/Piotr Kowalski’s Sex.

A Plethora of Black Dicks, Butts, & (White & Interracial) (Gay) Sex in SEX

Like we mentioned last week, we’re ending Black History Month edition of Nerdcore Friday with a bang.

(Almost) Black Dick and White Dick & Butt in Godhead

I was almost embarrassed to include this for Nerdcore’s Black History Month, but whaddya know? Black men showing dicks in comic books are hard to come by.

Mini Nerdcore: Black Dick in Cutting Edge

Our second installment for Black History Month Nerdcore Edition is from Delcourt/Titan Comics’s Cutting Edge.

Black Dick & Devil Dick in Darkness Visible

February is Black History Month in the US, so we’re celebrating Black excellence by showcasing Black dicks (and butts) throughout the month.

A Long (Cumming) Dick in Moebius’s The Long Tomorrow

We’re ending our sci-fi January Nerdcore Friday with the work of not one but two science fiction greats: Moebius (aka Jean Giraud) and Dan O’Bannon.

Mini Nerdcore: Dick in Eternum

Continuing our sci-fi theme for January in honor of Isaac Asimov and his sick sideburns, we give you the only panel with a dick in the super-long comic book Eternum.

Twin (VR) Dicks & Butts in AvatarExtreme 

The second installment in our Nerdcore Friday Sci-Fi January edition (in honor of Isaac Asimov) is Avatar from SAF Comics.

Butts & Dick in Delcourt/Soleil’s Olympus Mons

To honor Asimov’s birthday last Tuesday, we’re dedicating the four Fridays of January 2024 to science fiction comics.

Dicks & Sexy Angels in American Jesus

December (and 2023) is coming to a close, and so we’re bringing you the final installment of our Jesus-themed nudity for Nerdcore Friday. This time, it’s from the modern world in the form of a comic called The Chosen One: The American Jesus Trilogy.

Jesus’s Dick & (Satan’s) Butt in Holy F*ck & Holy F*cked

This weekend (well, next Monday) marks Yeshua’s supposed birthday. And there’s no better way to ring in this appropriated Pagan holiday than by featuring Jesus in his birthday suit.

Dicks, Butts, & Brutal Sex in Europe Comics’ The Dream of JerusalemExtreme 

Continuing the Jesus theme for December, our second (well, third) entry puts the “graphic” in “graphic novel.”

More Dicks & Butts in The Goddamned!Extreme 

This is the second and final part of The Goddamned nerdcore post. You can get to know Cain more in, ya know, the biblical sense.

Dicks & Butts Galore in The GoddamnedExtreme 

Ah, there’s no better way to celebrate the (supposed) birth month of our (supposed) lord and savior Jesus Christ by posting naked comics that are centered around Christianity.

First American & Caucasian Dicks, Butts in Carthago Adventures

In honor of Thanksgiving weekend, we’re bringing together First American and White dicks and butts, thanks to Humanoid’s Carthago Adventures #2: “Bluff Creek.”

Gay Sex, Straight Sex, Dicks & Butts in American Gods

I gotta say, for the longest time, the only things I knew about Neil Gaiman were that he was Tori Amos’s good friend and the (fairy) godfather to Tash, Amos’s daughter.

(Straight) Dicks & Butts in FreakAngels

Well, I should’ve titled it “A Straight’s Dick & Butt in FreakAngels” because they technically belong to just one character, the one with the ability to bend the mind of non-powers.

Dicks, Butts, & Tentacle Sex in Cosmic Detective

Jeff Lemire never disappoints. Some of his work can be too reflective to the point of depressing, but this one has more comedic punches and is less nihilistic. Maybe it’s Matt Kindt’s influence?

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