Continuing our sci-fi theme for January in honor of Isaac Asimov and his sick sideburns, we give you the only panel with a dick in the super-long comic book Eternum.

There are quite a few shorties (one, two, or three pages with full-frontal nudity), and they’ll be posted sparingly.

The blurb:

Au début, nous étions immortels… mais les Dieux nous ont retiré ce cadeau.

There’s no English translation of the blurb even though the comic book is in English but it’s: “At first, we were immortal, but the gods took back the gift from us.”

This is one of those books with just one dick in a sea of boobies.

We promise next week’s installment will be better than this. Although to be fair, with a bar this low, almost everything should be better, so that’s kind of moot.

Original title: Eternum
Writer: Christophe Bec
Artist: Jaouen Salaün
Publisher: Casterman (French/2015-2017)

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