WARNING: Gore and violence.

We’re continuing the Pride Month edition of Nerdcore by featuring queer characters. Up next is the indomitable Devlin Waugh.

Devlin Waugh is a character created by John Smith and Sean Phillips for the Judge Dredd Megazine story Devlin Waugh: Swimming In Blood. He’ss the Vatican’s top occult troubleshooter and a vampiric gay exorcist (with a sadistic streak) who works on a freelance basis. Here is a brief history of the character:

  • Born around 2075, the Eton-educated son of an actress and an Egyptologist.
  • Schooled by nuns and later continued to Eton College where he practiced the occult, where he would lose his virginity to a humunculous; a form of demon.
  • Created in 1992 by the writer-artist team John Smith and Sean Phillips.
  • The first openly gay lead character in 2000 AD.
  • Almost instantly became a reader favorite and was the first character ever to be more popular than Dredd in Dredd’s own title.
  • Has appeared regularly in British comic anthologies 2000 AD and Judge.
  • A bodybuilding, flower-arranging priest with an eye for beautiful boys and a handy way with extremely big guns.

The pronunciation of “Devlin Waugh” is not explicitly stated in the search results. Based on the available information, it seems that the pronunciation of Devlin Waugh is open to interpretation. One possible pronunciation could be “DEV-lin WAW” based on the phonetic spelling of Devlin and the play on the name Evelyn Waugh.

These are collected from various Devlin Waugh publications, with original published dates of 1992, 1993, 1999, 2000, and 2014.

I’m disappointed that although these images can be gory and violent, we hardly get a peep of Devlin’s dick or a clear view of any dick. But, oh well.

Writer: John Smith
Artists: Sean Phillips, Steve Yeowell, Michael Gaydos
Cover Artist: Cliff Robinson
Cover Colorist: Dylan Teague
Publisher: Rebellion UK

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