WARNING: Comic and excerpt contain violence toward alien species and animals

I wouldn’t care for Tarzan if he weren’t nearly nude and only wearing a loin cloth.

I take that back, I don’t care for Tarzan at all because he’s not naked enough.

However, I do love me some survival sci-fi and that’s why I decided to give All Against All a chance.

Turns out, Helpless, the main human character, is almost always naked and the artist is not against drawing his dick (albeit not in detail, but beggars can’t be choosers).

The official blurb:

All Against All is focused on a race of otherworldly conquerors in pursuit of an especially lethal predator… man. The series is set in the distant future. Earth is long gone, but a race of alien conquerors known as “the Operators” have preserved its most savage animals in an artificial jungle environment they barely understand.

With no bodies of their own, the Operators move from world to world, harvesting bodies for the organic exosuits they use to wage their endless wars. Ignored and underestimated by his captors is the habitat’s sole human specimen, Helpless.

However, when their efforts to find and harvest an apex predator intensify, he gives them far more than they bargained for.

All Against All press release

I need to give it another read. The story is okay, and the art is awesome in a messy kind of way, which goes well with the plot and the overall mood. It caught my attention because the last page of the first book shows Helpless’s full-frontal nudity (a silhouette, but still).

It’s so refreshing to see a nude guy and nary a naked woman in sight, and I’m saying that because nerd culture has been run by men who love objectifying women for so long.

All Against All is a limited series (five books) and was published in 2022 and 2023. Full credits:

Writer: Alex Paknadel
Artist/colorist: Caspar Wijngaard
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: Image Comics/Syzygy imprint

I blacked out the gore details. If it helps to make you feel less traumatized: Helpless only massacres aliens.

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