“Take ’em off,” Gar tugs at the elastics on Chrissy’s short shorts. It’s a Memorial Day weekend and they’re doing a carwash-themed photoshoot for Gar’s Gym’s social media and website.


“Didn’t Matt tell you to wear a thong?”

“Yes, but…”

“And heels?”

“But, Gar…”

“I said change, you fuckin’ dumb faggot,” Gar grits his teeth. “I’m not gonna tell you again.”

Chrissy swallows hard. His face burns. He feels like a schoolgirl being scolded. But there’s always something about Gar that’s so sexy. He’s different from Matt. Different from Wade.

Gar has his gaggle of fans: boys who’d drop whatever they’re doing just so they could get fucked by him, so he rarely uses Chrissy to take care of his needs. Apart from some casual interactions, that Tom of Finland “Trampled” shoot, and that day on Folsom, Chrissy hardly sees Gar, even at the gym. And this distance makes Chrissy feel even more eager to try to please Gar, especially since he’s Matt’s best friend from childhood.

Also when he’s mad, Gar’s South Dakotan accent surfaces and it turns Chrissy on.

“Yes, Master Gar,” Chrissy says.

“That’s my whore,” Gar smiles.

As Chrissy changes into heels and takes off his shorts to reveal a pink thong, he sees Sven, one of the trainers at Gar’s Gym, arriving and waving to Gar who waves back.

“Much better,” Gar says when Chrissy approaches the two men.

“Hey, Cee,” Sven says. “Whoa, our socials are gonna blow up with you lookin’ like that!”

“Matt’s idea,” Gar smiles. “Here, wear this,” Gar hands Sven and Chrissy each a tank top.

“A cropped top? Really?” Chrissy says. “And why does Sven get to wear shorts? And a regular tank top?”

“Aw, Cee, come on,” Sven puts his top on. “You always wear cropped tops and super tight short shorts at the gym anyway!”

“You look better in a thong, babe,” Gar says. “Besides, I feel like this shows how the gym embraces different personalities. You have massive alphas like me, swimmer-built twunks like Sven, and slutty bimbos like you.”

“Real men don’t call themselves ‘alpha,’ Gar,” Chrissy says.

Gar laughs. “I only said it to tease ya,” he slaps Chrissy’s bare butt. “Oh, here comes the photographer. Hey, Fred!”

“Hey, guys,” Fred says.

Sven fist-bumps the photographer. “Good to see you again, man!”

“Lookin’ good as always, blondie,” Fred says. “Who’s the babe?”

“This is Chrissy,” Gar says. “Chrissy, this is Fred. I’ve known him for a long time and he’s shot Sven and me for the gym a few times too.”

Fred grabs Chrissy’s hand. “Turn around, gorgeous.”

Chrissy does as instructed and he hears Fred whistle.

“Ho, yeah. Your pics didn’t lie, Gar,” Fred says.

“Toldja you’d like her,” Gar chuckles.

“You told him about me?” Chrissy looks at Gar.

“Of course I did, princess!”

“Which pics did Gar show you?” Chrissy turns his head to Fred.

“A coupla sexy ones. No nudes, though. We should take a few naked ones of you, yeah?” Fred grins.

“I… We’ll see,” Chrissy says, feeling a bit uneasy with how Fred leers at him.

“She’ll do it.” Gar strokes Chrissy’s cheek. “Right?”

Chrissy swallows a lump in his throat. He knows Master Matt expects him to do whatever Master Gar demands.

“Yes, Master Gar,” Chrissy says.

“Good girl,” Gar says and shoves a hand inside Chrissy’s thong. He kisses Chrissy full on the lips, forcing his tongue deep inside Chrissy’s mouth, and leaving a trail of spit when he finally releases Chrissy.

“Whoa,” Fred says. “Niiiiiice.”

“Wow, Cee,” Sven says. “You let Gar kiss you like that? Matt wouldn’t mind?”

“Matt gave me direct permission,” Gar says, answering for Chrissy. “As long as I send him pics or videos of his girl getting a dick or two.”

“Good for you guys,” Sven chuckles. ” Hiro‘s super possessive and after being in open relationships, that’s a nice change.”

“I still can’t believe he let you pose half-naked again,” Chrissy says, desperately trying to switch to another conversation. He can feel his tiny dick stir and drip precum already. He’s worried the growing stain might be visible through his pink thong. And Gar’s hands all over him really don’t help.

“We had a long talk about it,” Sven says. “I make money off of my bod, so it makes sense to show it off. He’s all about the money, so he gets it.”

“Smart,” Chrissy nods.

“So, where’s the car?” Fred looks around.

“Billy’s stuck in traffic, but he should be here any minute,” Gar says.

“Billy?” Chrissy looks at Gar. “Billy… who?”

“Don’t worry about it, slut,” Gar squeezes Chrissy’s tiny dick through the pink thong.

“No, tell me. Billy who?”

Before Gar can answer, a Mini Cooper rolls into the parking lot. The driver honks loudly and laughs.

“Oh, fuck me,” Chrissy rolls his eyes. “Not Bill Li.”

“Hey, gentlemen!” Billy slams his car door. “Hey, Sissy Chrissy! Love what you’re wearing! Wish it were just the heels and nothing else, though!”

You still owe me my clothes, Billy!” Chrissy throws a middle finger.

“Aw, dumpling! That was years ago! But didn’t I give you freebies?”

“You also told me I had to walk around to get to the parking lot when there was a backdoor!” Chrissy tells the men. “I walked in Downtown LA looking like a skank, in broad daylight. In heels and a short skirt!

“Oh, yeah. Wade sent me the pics,” Gar swipes open his phone and shows the images to the other men.

Chrissy catches a glimpse of one of the photos and is mortified. It’s the selfie Matt took of them. Matt and Wade are fully clothed while Chrissy’s nearly naked and has fresh cum all over his face and body.

“You… you still keep them?” Chrissy says.

“Fuck yeah, princess,” Gar says. “Wade and Matt send pics of you naked all the time!”

“Wow, Cee,” Sven clears his throat. “Uh… I have no words.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Fred says.

“I hated to see you go, but man, I loved to see you leave, dumpling,” Billy gropes Chrissy’s dicklet and shoves two dry fingers in his pussy.

“Oh, hey! That hurts!” Chrissy slaps Billy’s hand. “Fuck off!”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it, whore!” Billy chuckles and roughly removes his invading digits. “I know you like being nasty. Did you enjoy the dog dicks?”

Chrissy’s face turns red and his dicklet starts to grow hard. As he readjusts his thong, he looks at Gar who now has a huge grin, and then at Fred and Sven who look at him with a confused look.

“Dog dicks?” Fred says.

“It… It’s just a dildo,” Chrissy says. “Billy gave it to me after I helped promote his new sex shop.”

“You chose that dog-dick dildo, babe, and that dog-dick lollipop,” Billy chuckles. “You could’ve picked the human ones, but nope, you went for the canine cocks, you nasty skank!”

Chrissy can feel his face growing hot. He wants to slap Billy. He’d be okay if it were only Gar, but Sven’s right there and Fred’s practically a stranger. But his head is also flooded with the memories of that afternoon when Matt, Wade, and he had a threesome for the first time. Chrissy curses under his breath, trying to think of something else so his little cock can go down.

You have a sex shop?” Sven says.

“Hell, yeah!” Billy says and strokes Sven’s chin. “You’re welcome any time, handsome.”

“Oh, I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.” Sven brushes off Billy’s hand.

“OK, I don’t want to break up this lovely networking sesh, but we’re losing light,” Fred says. “So, let’s start.”

Chrissy exhales. At least the conversation is being dropped. For now, he just needs to concentrate on the shoot and Billy won’t be involved because it’s just going to be Gar, Sven, and him. Well, plus Fred the photographer.

“Hey, Fred, what time is it?” Sven says.

The photographer looks at his phone. “One thirty-six. Why?”

“Shit! Gar, I gotta go. Circuit Class’s in an hour.”

“Oh, right,” Gar says. “OK. You’re off the hook, Sven. Thanks for today.”

“No problem, Boss. You comin’, Cee?”

Chrissy instinctively looks at Gar who’s still on top of him. Gar only smiles knowingly.

“I uh… I already told Matt to pick me up here after the shoot,” Chrissy lies.

“Aw, okay! We’ll miss ya in class. See you Monday?”

“Monday for sure,” Chrissy waves at Sven as the younger man walks away.

“Okay, let’s take five,” Fred says. “Gar, you wanna see what we’ve got so far?”

“Yeah,” Gar walks toward Fred. “Show me.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Chrissy sees Billy walk toward him.

“You really mad at me?” Billy says.

Chrissy huffs.

“Aw, come on, princess.”

“Just because I’m a sub, doesn’t mean you can do anything without my consent, Billy.”

“Like what?”

“Like steal my clothes and make me wear a really slutty, sissy outfit, and then lie to me so I have to walk in public in said outfit,” Chrissy says. “I could’ve been arrested!”

“But you are a sissy slut! And you weren’t arrested! And by the looks of it, you had a great time with Matt and his friend.”

“That’s beside the point.”

“So, what’s the point?” Billy says.

“I told you: you don’t get to do stuff to me without me saying yes.”

“Like what?”

“Like exposing me and fingerbanging me in front of everyone,” Chrissy says.

“Gar’s hand was all over your butt when I arrived.”

“Yes, but I already consented. And he knows my safeword.”

“Okay, so how do I get your consent?” Billy grins.

“Not be an asshole,” Chrissy says.

“What’s everyone talking about?” Gar says as he and Fred approach Billy and Chrissy.

“I was asking Chrissy what I needed to do to be able to do what you do to her.”

Gar chortles. “Oh, buddy. This bitch already has three human Masters.”

Chrissy can feel a cold sweat forming. He knows Gar says “human” deliberately and hopes he doesn’t tell the other two men about Thor, Wade’s Rottweiler and Chrissy’s canine Master.

“Well, what if I don’t want to be a Master?” Billy says. “I just wanna feel her tits and ass, or cum down her throat or in her cunt once in a while. You know, casual stuff.”

“Casually stuffing her, more like,” Fred says.

The three men laugh at the joke.

“Yeah, yeah!” Billy grins. “Fred gets it!”

Gar strokes Chrissy’s cheek. “Whaddya say, princess? Billy’s a cutie, isn’t he? Why don’t you let him kiss you and see how it goes?”

Chrissy swallows hard. He hates to say it but he does think Billy’s sexy.

“You wanna kiss Billy, dontcha, slut?” Gar presses on. “You can always say the safeword if you want me to stop.”

Chrissy purses his lips.

“Say the safeword and we’ll drop it,” Gar says. Their faces are so near that Chrissy can feel Gar’s hot breath on his lips.

Chrissy bites his lower lip. He can feel tears well up in his eyes, but he still can’t bring himself to say the safeword.

“Shit, she’s leaking,” Fred says.

The three men look down to see a tiny tent forming in Chrissy’s thong.

Gar laughs. “She likes you, Billy.”

Billy chuckles. “Yeah? Can I kiss her?”

Gar grabs Chrissy’s head and turns it so Chrissy faces Billy. “Kiss him, whore.”

Chrissy closes his eyes. Tears stream down his face.

“If you don’t want to, say the safeword, but don’t be a lil’ dumb fag and leave a good man hanging,” Gar says.

Chrissy swallows hard and leans forward to give Billy a kiss on the lips.

“Good girl,” Gar says.

Billy grabs Chrissy’s head and glues his lips on Chrissy’s. Chrissy can feel his knees buckling. If it weren’t for Billy’s hands, he’d be on the ground. He didn’t realize how good of a kisser Billy was. The way Billy’s tongue swirls around in Chrissy’s mouth, slithering and teasing and licking Chrissy’s tongue drives Chrissy weak.

Fred hoots and hollers.

“Now, you’re gonna be a good sissy girl and pose for us men, yeah?” Gar says. His hands are all over Chrissy’s backside.

Chrissy moans as Gar gropes his tiny hard dick. He’s too much in a daze to realize Gar’s pulled aside the scanty garment to reveal his erect dicklet for everyone to see.

“We’ll take it as a yes,” Gar chuckles. “OK, Fred, let’s start taking pics of the sissy faggot as soon as Billy’s ready to let her go.”

Billy breaks the kiss and snickers right in front of Chrissy’s face. “I knew you’re an easy slut,” he squeezes Chrissy’s balls.

Chrissy yelps and falls back on Billy’s Mini Cooper.

“You can start, Fred!” Billy wipes away Chrissy’s saliva from his lips. “Dumb bitch’s ready.”

“And, that’s a wrap!” Fred says between Chrissy’s open legs. It took Chrissy a bit of convincing to spread his legs and show his dicklet in front of the photographer, but it was worth it.

“Awesome!” Gar says as Billy claps.

“B… but…” Chrissy looks at Fred in disbelief. The photographer strokes Chrissy’s cheek.

“But what, princess?” the photographer snickers. “Gar only paid me for a two-hour session and we’ve already gone over ten minutes.”

Chrissy swallows hard. He can’t believe Fred’s calling him “princess.” They just met! He’s practically a stranger!

“The bitch’s crabby because she wants us to stuff her mouth and cunt so she can squirt,” Gar smiles. “Right, slut?”

Chrissy’s defiant look fades as the three fully-clothed men walk over to him. He feels exposed and vulnerable, and that turns him on even more.

“Sorry, babe,” Fred says and pinches Chrissy’s nipple.

“Gar, please?” Chrissy looks up at Gar who has a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

“‘Please’ what, skank?”

“Please… please f…” Chrissy can’t bring himself to complete his plea.

“Say it, faggot!” Gar says. “And on your knees, you dumb bitch! Beg like the whore that you are!”

Chrissy slumps down on his knees. His thirst for cocks trumps the pain of the rough payment against his skin. “Please, Master Gar. F… fuck me…”

“Where d’ya want my big dick, skank?”

“In… in my… in my…”

“I’ve no time for this shit, you dumb whore! Say where you want my cock!”

“In my cunt, Master Gar!” Chrissy says, tears streaming down his face.

The three men laugh.

“What a soft sissy bitch,” Fred chuckles.

“Yeah, no can do, princess,” Gar says. “I’ve a date tonight and I need to be in top form. Why dotcha ask Billy?”

Chrissy bites his lower lip. It takes all of him to fight the urge to hang his head down.

“B… Billy? Please fuck me?” Chrissy swallows hard. He realizes he’s never seen Billy naked while Billy has seen him nude and exposed multiple times, including right now. And he saw Billy take photos and videos with his phone when Chrissy posed for Fred.

Chrissy’s dicklet throbs when he squeezes Billy’s bulge and feels his girthy dick through the fabric.

“Sorry, slut,” Billy says. “I also have pussy waiting for me at home. How about you ask Fred?”

Chrissy can’t believe his ears. Less than an hour ago, Billy was telling everyone he wanted to pump his load in Chrissy and now this? But Chrissy’s too horny to be proud, and he’s been eyeing Fred’s bulge in those khaki cargo pants.

“F… Fred? Please…”

“Please what, bitch?” Fred grins.

“Please f… fuck me? Please?” Chrissy’s heart’s pounding like a war drum, hoping Fred would say yes.

“Aw, I’m hurt you asked me last,” Fred feigns his disappointment, “but you’re cute, so how about you spread your legs for my camera…”

“But I already did and you said Gar only hired you for two hours…”

“Don’t cut me off, dumb skank!” Fred says. Gar and Billy laugh when Fred shuts Chrissy up. “I’m not saying right now, you fuckin’ whore! Next time when I have time to photograph your slut bod. Just you and me, yeah? Well, and maybe some of my assistants slash aspiring photographers?”

Chrissy eyes widen. He realizes now that like Gar, both Billy and Fred see him as only an object. A cocksleeve. A cumdump. And deep down, he loves that feeling. It makes his dicklet throb even harder.

“You… you worked me all up,” Chrissy looks at Gar.

“Matt’s idea,” Gar says. “He wanted me to get you all horned up like a bitch in heat so you’re ready for his dick tonight.”

Chrissy can feel his cunt muscles tighten. He should’ve known his fiancé’s behind this. Deep down he smiles. Matt and Chrissy haven’t had a good fuck session in days, mostly due to Matt’s busy schedule.

“Speaking of bitch in heat,” Billy grins. “Got a present for you.”

Billy grabs something from his car and slaps Chrissy’s face with it.

“Wh… what’s this?” Chrissy says.

“New release, modeled after Harvey. It’s now on sale at my store. You can have it. All you need is to show how much you want it.”

“H… Harvey?” Chrissy can’t take his eyes off the dildo.

“My very own Great Dane. Come on, start sucking that dog dick, bitch! You know you want to.”

Chrissy opens his mouth and licks the massive dildo. It’s slimmer than the dog dildo he already owns but it’s still beautiful.

“Nasty skank,” Fred grins.

“Fuck,” Gar says. “That’s huge! How did you…”

“He’s young. Still intact. Gets hard and horny all the time. So I took pictures, made a 3D model, printed it, and used it as a mold for a new line.”

“Interesting,” Gar taps his chin.

“You know what,” Fred says. “Billy, you should do a video review, get some dumb bimbo to try the product and see if she likes it. I could take videos and photos for the promo.”

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea!” Billy slaps Fred’s back. “Chrissy, dumpling, you’re a dumb bimbo. Interested?”

The three men laugh.

“She’s a stupid, nasty whore, isn’t she?” Fred says and strokes Chrissy’s cheek.

“I… I have to ask Matt…” Chrissy says absent-mindedly, still licking and sucking the giant dog dick dildo.

“She’ll do it,” Gar says. “Guarantee she’ll even wanna test the real thing on camera. You know, to compare.”

Chrissy immediately stops licking the dildo. His blood runs cold. He can’t believe what Gar said.

“Fuck. This I gotta see.” Fred grins. “Billy, promise me you’ll hire me.”

Billy chortles. “Fine, fine.”

“Okay, guys, let’s wrap it up. Princess, I’ll drop you off at your place, yeah?”

“Y… Yes, please. Thank you, Master Gar.”

“No worries, babe. Now get up and change. You look like a cheap faggot hooker.”

Gar roughly pulls Chrissy up and pushes him off to the corner so he can put on his clothes.

Still in mid-shock and clutching the huge dildo and his thong, Chrissy walks away, his precum swings from the edge of his hard, tiny dick. As he changes back to his shorts and slippers, he notices Gar, Billy, and Fred chatting and occasionally looking at him and grinning. His mind reels as he tries to guess what the three men could possibly be plotting.

BTS thoughts:

I was still disappointed that although the red sixth-scale Camaro looks perfect, it doesn’t fit the dolls because there’s no legroom. So, I hesitated to get this sixth-scale Mini Cooper. However, Goodwill Finds had one for crazy cheap that I bit the bullet. Billy (M34 body) is still able to sit inside but it’s very pretzel-y.

This is one of my debilitating depression photoshoots. It was supposed to be released on National Carwash Day (March 28), but I finally started taking the photos on that day and the shoot lasted three days. It took me more than a month to finish editing the photos and writing the story because well, I’d been busy with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Gar: tank top and shorts by Dollsexposed; sunglasses by Present Toys; shoes by Easy & Simple.

Sven: tank top, shorts, and sandals by Dollsexposed; sunglasses by BlackBox Toys.

Billy: necklace, bracelet, sweatpants by Dollsexposed; tank top by Toys Center; shoes by KicksMini; watch and sunglasses model’s own.

Fred: shoes by Hot Toys; camera by ZY Toys; t-shirt, cargo pants, watch model’s own.

Chrissy: crop tank top, shorts, thong, tote bag, sandals by Dollsexposed; heels by Hot Toys (modified by Dollsexposed); sunglasses by Mattel (modified by Dollsexposed); glasses model’s own.

Complete set:

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Dollsexposed showcases queer erotica, kink, fetish, and activism through twelve-inch doll photography. Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on dollsexposed.com eleven years later.

Dollsexposed's works have been displayed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Los Angeles Leather Getaway.

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