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It’s Sunday night before Labor Day and Matt finds himself alone in Gar’s Gym. It’s not like he doesn’t like working out by himself. But Chrissy’s away, hiking with Wade and Thor, and Matt’s super horny. And Wade sending absolutely nasty and lewd photos of Chrissy on the hiking trail doesn’t really help.

He hasn’t unloaded since after their outing at the beach two days ago when he basically raped his slut’s both holes: mouth, cunt, back to mouth, back to cunt. He then bred Chrissy’s pussy and made Chrissy suck his huge dick clean before pissing down Chrissy’s throat.

Matt smiles to himself. Wade’s gonna be so proud. Matt knows he’s rough but Wade’s rougher. And that’s something Matt needs to work on: to be rougher than Wade when it comes to raping Chrissy. He’s so lucky to have Chrissy as his slut. Chrissy loves cocks as much as he loves Matt.

Matt’s smile widens as he thinks of Chrissy. He misses Chrissy and can’t believe Wade convinces Chrissy to go hiking with him and Thor. Chrissy hates hiking.

But for now, Matt has to concentrate on his exercise. Tonight’s all about abs. Matt hates the workout, but he loves the results, and so do the boys. At least it’s not leg day.

The new Kylie album plays in his ears. Not bad, he thinks. Golden is still his favorite, though, but he’s always been partial to country music. You can take the boy out of South Dakota, but you can’t take South Dakota out of the boy.

Matt looks at his watch. It’s barely past eight pm and nobody’s here. Maybe he should lock up. But what if a member comes in? Gar’s gone for the night, leaving Matt in charge. The gym closes at nine, so he has about an hour for some more workout. Maybe finish with a two-mile run on the treadmill?

Such a missed opportunity, Matt thinks. If Chrissy were here, Matt’d definitely fuck him. They’d finish up in the shower. Gar knows his members fuck in the gym but he doesn’t encourage it.

Matt sighs. He doesn’t even mind fucking anyone other than Chrissy at this point. Like that long-haired kid, Aubrey.

Long-haired guys aren’t usually Matt’s type, but there’s something about Aubrey. He’s almost the polar opposite of Chrissy. Chrissy’s gold and bubble-gum pink while Aubrey’s platinum and dark and brooding. Chrissy’s thrift stores and Craigslist while Aubrey’s Harrod’s and Farfetch. Chrissy’s all giggles and sincere while Aubrey’s sullen and sarcastic.

And that name. Aubrey. What a beautiful name. It’s both spring and fall. Lush and devastating.

“Aubrey,” Matt says as he lies down in a star position, stretching his abs.

He’s too deep in his own world, Kylie singing in his ears, to notice someone’s hovering over him.

Aubrey grins. He heard Matt say his name and he knows he has this stud wrapped around his well-manicured finger.

What would I do to you? Aubrey thinks. Well, what wouldn’t I do to you?

He licks his lips as he looks at the bulge in Matt’s turquoise shorts. He gently nudges Matt’s muscular calf with his foot.

“Hey,” Aubrey says, raising his shirt as nonchalantly as possible.

Matt’s startled. He practically rips off his earphones and tries to stand. But Aubrey kneels and straddles Matt’s left leg, preventing him from getting up.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Nuh… nuthin’,” Matt swallows hard as Aubrey puts the kettlebell between his legs, dangerously close to his dick.

Speaking of dicks, Matt can see the tip of Aubrey’s cock peeking out of his micro short shorts. Matt gulps again.

“Liar,” Aubrey grins.

“H… How did you get in?”

“What do you mean how I got in? Front door’s unlocked and the light says ‘open.'”

Matt curses. He should’ve locked the door. The last thing he needs is to see Aubrey kneeling so close to him. Aubrey smells so good. And expensive. Like cocoa butter and champagne.

“Love that tank top. Let me guess, your ‘girl’ made it for you?” Aubrey says.

“Y… yes. It’s uh… It’s the Tom of Finland flying cock logo.” Matt doesn’t know why he’s still stammering.

Aubrey lets out a laugh. “Of course! I love Tom of Finland!”

“You… you do? You know who he was?”

“Fuck, yeah, Daddy. I’m very into fashion.”

Matt’s heart skips a beat when Aubrey calls him “Daddy.” But wait. Fashion?

“Tom of Finland didn’t really do fashion. I mean I guess there are brand collabs, but he was a homoerotic artist. Leather, fetish, all that stuff.”

“I love leather!”

“So am I! And so’s Wade! But Chrissy doesn’t wear leather. He doesn’t wear anything made of animals.”

“Oh, yawn,” Aubrey says and stands up. “Let’s not talk about her. The gym’s so quiet tonight. Are we the only ones here?”

“Yeah. Labor Day Sunday. Everyone’s out of town.”

“I’m so happy to see you here, though.”

“You… you are?” Matt’s surprised at how friendly Aubrey is tonight.

The other day, you showed me how to work the kettlebell, can you show me more moves?”

“Yeah!” Matt catches himself shouting, perhaps a bit too enthusiastic. He clears his throat. “Yeah, of course!”

Aubrey grins. He knows he’ll be getting some of that dick tonight.

“Let’s try the goblet squat hold,” Matt says. “You know what a goblet is, right?”

“Like Harry Potter? A cup, right?”

“Yeah, that’s it. Hold the kettlebell like you’re holding a cup. Keep your arm up and your back straight. OK if I touch you?”

“Oh, Daddy, you can touch me anytime, anywhere,” Aubrey says.

Matt chuckles. A few weeks ago, Aubrey was giving him attitude. Now he’s flirting? But Matt can’t deny how much he’s enjoying it.

“I’ll remember that,” Matt grins as he touches Aubrey’s wrist and lower back. “Great, that’s great, hold that.”

Matt shouldn’t be surprised at how super soft Aubrey’s skin is. This kid probably hasn’t done manual labor his whole young life. And there’s that scent again. Matt’s struggling to fight the urge to close his eyes and sniff Aubrey’s lustrous hair.

“And uh, open, uh… widen your stance a bit,” Matt says.

“You want me to open my legs, Daddy?” Aubrey says.

Matt chuckles nervously. He can feel his dick starting to get hard.

“Yeah, just a bit wider, but make sure your knees don’t go past your toes.” Matt puts his hand on Aubrey’s inner thigh. It’s every bit as soft as Aubrey’s arm too. It makes Matt want to kiss every inch of this boy’s body.

Aubrey glances down and grins. He knows Matt’s loving every moment of it.

“What about my… core, is it?”

“Your… core?” Aubrey’s question jolts Matt from his fantasy.

“Yeah, can you, uh… can you check if it’s tight and working?”

Matt looks down and swallows hard. He can see where this is going but he can’t stop himself.

“I could, but it’s hard to see through the baggy tank top you’re wearing,” Matt says. He wants to kick himself for sounding like a hack-job actor in a porn flick and he almost faints when Aubrey looks at him dead in the eyes.

“Should I take it off?” Aubrey can barely contain his laughter.

“I, uh… Yeah. Yeah, sure. I mean, we’re alone and uh, well, some guys like to workout shirtless here anyway, and oh great, you’re already taking it off.” Matt doesn’t know why he averts his gaze. It’s not like he hasn’t seen Aubrey completely naked in the locker room.

“There,” Aubrey says. “Is this better?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah. You uh, you look hot. I mean, you look good.” Matt says.

Why’s he so nervous and sounding like a bumbling idiot with this kid? It’s almost like the first time he met Chrissy. He’s always awkward around people he has a crush on.

Oh… Shit. Does this mean he has a crush on Aubrey?

“The uh, your co… your penis is out,” Matt says.

Aubrey laughs. “Oh, these short shorts. Yeah, my dick gets out every time I wear them. I honestly can’t believe how your wife does it. Does she have a tiny dick or something?”

Matt can’t believe his ears. He knows Chrissy’s proud of his small cock and Matt loves it on Chrissy but at that moment, he feels embarrassed of his fiancé’s size.

“Uh, yeah… Yeah, she does… I mean, he does.”

“You mentioned guys like to work out shirtless. Why don’t you?” Aubrey tucks his semi-hard cock in his shorts.

“You… you want me to… take off my tank top?”

“It’s only fair. Right?”

Matt quickly strips away his tank top.

“You should do this more often,” Aubrey says and slowly, almost slitheringly, walks toward Matt.

“Do… do what?” Matt swallows hard.

“Work out shirtless here,” Aubrey traces a finger on Matt’s abs. “I bet all the boys would love to be fucked by you.”

Matt gulps hard again.

“You don’t have to answer that, Country Boy.”

Aubrey’s standing so close to Matt now that he can see every bead of sweat on Aubrey’s face and body and Matt’d very much like to worship all of that. He wants to kiss Aubrey’s lips and lick and suckle his pierced nipples. He can feel his dick throb.

Aubrey grins as he sees Matt’s bulge tenting on his shorts. He moves even closer to Matt, pressing his own hard cock against Matt’s, but he’s taken aback when Matt looks away. Guess he has to change the strategy.

“So,” Aubrey says. “Show me the kettlebell squat one more time.”

“Oh… Oh, yeah,” Matt suddenly remembers what they were doing. “The goblet squat, yeah.”

Aubrey gets into the squat position. “Is my core tight?”

Matt reaches down and touches Aubrey’s abs with both hands. They’re so hard, and yet Aubrey’s skin’s so soft. He bites his lower lip.

“Yeah, that’s… that’s good.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” Aubrey says. “And uh… My legs? Are they open wide enough?”

Matt brushes his hand along Aubrey’s inner thigh.

“Yeah, and keep your arm up… Yeah, just like that.”

Matt helps Aubrey squat and hold a few more sets. He’s impressed with the way the younger man keeps his posture.

“Do you stretch?” Matt says as Aubrey’s almost finished with the last hold.

“Rarely. Why?”

“Stretching is important when you’re building muscles. It also helps with your flexibility, which minimizes the risk of injury.”

“Oh,” Aubrey smiles as an idea forms in his head. “Can you show me some stretches?”

“Yeah, keep that pose for a few more counts while I prep,” Matt opens his mat and lays it on the floor. “Would you, uh… would you mind if I locked the front door and turned down the lights?”

“Sounds romantic.”

Matt chuckles nervously. “I’ll be right back.”

Matt almost trips over a dumbbell as he hurries over to lock the front door. There’s still thirty minutes left to closing time but he really, really wants to fuck Aubrey. He switches off the open sign and kills the main light. The blue cool-down light floods the gym area.

“Back,” Matt says, almost breathlessly. His jaw drops when he sees Aubrey already lying on the mat, his long hair gleaming under the blue light. He looks so beautiful, ethereal.

Matt kneels and grabs Aubrey’s left leg. “This may hurt a bit.”

“Be gentle, it’s my first time,” Aubrey smiles and winks.

Matt chuckles and slowly lifts Aubrey’s leg, stretching it. His heart beats faster when he hears Aubrey’s moans. They’re more like coos, almost like birdsong, rather than painful groans.

He brushes his hand along Aubrey’s inner thigh, savoring the velvety skin of the younger man. Matt’s other hand holds the back of Aubrey’s knee as he lets Aubrey’s naked calf rest on his pecs and abs. Matt’s dick grows harder every time Aubrey moans.

“Does that hurt?” Matt looks up and sees Aubrey looking at him. He gulps.

Aubrey shakes his head no. “What… What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m sorry. It’s just… You’re so beautiful.”

Aubrey throws his head back and laughs.

Matt chuckles. “Yeah, you probably hear that a lot.”

“Not from someone like you,” Aubrey says and grabs Matt’s hand.

“Like… me?”

“Charming, caring, considerate… Helpful, and dashingly handsome. You didn’t brush me off when I was mean to you. You came over to help me when you saw me struggling. I respect that.”

“Well, yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t wanna sue the gym if you got hurt.”

“And that Southern accent,” Aubrey says.

“I don’t have a Southern accent.”

“A bit.”

“Well,” Matt grins, “Maybe a little. Dad’s from Alabama, but I grew up in South Dakota.”

“Country Boy,” Aubrey says and caresses Matt’s dick through his pants.

Matt swallows hard.

“You okay, Daddy?” Aubrey grins. “Why don’t we switch and I’ll give you a killer massage.”

“You… You wanna give me a massage?”

“I’d give you everything you ask, Daddy.”

Aubrey tries to contain his laugh when Matt just kneels there with his mouth open.

“Come on, sit and stretch. You did say stretching is important, right?”

Matt sits down on the mat as Aubrey gets up. “Yeah, yeah I did.”

“Mmm, this feels tight,” Aubrey gently rubs Matt’s left trapezoid.

“I may have overdone it on my exercise last weooooh… Oh my god, yes, right… there…” Matt moans as Aubrey pushes down with his elbow.

“How’s it?” Aubrey makes small circular motions with his elbow.

Matt can only moan.

Aubrey chuckles. “Toldja I give killer massages.” He continues kneading Matt’s trapezoid for a bit while roaming his other hand along Matt’s pecs and abs, feeling the older man’s well-defined muscles.

“You’ve such an amazing body,” Aubrey says.

“Thank you. So do you.” Matt can feel Aubrey’s hard cock pressing against his back. His own dick’s super hard and throbbing.

“Implants, Daddy-O.”

“Oh,” Matt says. “Takeshi told me.”

That yellow bitch, Aubrey thinks. Of course he did.

“Don’t they hurt or feel… I don’t know… uncomfortable?” Matt wants to close his eyes to enjoy Aubrey’s touch and the younger man’s cock pressing on his back, but he doesn’t want to stop looking at Aubrey’s face. Those eyes. Those lips. Those cheeks. He doesn’t care if they’re all fake. They look good on Aubrey. Everything looks good on Aubrey.

“Yeah, at first. Got used to them, though. But I still need to maintain my shape. That’s why I go to the gym. Glad I did.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because I met you,” Aubrey says as he caresses Matt’s cheek and kisses his lips.

Matt doesn’t know why but it felt… like magic? The last time he felt like this was when he kissed Chrissy for the first time all those years ago.

“Something wrong?” Aubrey says.

“No… Everything’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

Aubrey smiles. “I’m glad.” He kisses Matt again.

Matt grabs both of Aubrey’s hands and squeezes them tight. “Me too.”

Aubrey gets up and presents his hard cock to Matt.

“You haven’t sucked a dick this big in a long time, have you, Country Boy?”

“N… No,” Matt says. It’s true. He’s grown accustomed to Chrissy’s dicklet which he loves to suck.

“Why don’t you go ahead and worship it?” Aubrey says and presses his dick against Matt’s lips.

“Yes, Sir,” Matt says and opens his mouth.

“Good bitch.”

Matt doesn’t know why he’s suddenly become a sub for this younger man. He’s always the one in control and dominating, whether with Chrissy or other men.

Aubrey thrusts his dick in and out of Matt’s mouth, stuffing and scraping the back of his throat, choking and gagging Matt.

“Yeah, you need to stretch that throat, slut,” Aubrey laughs. “Prevent injury.”

Aubrey looks down and grins as Matt’s strong chin’s covered in his own spit that drips down his neck and pecs.

“You like that, bitch?”

But Aubrey doesn’t give time for Matt to answer. Instead, he rams his hard cock down Matt’s throat, fucking the muscular man’s face. At the same time, he presses his foot on Matt’s hard dick.

“Yeah, feel that Balenciaga on your cock, bitch!”

Aubrey lets Matt suck his dick for a few more minutes before telling him to get up. “Show me that dick.”

Matt pulls down his shorts to reveal his massive dick, hard and throbbing with excitement. He rubs it against Aubrey’s equally hard cock as they share a long, sloppy kiss.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” Matt says.

“Hotter than your wife?” Aubrey grins.

Matt’s taken aback. He definitely can’t compare the two. But his hesitation to answer is enough for both men to know what Matt really thinks. Aubrey’s smile grows wider as he runs his hand along Matt’s powerful pecs.

“Let me show you what else I can do better than her,” Aubrey slinks down to his knees.

Matt starts to moan as soon Aubrey’s lips touch the base of his cock, deepthroating the older man’s dick in seconds, his pierced tongue massaging Matt’s cock while the shaft’s wrapped inside his mouth.

“Oh, fuck… Oh… my… god…” Matt grabs a lock of Aubrey’s hair and begins to piston his dick in and out of his throat. “Goddamn…”

“Toldja I’m better than her,” Aubrey says. “Lie down, Daddy…”

As he lies down and Aubrey sucks his dick again, Matt can’t help but compare the kid’s oral skills to his own fiancé’s. Chrissy’s really good, he has lots of practice with lots of dicks, but Aubrey’s has opened a new door to so many new sensations.

Matt smiles as Aubrey lovingly kisses his dick. He strokes Aubrey’s thick, brown hair. He loves Chrissy’s pink hair but he sometimes wishes he’d go back to his natural dark brown hair.

“You like that, Daddy?”

“I love it, boy,” Matt says. “Fuck, you’re so talented.”

“Learned it at school,” Aubrey grins mischievously.

“I bet you did. Show me that ass.”

“Yeah? You wanna rim my sweaty hole?”

“Fuck yeah, boy!”

Aubrey turns around and straddles Matt’s face. He moans as Matt’s tongue trails his butt cheeks and lands squarely on his hole.

“Ooooh… Fuck. Oh, Daddy… Mmm… Even your tongue’s so strong!”

Matt laps and kisses Aubrey’s hole like there’s no tomorrow, leaving it wet and slippery. He tongue-fucks Aubrey’s hole, tasting the sweat, smelling his scent.

“You taste and smell so good, boy,” Matt says in between licks. He kisses Aubrey’s hole.

Aubrey moans and thrashes his head around as he rides Matt’s face. The last time he had someone eat his hole this good was in Greece, ten years ago when he just turned sixteen. It was an eighteen-year old, dark-haired, muscular souvenir shop merchant in Delphi.

Matt grabs Aubrey’s ass cheek with one hand, prying it open to get a better access on Aubrey’s hole. He can’t stop smiling every time he hears Aubrey moans. His moans are so different from Chrissy’s. More… melodic. He gently carresses Aubrey’s butt. It feels so smooth against his palm.

“Fuck, I can eat this ass forever,” Matt says. “But I’m gonna fuck you so I can cum inside you.”

Aubrey coos. “Yes, Daddy…”

“Stand up, boy.” Matt grins as he realizes he’s back to his normal dom self. “Ride that big dick but look at me. I wanna fuck you while I see your purdy face.”

Aubrey quickly obliges. This is the moment he’s been waiting for.

“Thank goodness for all the squatting sessions,” Aubrey says.

Matt laughs. He didn’t even think of that. He’s usually quick on his quips, but he’s too entranced with this kid.

Aubrey lowers himself down slowly. When his hole touches Matt’s hard dick, he reaches down and grabs it. He gives it a few gentle tugs. It’s still moist and slippery from his saliva and Matt’s sweat. He rubs it on the perimeter of his hole.

Matt starts to fondle Aubrey’s balls and dick, savoring the velvety feel of the younger man’s private parts. Even his balls are smooth, Matt thinks. He loves seeing Aubrey’s bushy pubic hair, so different from Chrissy’s baby-smooth pubes.

“You ready, Daddy?” Aubrey says.

“Ready, baby,” Matt nods.

“Mmm… I love it when you call me that,” Aubrey grabs Matt’s dick and guides it toward the entrance of his ass.

Both men squirm as Matt’s hard cock enters Aubrey’s hole.

“Fuck, you’re super tight.”

“All the better to squeeze you with, Daddy.”

Aubrey begins to rock his hips back and forth, feeling the fullness of Matt’s cock in his sphincter as it rubs his prostate with each thrust and fucking Matt’s fondling hand.

“Oh, Matt, it feels so good…”

“Don’t stop, baby… Keep riding that dick…”

Matt loves the feeling of holding Aubrey’s dick in his hand. It’s the perfect size. With Chrissy, he only needs two fingers but he can wrap his whole fist around Aubrey’s hard cock and it encourages Aubrey to move up and down even faster.

“That’s it, babe,” Matt says. “Fuck, your ass feels like velvet around my dick.”

“Yeah, you like that, Daddy? Tell me I’m better than your wife. Say it.”

Matt’s too frenzied to be taken aback. The way Aubrey’s sphincster grips his thrusting dick and loosens it with every thrust and push drives Matt to the brink. He can feel his balls tighten.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum…”

“Say it!” Aubrey says and increases the speed of his ride.

“Fuck… I…”

“Say it or I’ll pop your dick outta my hole!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Your ass is better than Chrissy’s! Oh, fuck I love your ass so much, Aubrey baby…”

Aubrey grins and throws his head back. “Cum in my hole, Daddy. Breed me now!”

“Here it comes, baby…” Matt moans so loud he’s sure the next-door neighbors can hear him. He gushes squirt after squirt of hot jizz into Aubrey’s hole. It fills Aubrey to the brim that Matt’s cum begins to drip out, coating his still hard dick and huge balls.

Aubrey cums almost as soon as Matt stops emptying his balls in his hole, spraying spurt after spurt of thick, white, creaming warm fluid. It lands on Matt’s face and chest. Matt licks his lips, savoring the younger man’s cum.

“Oh, fuck, Aubrey…”

Aubrey exhales. His slowly raises his butt and Matt’s dick pops out. He slinks his way down into Matt’s awaiting arms. “You look good with my cum all over your face.”

“Yeah?” Matt grins.

“Yeah,” Aubrey licks his own cum off Matt’s face and kisses him.

“Was that good?” Matt says.

“Fuck yeah, Daddy…” Aubrey gives tiny kisses on Matt’s cheek.

Matt chuckles. Chrissy loves to do that too. He suddenly feels sick, as though he’d betrayed Chrissy somehow.

But how could he? It was just sex with Aubrey, right?

“I love this,” Aubrey nuzzles Matt and rests his head on Matt’s shoulder. “Can we stay awhile like this?”

The thought of Chrissy seems to melt away as Matt holds Aubrey in his strong arms.

“I’d love that, baby,” Matt says.

Aubrey smiles.

“Love that smile. The perfect smile. My perfect boy,” Matt says and kisses Aubrey.

BTS Thoughts:

So… This happened.

I don’t have anything much to say regarding the storyline, except that I feel like it’s a natural progression for the arc, especially considering the fact that Matt and Chrissy are in an open relationship. Even if they weren’t, someone “better” might come along.

The gym is based on a circuit training place where I used to go before the pandemic. I drove by the place a few days prior to posting and realized it had a “For Lease” sign out front. The memories of working out and making new friends as an awkward adult flooded my mind. At the end of every grueling session, our trainer would turn off the main lights and a mood light would kick in for the cooldown.

I missed it. So much.

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