The morning sunrays flood the apartment in golden dapple and Chrissy grumbles.

“Need. Curtains,” he thinks. Last night’s self-induced orgasm was too much for him. He was so spent and sticky and decided to sleep on the couch.

Chrissy came in to work on Sunday because a) Matt was away on a business trip and 2) he wanted to take the day off on the fourteenth so he could spend the day with Matt.

But now that Matt’s flight was delayed (or cancelled? nobody knows anymore), Chrissy kind of wants to just go to work. He could use the buck. He’ll decide later. Maybe do a half-day at the office. He covers his face with a throw pillow and goes back to sleep, too tired to hear Matt come in

Matt didn’t tell Chrissy he was able to get on the 3 am flight. He didn’t want Chrissy to have to wake up and fetch him at LAX. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day and he wants to surprise him.

“Aw, my poor baby,” Matt thinks as he sees Chrissy curled up on the couch. “Was he waiting for me? Can’t believe the cats haven’t nagged him for breakfast.”

“Hey. Hey, baby. Wake up.” Matt gently nudges Chrissy.

“Whuh? Who?” Chrissy squints, trying to adjust his eyes to the morning sun.

“Hey, babydoll.”

It takes a few seconds for Chrissy’s brain to register who’s sitting in front of him. “Matt! Oh, Daddy, you’re home!” He leaps out and hugs Matt.

Matt laughs. “Wow, you really missed me, huh?”

“Of course I did! Didn’t you?”

“Nah, not one bit.”

“Well, then I’ll just go back to sleep,” Chrissy says, pouting. “Or maybe I’ll go to work today.”

“No, no, babe, no. I was just teasing you. I miss you lots. And I have gifts.”

“Matt, you promised we wouldn’t give each other presents today. I didn’t get anything for you.”

“Seeing you naked is enough,” Matt says. “And besides, these gifts aren’t much. First up is a bunch of yellow double tulips. Fresh from the airport.”

“And by a bunch you mean… three stems? Guess you’re right. They aren’t much.”

“Okay, so all the reds and the whites and the pinks were sold out and the roses were long gone. And all they had were these yellow ones. They were the last dozen but there were two other people who wanted the bouquet.”

Chrissy yawns. He makes sure to be as loud and as dramatic as possible.

“No, babe, hear me out,” Matt says as he takes off his coat. “The first one was an old Asian lady who was about to greet her daughter at the airport, right? And the second one was this young guy who’d forgotten to get flowers for his boyfriend.”

“Is this… Are you for real? Seriously?”

“Yes, and in the end, we decided to split the bouquet. The Asian Lady and and I agreed to get three each. She didn’t need the whole bunch anyway, and the guy got six so he could at least tell his boyfriend he got the most out of the deal. Oh, and he paid for the whole bouquet too!”

“Why did he get to have six flowers?”

“Well, he was like twenty something and the Asian Lady and I agreed we’re just two old biddies and maybe we could live vicariously through this young soul. He may have a better chance than us for a better life.”

Matt hangs his coat on the couch and sits next to Chrissy.

“So…,” Chrissy says, “I’m an old grump who’s not even worth six double tulips and I’m so old my life is practically over and I shouldn’t expect good things to happen to me until I die, which is going to be soon because I’m old. Got it.”

Matt looks at Chrissy with an “oh shit” expression as Chrissy’s lips start to quiver. “Babe, I didn’t mean that…”

Chrissy holds for a few second before bursting out laughing. “Psych!”

“Oh, you little sneak! You think you’re so funny!”

“No, I don’t think I’m funny. I know I’m funny.”

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” Matt says.

“I expect no less. And I love the three free flowers. Free gifts are the best gifts. Thank you so much.”

“Mm-hmm. Oh, and I have one more. I know you’ve been wanting this and I saw it at a bookstore at SEA-TAC.” Matt takes out a small, thin book with blood orange and cobalt blue cover. Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom by Sylvia Plath.

“Oh! Oh, Matt! Oh, Daddy, I love you.” Chrissy grabs the book from Matt’s hand.

“I mean, it’s not rare or anything.”

“I love you.”

“And it’s a used copy but in a perfect condition. Not even dog-eared or marked.”

“Shut up. I love you. And I love these last-minute airport gifts.”

“I love you too, babydoll. Now come sit on Daddy’s lap. Daddy misses his girl so much. You’re off today, yes?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl.”

Chrissy climbs on Matt’s lap, his tiny dick jolts to life as his nude butt brushes against Matt’s trousers. He kisses Matt and Matt returns the favor by forcing his tongue inside Chrissy’s mouth.

Matt’s right hand snakes its way down to Chrissy’s butt. He jams two fingers inside Chrissy’s cunt. With his other hand, he flips open the blanket to expose Chrissy’s hard cock. Chrissy’s moans are muffled by Matt’s invading tongue.

Matt’s huge hard-on’s about to burst open his pants. He can’t wait to pound his bitch and breed her nice and deep.

Full set (click to enlarge):

Behind the scenes:

  1. I couldn’t decide whether those three ZURU Mini Fashion Brand flowers are roses or something else. The petals don’t wrap around so they can’t be roses. If they were, they’d be perfect because I remember one time when I was staying at my boyfriend’s place in San Francisco, he came into the room with a dozen yellow roses.
  2. The suitcase from ZURU is too short for Matt (M35 Phicen). Even when the telescopic handle is pulled out to the max, the suitcase’s wheels still don’t touch the floor.
  3. I was thinking of getting a different book for Chrissy’s Valentine’s Day present from Matt, but I recently purchased Mary Ventura and I thought I’d make a mini version of it.
  4. This post is to celebrate International Book Giving Day and Valentine’s Day.

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