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“Boss, someone’s looking for you,” one of Matt’s employees says.

Matt’s too focused on entering data on the preliminary report for the new construction site to notice so he just mutters a tentative mm-hmm.

“Says it’s urgent,” the employee says.

“Gimme a sec,” Matt says, still tapping away at his pad.

“He’s… uh… he has roses. Red roses.”

“Huh?” Matt looks up. “Chrissy?”

“Nah, not Chrissy. Long hair. Brunette.”

Matt’s blood runs cold. He knows only one person with long brunette hair and before he can instruct his employee to tell the person he’s busy, he hears a familiar voice.

“Hey, Matthew.”

Matt turns around and sees Aubrey. Matt turns around and sees Aubrey. The warm morning sun falls behind him and makes his long hair glow with a golden halo. He swallows hard. The sweet scent of the red roses in Aubrey’s arms reminds him of his childhood.

“H… Hi. Whuh… What are you doing here? You can’t be here.”

“Excuse you?”

Matt grabs Aubrey’s arm. He can smell the cocoa butter. Aubrey’s shampoo. Glimpses of memories flash in Matt’s brain. He guides Aubrey away from the construction site.

“It’s a hard-hat area. Don’t want you to get hurt. Or sue us. How did you know I was here anyway?”

Aubrey chuckles. “Aw, Matthew, you’re so cute. Did you forget my dad’s in real estate? He knows your client. Anyway, it’s Bring Flowers to Someone Day and well, I thought I’d bring some for you,” Aubrey says. “So, here. Oh, and my suing days are over.”

As Aubrey’s hands touch lightly against his, Matt’s reminded of how unbelievably soft Aubrey’s skin is, especially his palms.

“Th… thanks?” Matt says. “I… don’t know where to put them.”

Aubrey laughs softly. “I remember you have a vase at your place. On the console table by the front door?”

“Oh, oh yeah. No, I mean for now. I can’t put them in my truck. They’ll wilt.”

“Isn’t there a temp office or something?”

“Yeah. I… Yeah. There is. I’ll… I’ll just put them there for now.”

“Don’t worry. I’m on my way to Marcus’s office. You’re only getting a dozen. He’s getting two.” Aubrey winks. “You can tell your fiancΓ© it’s from me. She likes roses, yes?”

“Yes. Yes, she does. Thank you. How’s Marcus?”

Aubrey flicks his hair and a waft of cocoa butter fills Matt’s nostrils. More memories of his moments alone with Aubrey resurface.

“He’s fine. Busy. We just got back from Aspen.”

“Yeah? How was it?”

“Oh, just bliss! Super romantic. Ski, roaring fires, a whole restaurant to ourselves at midnight. Have you been?”

Matt shakes his head no.

“You should go! They have super affordable cabins too now.”

Matt clears his throat. “Chrissy and I read your interview. The one with Derek.

“Yeah? Did you like it?”

“I did. Chrissy loved the clothes too.”

“Aww, that’s sweet.”

“So, umm… I’m sorry Wade decided not to renew your lab contract but it seems like it didn’t really hurt your cannabis brand.” Matt says.

“Water under the bridge,” Aubrey waves his hand. “I get it. And yeah, you’re right. It lit a fire under my ass. I’m in the final stages of production. Marketing and all that. Been bouncing off name ideas with Derek and Marcus but haven’t really found the right one.”

“I can help if you want.”

“Yeah? I know you love puns.”

Matt grins. “Yep.”

“I can text you? I normally text off-hours. Don’t wanna disturb you. Or make your wife jealous.”

Matt presses his lips together. Will Chrissy be jealous? Should Chrissy be jealous?

“I probably won’t respond till morning but I promise I’ll give feedback.”

“Yeah? I’d love that.”

Aubrey flicks his hair again. Matt breathes in the cocoa butter scent. For a moment, the two of them are silent.

Through his almost opaque sunglasses, Matt looks at Aubrey’s. The hair, the cheekbones, the lips. How perfect they all look.

He keeps his head still, not wanting Aubrey to know he’s gradually lowering his gaze. Aubrey’s zebra-print cardigan falls on one side, exposing his bare shoulder.

Aubrey’s tight tank top is slightly askew so that one of his nipples is out, the metallic piercing gleaming in the sun. Matt gulps and brings down his pad to cover his growing erection. He feels the sudden urge to lick and kiss and bite that nipple, to tug at the piercing with his teeth.

He’s been so horny. His work schedule’s been so erratic that he hasn’t had quality intimate time with Chrissy.

Matt snaps back when his gaze lands on Aubrey’s bulge. He clears his throat, ending the silence. “I uh… I need to go back to work.”

“Oh, yeah. I know. Marcus and I are off to Madrid after lunch. It’s pretty this time of year. Have you been?”

Matt shakes his head no again. He feels like a rube. He should travel more. No. He needs to travel more. Get out and experience the world.

“Well, I hope you’ll enjoy the roses,” Aubrey says. “I’ll text you with the names, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’ll look into them.”


Matt opens his arms and lets Aubrey in. The mixed scents of cocoa butter and roses make Matt’s head swirl. He closes his eyes and doesn’t resist when Aubrey kisses his cheek. He can feel his dick stir under his jeans.

“I missed you,” Aubrey says.

“I… missed you too,” Matt says.

Their faces are so close together that it takes everything in Matt’s power not to give in and kiss Aubrey’s lips.

“Sorry… I…,” Matt says, every fiber in his body begs him to push Aubrey away. “I just… This is a professional environment, and I…”

Aubrey chuckles and releases himself from Matt’s embrace. “I get it. Can’t set up a bad example for your subordinates. You’re such a good boss.”

Matt swallows hard. The warm, orange sunlight accentuates Aubrey’s beauty and again, it renders him speechless.

“Well, text you later?” Aubrey says.

“Yes, uh, yes, please. Have uh, have fun in Madrid. Say hi to Marcus for me.”

“Will do! Bye, Matthew. It’s nice seeing you.”

“Like… Likewise. You look great!” Matt wants to kick himself for saying that. “I mean, you always look great.”

“So do you!” Aubrey says.

A smile blooms on Matt’s face when he hears Aubrey’s response. He hasn’t been to the gym lately because of work and he feels out of shape.

As Aubrey walks away, Matt feels a slight disappointment when the younger man doesn’t look back. But maybe it’s better that way.

Matt breathes in, inhaling the fragrance of a dozen red roses in his hands. Chrissy’ll love them. But should he tell him who they’re from?

BTS Thoughts:

Those cinder blocks look absolutely comically tiny. Sigh.

Anyway, yes, Aubrey’s back and let’s just say nobody knows what his game plan is. Not even Derek.

And Matt? Well, sometimes he thinks with his dick, and it gets worse when he’s horny.

I love the juxtaposition of Aubrey visiting Matt at the construction site and the story of when Matt met Chrissy for the first time.

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