Born and raised on a farm in Pierre, SD, Matt lost his mother in his early teens and grew up with an oppressive father. As soon as he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles where he enrolled in a building & construction trade school.

Matt now lives in Pasadena, CA with his fiancé Chrissy and their cats. He co-owns BILT, a construction company that focuses on sustainability.

He speaks with a Southern drawl accent thanks to his upbringing. Despite a complicated relationship with his hometown, he celebrates his cowboy/farm heritage.

Matt enjoys photography, puns and dad jokes (he’s a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers), making love to Chrissy, and seeing Chrissy used and abused by other men, especially his best friends Gar and Wade, and Wade’s rottweiler Thor and stallions Steve and Bucky.

Full NameMatthew Gabriel Forrester
Relationship with ChrissyFiancé (open relationship), Top Dom Master/bitch owner
ProfessionCo-owner of BILT Constructions
Animal Companion(s)Galadriel (black & white girl cat); Luna (white girl cat); George Meowchel aka Georgie Porgie aka Miss Meow (gray boy cat)
Bird Month & Zodiacs*October; Scorpio/Thoth
ColorRed, black, blue
HeadDamToys No. 78051 Russian Airborne Troops PKP Machine Gunner
BodyM35 TBLeague/Phicen
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Penis AttachmentsM34/M35 TBLeague/Phicen (extra large)
*Zodiacs are provided to give a general idea of this character’s birthday and not their personality.

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