Steve is a white horse who lives in Wade’s sanctuary ranch. Rescued from a neglectful owner who didn’t think much of Steve’s mixed breeding, the stallion was the first horse and the first bigger animal at the sanctuary ranch.

It took a while for Steve to trust Wade, and slowly but surely, the stallion warmed up to Wade and the workers.

Wade, ever the Marvel fanboy, named the white stallion “Steve” after Captain America’s Steve Rogers. A few months later, Wade rescued another horse, a black stallion he named “Bucky” after Marvel’s Bucky Barnes. Steve and Bucky have been inseparable ever since.

BreedCamarillo mixed (not purebred)
Relationship with ChrissyCasual sex partner (top only)
AgeEight years old
BrandInFlames Toys
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Penis AttachmentsCustom-made by Dollsexposed (extra extra extra large)

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