It’s July! And to celebrate this (unbearable) heat, we’re featuring summertime comics. First up is Heat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series.

I almost gave up on this one since it’s super male-gazey and the story’s not that compelling, but I’m glad I stayed till the end because we got a few gems in the final act.

The blurb:

Award-winning writer and co-founder of Hard Case Crime Charles Ardai returns to the Gun Honey universe in this action-packed spin-off featuring the sultry and explosive artwork of Ace Continuado!

Dahlia Racers is a fiery redhead who, when someone’s gunning for you, will take the heat on herself – for a price. As a master of disguise and deception, she uses every trick to dupe those who want you captured or dead. But will a new job taking Gun Honey Joanna Tan’s place in the crosshairs turn out to be too hot to handle?

Original title: Heat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series
Writer: Charles Ardai
Penciller: Ace Continuado
Inker: Jose Zapata
Colorist: Asifur Rahman
Letterer: David Leach
Publisher: Titan Comics (English/2023)

Dollsexposed showcases queer erotica, kink, fetish, and activism through twelve-inch doll photography. Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on eleven years later.

Dollsexposed's works have been displayed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Los Angeles Leather Getaway.

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