The first volume (four book) of Order & Outrage is a blast, all puns intended. It ticks off all my interest boxes: a strong woman lead, sci-fi, space exploration, oppression, and of course, a nude dude.

Here’s the blurb:

A space opera from comic legends Jim Starlin and Rags Morales! Gene manipulation has always been solely for those who can afford the expensive prenatal treatments. Income determines status and, more importantly, survival. If your genes have not been optimized, the Order has no use for you. You are nonessential. Less than. To be eliminated. Everything is geared to keeping the ship of state sailing along smoothly, no matter the cost. But in every totalitarian system lies the seeds of rebellion, independence, and OUTRAGE.

Sadly, we only see the guy in the buff in the first book, but after seeing very, very few artists who actually draw circumcised dicks in a mainstream comic book, this is an absolute treat.

Dark Horse Comics isn’t one to shy off from showing dicks. It’s one of my favorite mainstream US publishers apart from DC, Boom, and IDW. Marvel is trash and I can only tolerate Alien and Predator books because they originated in Dark Horse. 20th Century Fox had the rights to these two franchises and when Disney acquired Fox after owning Marvel, the Alien and Predator comics became Marvel properties.

But I digress.

WARNING: The actual comic contains violence and gore.

Original title: Order & Outrage
Writer: Jim Starling
Artist: Rags Morales
Colorist: Hailey R. Brown
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics (2023)

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