In honor of Thanksgiving weekend, we’re bringing together First American and White dicks and butts, thanks to Humanoids’s Carthago Adventures #2: “Bluff Creek.”

Granted, the “first Thanksgiving” was in (what’s now known as) Plymouth, Mass whilst this comic takes place in Willow Creek, Northern California, but you get the point.

The blurb:

These five individual, but interlinked, stories see Donovan and billionaire Feiersinger combating all manner of malicious myths and monsters from the Californian Bigfoot and deadly African dinosaurs, to Arctic sea creatures and giant Canadian wolves. Whether driven by a taste for adventure, a passion for scientific curiosity, or simply by pure obsession, join our unrelenting heroes as they chase and encounter creatures that are as mythical as they are deadly.

Original title: Carthago Adventures book 2 “Bluff Creek”
Writer: Christophe Bec
Artist, colorist: Jaouen
Publisher: Humanoids (2017)
Translators: Quinn & Katia Donoghue

The books have some violent moments and I’ve placed black bars on the violent and bloody bits.

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Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on eleven years later.

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