WARNING: Violence, blood, and nude women.

I know, I know. It’s not even the tenth post in the comic and cartoon dicks category and I’m already scraping the bottom of the barrel.

SFSX (Safe Sex) volume one has such a promising opening and premise but a few pages in, it becomes trite and the middling art doesn’t really help it either.

Blurb from Image Comics’ site:

From notorious kink writer TINA HORN and featuring a diverse group of artists comes SFSX (SAFE SEX), a social thriller about sex, love, and torture. It’s SEX CRIMINALS in Gilead, Hustlers with a SUNSTONE twist.

In a draconian America where sexuality is strictly bureaucratized and policed, a group of queer sex workers keep the magic alive in an underground club called the Dirty Mind. Using their unique talents for bondage and seduction, they resolve to infiltrate the mysterious government Pleasure Center, free their incarcerated friends, and fight the power!

I promise next week’s installment will be better.

SFSX Volume 1 was originally published in 2019 and 2020. Apparently, it was successful enough that there’s a second volume. Full credits:

Writer: Tina Horn
Artists: Michael Dowling, Alejandra GutiΓ©rrez, Rye Hickman
Letterer: Steve Wands
Editor and designer: Laurenn McCubbin
Publisher: Image Comics

Dollsexposed showcases queer erotica, kink, fetish, and activism through twelve-inch doll photography. Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on dollsexposed.com eleven years later.

Dollsexposed's works have been displayed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Los Angeles Leather Getaway.

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