Did you know that January 2nd is Science Fiction Day? Did you know the date was chosen because it was the accepted birthday of Isaac Asimov, the Father of Science Fiction? Did you know he was also a biochemist? And a proud Jew?

To honor Asimov’s birthday on Tuesday, we’re dedicating the four Fridays of January 2024 to science fiction comics.

First up is Olympus Mons by Delcourt (translated into English by Soleil).

The blurb:

It is 2026, and strange phenomena is occurring…

In the depths of the Barents Sea, a group of undersea treasures hunters discover what seems to be the vestiges of an unknown artefact. In Iowa, a medium is haunted by strange visions in which he visits a mysterious wreck on the ocean floor… And on a screen, he finds a message sent to the inhabitants of the Earth. On Mars, cosmonauts find a series of enigmatic objects, a trail that leads them to the slopes of Olympus Mons and an incredible discovery…

This is a total mystery, but there is no doubt – these events are interrelated!

This gorgeously drawn comic book tells the story of a man who has a telepathic connection to an extraterrestrial ship, and every time he astrally-projects himself on the voyage to the ship, he’s… naked.

Needless to say, I’m a BIG fan.

Too bad we get a tad too many (and repetitive) butt images and just one dick pic. BOO.

Original title: Olympus Mons
Writer: Cristophe Bec
Artist: Stefano Raffaele
Colorist: Digikore Studios
Publisher: Soleil (English/2017-2019)
Translator for Soleil: Christina Cox-De Ravel
Lettering: Studio Charon

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