Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premiered a month ago, but since Spock isn’t gay and he’s not naked at all, we decided to keep June for gay sex and nudity in comic books and cartoon shows and delay the release of Spock’s hard-rock butt. Or is it hard, rock butt?

In real life, the new TV Spock actor, Ethan Peck, has quite the juicy ass, as evident in the skintight suit astrosuit he wears in Star Trek: Discovery season two.

This comic takes it up a notch by literally turning Spock into a living rock to survive the desolate planet Illyria.

Talk about wanting to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Too bad we don’t even see the silhouetted outlines of the front. Boo! We’re breaking the streak of full-frontal nudity of men in comics and cartoon shows, I know, but we’ll be back next week with dicks. I promise.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds: The Illyrian Enigma #3 was published in February 2023.

Writers: Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson
Artist: Megan Levens
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Heather Antos
Editorial Assistant: Vanessa Real
Publisher: IDW Publishing

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