No, not *that* Avatar. You won’t be seeing Na’vi dicks in any of the comics (or movies) anytime soon. And I don’t follow the anime series, but there’s probably no chance of seeing dicks there either.

The second installment in our Nerdcore Friday Sci-Fi January edition (in honor of Isaac Asimov) is Avatar from SAF Comics.

Published in 2019, this comic explores murders that happen thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology. There’s almost nothing new, except for two of the characters merging and splicing and basically becoming two twins fighting naked with each other.

The blurb:

Manuel Gomez is a new breed of detective in the high tech world of cyber crime. A deaf mute from birth, he is able to communicate with the world around him with the help of his special glasses. Manual is called in to consult on the case of a young woman who was connected to a virtual reality site at the time of her death, an apparent suicide. He finds out that several other young women have committed suicide while connected to this same site. The research leads Manuel to a VR landscape designer who is being treated for a variety of psychiatric illnesses…

Although I appreciate the classic technique of the artist using different styles to distinguish the real world from the VR world (something the Barbie movie failed to do), the style in the VR world looks too muted (and dated).

Original title: Avatar: A Look into the Abyss
Writer: Juan Miguel Aguilera
Artist: Rafael Fonteriz
Publisher: Strip Art Features (SAF) Comics (2019)

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