WARNING: The actual comic contains gore and extreme violence.

The third entry in our Ancient Roman September is Murena (first published in 1997 by Dargaud Benelux), written by Jean Dufaux with artwork by Phillipe Delaby and Theo Caneschi. Delaby worked on the illustration from 1997 until 2013 with Caneschi taking over the task after Delaby’s death.

The blurb from Dargaud:

The story begins in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius. The Emperor fell in love with a young woman, leaving alone the terrible Agrippina and her adopted son, the future Emperor Nero. After Claudius was murdered, Nero ascends the throne and becomes the prey of madness, real or imagined, that consumes him. Through these episodes, we see how Nero, by a combination of circumstances, becomes more and more evil. A game of manipulation and revenge begins…

This is probably the most well-researched graphic novel about the Roman times in the Claudius era. The book has an informative glossary. There’s even a panel to indicate a scene probably didn’t take place IRL but was most likely an embellished version that took life on its own.

Since there are so many (and I mean so many) dicks and butts in Murena, we’re splitting it into two posts. Read the second part here.

Original title: Murena
Writer: Jean Dufaux
Artist: Philippe Delaby, Theo Caneschi
Colorist: Philippe Delaby, Béatrice Delpire, Benn, Kathelyn Dina, Jérémy Petiqueux
Publisher: Dargaud (French/1997-2013), Europe Comics (English/2017)
Translator for Europe Comics: Edward Gauvin
Lettering and text layout: Calix Ltd

WARNING: Again, panels contain gore, violence, and depictions of death. I’ve tried to censor most of the blood and gory parts.

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