It’s a treat to see the main guy’s full-frontal nudity in a comic that’s all about objectifying women and lesbianism.

The blurb:

Falka is a lone Amazon warrior, shunned and hunted by her village for reasons she does not understand. Her heroic journey takes her South in search of the mythical Fire Springs. Will Falka’s journey redeem her with her tribe, or is she leading them to ruin with her every step?

Original title: Falka
Writer, artist: Juan Zanotto
Colorist: Nestor Pereyra
Publisher: Euracomix (Italian), SAF Comics (English)

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Dollsexposed showcases queer erotica, kink, fetish, and activism through twelve-inch doll photography. Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on eleven years later.

Dollsexposed's works have been displayed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Los Angeles Leather Getaway.

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