Our second installment for Black History Month Nerdcore Edition is from Delcourt/Titan Comics’s Cutting Edge.

Unfortunately, it has to be a mini nerdcore edition since it only has one (tiny) panel of full-frontal nudity. Boo!

The blurb:

Acclaimed author Francesco Dimitri and award-winning artist Mario Alberti tell a story of extraordinary people who are brought together to uncover a deadly conspiracy that threatens the world…

Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs… they are the best of humanity. They are the Cutting Edge!

A financial company offers this exclusive group of pioneers an incredible challenge, that will not only push them to their limits but will put their very lives at risk. Only by completing it will they know what it was all for, and uncover the truth of a deadly conspiracy and the struggle between powers they cannot comprehend.

This is where history is changed forever… at the Cutting Edge!

Original title: Cutting Edge
Writer: Francesco Dimitri
Artist and colorist: Mario Alberti
Letterer and translator: Sosich
Publisher: Delcourt (French/2013), Titan Comics (English/2021)
Translator for Europe Comics: Edward Gauvin
Lettering and text layout: Calix Ltd

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Their adventures in the doll world began in 2011 before establishing a home on dollsexposed.com eleven years later.

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