Stilettos are the ultimate proof of the adage “beauty knows no pain.” Granted, I’ve only been wearing cheap heels, so that’s probably why my feet hurt whenever I wear them. But even Victoria Beckham had her own stiletto issues (stilettisues?) while never having to squeeze her toes inside cheap shoes.

I got these gold boots sometime in December 2016. They’re more like bandage boots instead of gladiators. When I made the gladiator spats for Chrissy in October 2023, my original gold boots were still in storage. Yes, there were photos, but I wanted to make something more gladiator-like and that’s why the spats and the boots ended up being different.

Although I’ve used Chrissy’s gold booties in different posts on the site, her gladiator spats can be seen in the Barbarian & the Princess post.

“Girls in Gold Boots” is a nod to a 1968 movie that was riffed in an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Dollsexposed: boots by unknown (knock-offs of Jeffrey Campbell’s “Blinded Thigh-High Heels”); gold undies by Pikante Underwear; falcon ring by Elizabeth Taylor for Avon; bangles and other rings by Forever 21.

Chrissy: gold crystal star necklace, beaded and spike bracelets, gold string bikini, gold gladiator spats by Dollsexposed; pink visors by Mattel (modified by Dollsexposed); stilettos by Hot Toys (modified by Dollsexposed); lightning stud earring by ASOS; crystal gold bracelet by Fashion Royalty.

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