WARNING: This fictional work involves doll fantasy reenactments with crude language and taboo elements, including kidnapping, physical assault, rape roleplay, D/s, power play, discussions of bestiality, and slavery caused by war. Please stay safe, know your rights when you practice BDSM, consult your local laws regarding these taboos, and know that we do not condone wars of any kind.

Tears stream down Chrissylia’s face as he tries to find a hiding place in the abandoned rose garden at the Temple of Chastity. A small group of savages is raiding the temple, taking away anything they can find, including gold, gems, and Chrissylia’s sister Chasters – non-combat and non-breeding men who preserve their virginity to the god of light. Before the invasion began last year, the sisters would become eunuchs and oracles.

He bites down on the Silent Rose. This is the third day into his self-imposed silence. At first, the mouth gag was uncomfortable, but he’s grown used to it. And at times like this, he’s glad it keeps him from gritting his teeth.

A mere month ago Chrissylia’s father, the king, sent him to live and work at the temple while he went to fight on the frontlines with Chrissylia’s brothers. It’s tradition for the royal family to have one son serve at the temple. Chrissylia hadn’t told his father he was no longer a virgin ever since their gardener took his virginity. But being of noble blood, there’s no way he’d tell his father about the encounter with one of the young gardeners and the subsequent trysts with the gardener’s father, grandfather, and their mule.

Chrissylia sobs even harder, trying not to think of what’s to become the other Chasters. Despite a few bitchy ones and breeders in disguise who are too coward to fight (these were kicked out soon after being found out), the other sisters have been good to him and he’d come to regard them as real sisters. He tries to drown the sounds of his friends, wailing and crying and pleading for mercy as the barbarians hunt them down and rape them. The temple is supposed to be one of the safe grounds in the small kingdom, but the savages obviously don’t care.

He was picking up roses in the abandoned garden when the raid started. Chrissylia loves the garden. Wild roses grow here and he’s taken it upon himself to pick the roses for the temple. But now he’s cornered, and unless he starts climbing the tall walls, he’ll be captured. He winces when he sees the only option is to use the thorny rose bush to hoist himself. He wonders if his favorite place in the temple compound will be the place where he perishes.

Exhausted from running and overcome with grief, Chrissylia decides the thorns are worth more than being sold to slavery. Or worse. But he stops dead in his tracks when he hears a voice.

“Where are you, princess?”

How does the barbarian know he’s in the garden?

“Come out, come out, my little bitch,” he says in a sing-song, taunting voice.

Chrissylia can hear the savage inhaling deeply.

“I can smell your juicy royal cunt from here.”

Chrissylia swallows hard. In a different situation, he’d laugh from the sheer impossibility and preposterousness of that statement.

“Your slut sisters have surrendered and we’ve… freed them from the shackles of virginity.”

Chrissylia hears the savage man cackle. He realizes there’s only one of them. Maybe he can take him down? Even if he’s technically non-combatant, he’s not a pacifist. His mother taught him how to fight with blades and they were the only things he grabbed when the raid alarm was raised.

“There you are, you dumb sissy!”

Even in the heat and through the sweat, Chrissylia’s hair stands on end. He turns around and sees the barbarian. He’s huge and muscular and imposing. The sight of the huge axe in his hand almost makes Chrissylia piss himself.

“You gave quite a chase, fuckin’ whore,” the barbarian grins. “But there’s nowhere else to run.”

Chrissylia raises his knives and prepares himself in a defensive position. He will not be taken by this savage.

“Oh, that’s adorable. The sissy bitch thinks she can fight.” The hulking man drops his axe. It clangs emphatically on the ground. “Come on, slut!”

Growling and biting down on the Silent Rose, Chrissylia lunges and attacks the hulking man, but it’s useless. Years of training with his mother is no match with decades of actual battle experience. In almost a blink of an eye, the barbarian defeats Chrissylia and kicks his blades away. He chokes Chrissylia with one hand as the other rips off his panel skirt. He then throws Chrissylia to the ground and grabs his axe.

“A whore princess fit for the champion,” he puts the pointy end of his axe under Chrissylia’s chin. “Free your mouth, slut, so I can stuff it with my mighty dick!”

Even as the barbarian pokes his chin harder to make his point, Chrissylia only looks at him defiantly. He bites down on the Silent Rose even harder.

But the barbarian only chuckles, undeterred by the display of brazenness. He kneels down and violently removes the Silent Rose out of Chrissylia’s mouth.

“Much better,” he grins.

Chrissylia spits on the barbarian’s face. “I’d rather have dogs defile me than let you touch me, savage beast!”

He’s sure the savage will raise his axe and kill him, a fate that’s perhaps better than whatever lies ahead at the savages’ camp, but the hulking man laughs. He doesn’t even bother wiping away Chrissylia’s spit from his cheek.

“Spoken like a true bitch,” he says. “We can arrange that. Or would you rather have our stallions breed you?”

Chrissylia swallows hard. A memory flashes in his mind, that of the gardener and his father making him suckle on their mule’s dick before putting the animal’s dick in his cunt and swallowing the mule’s fuck and licking the dick clean. Despite the gravity of the situation, Chrissylia can feel his own tiny cock rise.

The barbarian chuckles. “Only a true whore gets turned on with the thought of being fucked by a horse, let alone when her life’s hanging by a thread.”

Chrissylia fights the urge to look down in shame. He keeps his eyes fixed on the barbarian.

“You’re the reason all this is happening,” the barbarian says. “When we heard one of the king’s sons was sent to the temple, we knew he’d make a good ransom. So, in a way, the fate of your sisters is your responsibility.”

“No.” Chrissylia can’t believe his ears. No. That can’t be right. He refuses to believe it, but the barbarian’s words have taken root in his mind.

“No!” Chrissylia screams and starts punching the barbarian, but it’s no use.

He holds Chrissylia’s jaws open and shoves the Silent Rose back in his mouth.

“I like you better when you’re quiet,” he says. With rapid precision, he binds Chrissylia’s hands with his chain and drags him over to the fallen peacock statue. He fixes the chain around the peacock’s neck.

Chrissylia struggles to break free but the chain’s too strong and tight around his wrists. He sees the barbarian leering and smiling at him, admiring his handiwork. Chrissylia squirms and growls through his Silent Rose but the savage beast just laughs and presses his boot on Chrissylia’s belly.

“You done?” the barbarian feigns a yawn.

Without warning, he lifts Chrissylia’s legs above his head and spits on his quivering cunt before latching his mouth onto the tight slit. For a moment, Chrissylia’s too stunned to react, but he begins to squirm once he realizes what’s happening.

Chrissylia can feel the warmth and wetness of his enemy’s tongue lashing on his hole and prodding and poking deep inside. He’s surprised to feel the almost tender way the savage man treats his cunt, lovingly almost, bestowing kisses and long licks along his inner thighs. He can feel the barbarian’s beard brush against his naked skin and he shivers. And worst of all, he can feel his tiny dick rises.

He cries in embarrassment and prays the barbarian won’t notice, but how can he not? The small dicklet’s right in front of the savage’s face.

Chrissylia arches his back. He’s too exhausted to fight back. Embracing the Silent Rose also means abstaining from orgasm, which means he hasn’t cum in three days. And now this barbarian’s tongue is practically fucking his cunt, in and out, in and out, in and out, and as much as Chrissylia doesn’t want it, he starts to grind his hips on the barbarian’s face.

Unfortunately, the barbarian is a cruel man, and he stops licking his captive’s cunt.

When Chrissylia can no longer feel the man’s tongue, he looks down and sees him grin. He moans and moves his hips, pleading for the savage beast to keep going.

“If you like that, you’re gonna love this,” he says and takes off his red loincloth to reveal a huge, hard dick. He laughs when he sees Chrissylia’s eyes widen.

“Aye, whore princess! it’s the cock of champions, ’tis a pity you’d rather have dogs stick their meat in you, bitch! Of course, you can always apologize.”

But the barbarian only laughs when Chrissylia squirms and groans through the Silent Rose.

“Fine, you can have the dogs and horses too, greedy bitch!”

And with that, he lifts Chrissylia’s legs, spits on his hard cock, lines the huge shaft along the captive’s pussy, and pushes it in.

Chrissylia throws her head back, his cries of pain muffled by the Silent Rose. But it looks like the barbarian’s also feeling discomfort as Chrissylia clenches his cunt, shocked at the sudden penetration.

“Open, you fuckin’ sissy!” he slaps Chrissylia’s cheek so hard it knocks off his sun crown.

Chrissylia sobs and pulls at the chains as he feels the heat and the stinging pain on his cheek. His eyes look pleadingly at the barbarian but the slap makes him clench tighter.

The hulking savage groans exasperatedly and pulls his dick out. He reaches for his axe and presses the wooden handle end on Chrissylia’s face, caressing his cheek.

“Open up your cunt unless you want this to open it for me,” the barbarian says through gritted teeth.

Chrissylia nods and closes his eyes, trying his best to calm himself down. He can feel the barbarian’s dick touching the perimeter of his cunt one more time and pushes in. But clearly, his cunt can’t accommodate the muscular savage’s girth as only the tip of his dick can go in.

The barbarian screams in frustration and pulls out. “You asked for it, whore!”

Chrissylia trashes around, his screams muffled by the Silent Rose. He can feel the hard wood against his cunt.

The barbarian spits on the mace. He looks up and grins at Chrissylia.

Pain shoots up Chrissylia’s spine as the barbarian violently penetrates his cunt with the thick wooden handle. He squirms but it only makes the pain worse. He looks down at the smiling barbarian. They lock eyes.

“That’s it,” the barbarian says. “Take it. Take that deep in your cunt, you dumb sissy bitch! You may be a princess, but you’re still a whore!”

The savage beast continues his assault on Chrissylia’s cunt, forcing the wooden handle in and out, in and out, with gleeful abandon. He laughs as Chrissylia squirms and throws his head back, sobbing. If not for the Silent Rose, Chrissylia would grit his teeth so bad they’d break.

Yet, Chrissylia’s tiny dick still stands erect.

Satisfied with the way his captive has opened up his cunt, the barbarian removes the wooden axe handle. It leaves Chrissylia’s cunt with a loud and lewd slurping sound.

He laughs and lifts Chrissylia’s ass up. “Wrap your legs around me, whore! Yeah, that’s it! You like it, dontcha? Dumb bitch!”

Chrissylia gasps. The pain is so intense he almost passes out.

The hulking man falls into a cadence. He slowly slides his dick out and just before the head of his cock slips out of Chrissylia’s cunt, he pushes straight back in. He laughs every time Chrissylia gasps and throws his head back.

But soon, his fucking grows faster as does his breathing. The barbarian starts to grunt louder. Their faces are so close together that Chrissylia can smell the savage beast’s hot breath.

“That’s it. That’s it, my sweet, sissy whore. Take that dick. Yeah. You love that dick, don’t you, slut? Bet you weren’t even a virgin when you came to the temple, huh? How many dicks did you take before?”

The pain in his cunt subsides and is replaced by pleasure as the man’s long and thick cock keeps hitting his prostate. He squirms and moans.

The barbarian laughs as he realizes his captive’s enjoying it.

“Soon, you’ll have many of my men line up to enjoy your mouth and cunt. And once they’re done, you’ll serve our dogs, our donkeys, and our horses. That’s what you want, right? You like animal dicks in you, don’t you? You said so yourself. You’d prefer to be fucked by a dog than by us. You call me a savage beast. Well, you’re gonna get fucked by real beasts. I promise you you’re gonna get it.

“Dog dicks, horse dicks, donkey dicks, in your mouth, in your cunt. Their animal fuck flooding your sissy womb, pouring down your throat. Would be fun to watch that. What’d your father, the king say? What’d your brothers say? They will know their daughter, their sister, is a sissy slut whore, not just to men, but to animals also.”

The stream of verbal humiliation from the barbarian is too much for Chrissylia and before he knows it, he cums all over his own abs.

“Dumb whore!” he says. “I’ll teach you to cum before your master!”

The barbarian increases his already frantic pace. Each thrust now feels like a hot poker against Chrissylia’s prostate. As the orgasm subsides, he can feel the pain one more time, but luckily it doesn’t last long as the barbarian moans and grunts, stuffing his dick deep inside Chrissylia’s cunt and holding it here.

Chrissylia can feel the savage’s thick cock throbbing in his body and streams of hot liquid spurting inside him. He moans and sobs through the Silent Rose, but he’s too weak to even squirm. His orgasm has depleted his energy.

The barbarian holds his dick inside Chrissylia’s cunt for a while before violently pulling it out in one go, leaving Chrissylia’s hole gaping and sopping.

“I’m gonna remove your rose and you’re gonna suck my dick clean. If you bite my dick, I’ll chop off your arm, you got that?”

Chrissylia nods. He’s too weak to resist anyway.

The barbarian yanks the Silent Rose out of Chrissylia’s mouth and pokes Chrissylia’s cheek with his now soft dick.

Instinctively, Chrissylia opens his mouth and starts sucking the barbarian’s cock, tasting the muscular man’s spit and cum, as well as his own ass juices.

When Chrissylia’s done, the barbarian puts his loincloth back on, releases the chain from around the peacock statue’s head, and slings Chrissylia’s naked body on his shoulder, humming happily as he thinks not only about being rich from the ransom but also about the days and nights he’ll spend fucking the princess’s orifices. Maybe when he’s bored with the whore, he’ll let his men and their animals rape the dumb bitch.

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BTS thoughts:

I’ve always wanted to make a sunray crown for Chrissy. I designed the cutout in Adobe Illustrator and then cut a transparency film sheet with my Silhouette. I doubled each cutout for strength and spray-painted them gold.

The blades are Dagger of Time from Hot Toys’s Prince of Persia Sands of Time 1/6 figure.

The rose ball gag was inspired by the damane gag in Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time.

Dagger of Time, Sands of Time, and Wheel of Time? This gotta be some kind of kismet.

At first, Matt was going to be the Barbarian, but the scene became more and more extreme, and as much as Chrissy loves being treated like a whore, I felt this was too out of character for Matt (and even Wade).

I can’t remember where I got the helmet, body strap, and the axe for the Barbarian but I think his necklace, shoulder cover, and elbow guard are from Hot Toys’ Predator action figure and his boots are from Hot Toys’ Thor figure. I made the belt and the loincloth.

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